Falling For Storm

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Chapter 13


I swiftly moved in front of Amara to block her from the charging rogues. I leaped into action shifting mid-air landing on one of the smaller rogues tearing its throat out and she screams in horror at the sight of that. She's very frightened right now and as much as I want to comfort her and let her know that it's going to be okay, I've made up my mind that it's my top priority to kill the attackers and keep her safe. The two other rogues aggressively charged at me snapping their sharp teeth in every direction and I manage to duck and counter each time.

I maneuvered in between them making sure that they won't have a chance to walk, run, or jump past me. I'm aware that Amara hasn't moved an inch. I'm guessing that she's either frozen on her feet or crouching to the ground covering her eyes. It's not very ideal, but at least and thankfully she hasn't run off into the woods where the fourth rogue could be lurking. The bigger one tried to get to her and I quickly caught up from behind sinking my teeth deep into the back of its neck and slung it out of the way tearing a big chunk of flesh out. Blood sprayed out from the wound and it went down with a yelp. The third rogue started to break into a run to where Amara was standing which pushed her to sprint towards the direction where we left the car. Shit! No, no, no!

I went after them forcing myself to move faster and before I was able to catch up to them, I saw how my mate fell to the ground screaming for help her left arm slightly caught inside the rogue's mouth. She was thrashing, punching, and yelling in pain. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion and I growled in pure rage and murderous intent. It fucking bit her! I slammed its body to the ground with my own right when its hold eased up on Amara's arm. I'm going to crush every bone and tear every part of this piece of trash until it's unrecognizable! I slashed it's head, stomach, and neck with my claws countless of times before biting down on its throat. The rogue whizzed and gurgled before it stopped breathing.

I turned to face Amara and what I saw broke my heart to pieces. She had her back to a tree her eyes wide in horror as she clutched her bleeding arm. She trembled and cried some more when I took a step toward her, so I immediately stopped. "Don't come near me!" she shouted in fear. I don't know how to handle this right now, but I desperately need to see how badly she has been wounded from the bite. I shifted to my human form and didn't think much about her seeing me buck naked. Honestly, that's the least of our concern.

And just when I thought her eyes wouldn't get any bigger, they actually do as soon as I've completely transformed. I was about to slowly approach her when Wyatt, Hunter, and Dakota showed up in their wolf forms. What an impeccable timing this is. I thought to myself. She was about to scream again, so I pleaded for her to calm down and told her that we weren't going to hurt her. I immediately ordered the three to search the vicinity for the remaining rogue who didn't partake in the fight through mind link of course and they all headed in different directions to check.

"Amara, please trust me. I'm not going to hurt you." I told her in the gentlest tone I could possibly muster. When she didn't respond and just stared at me, I pushed on. "I'm going to come closer to you, okay? I need to check on your wound." I took slow steps toward her and held my hand out waiting for her to make the next move. She gently stretched her injured hand out and I closed the distance to inspect the damage. My brows furrowed at the sight and anger rose from within me once more. I had to keep reminding myself that the bite wasn't too deep, but... "I promise I'm not going to do anything to hurt you, but you have to come with me so I can take you to the hospital now, alright?" I uttered as if I was speaking to a child and I sighed a breath of relief when she nodded.

I put on the spare clothes I carry around when we got to where the car was and drove to the pack hospital. I glanced at Amara and noticed that she was shivering so hard. "Talk to me please, are you shivering because you're cold, or is it because you're frightened of me?" I asked. "B-b-both," she answered. This is bad. This is really really bad and though it hurt me to know that she's scared of me, I pushed the feeling away. I turned the heater on and started reaching from behind her seat for a blanket. I pretended not to notice how she flinched when I moved, but then relaxed when I wrapped the blanket around her shoulders.

I sat in the waiting area while I let the pack doctor fix Amara up. I raked my hands through my hair in agitation as I think back to what happened at the lake. It was a good thing that I insisted to come, but at the same time I'm all worked up trying to figure out the possible angles behind the attack. Again, it seemed like it wasn't a coincidence. Their movements were a bit calculated and why didn't the fourth one make a move while everything was going down and just disappeared into thin air? Also, if their only goal was to kill me and Amara, how come the one who bit her didn't try to tear her arm apart? Could it be that they...Motherfucker! I pushed to my feet and called Hunter to relay the possible angles there are in this situation.

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