Falling For Storm

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Chapter 15


I was prepared to watch Amara walk away or run for the hills the moment she saw me shift into my wolf form, but she surprised me when she didn’t go ballistic over it. Well, she did, but not so much. She took everything like a champ and that makes me feel a lot better right now. She was reluctant to stay with me in the packhouse, but when we explained that the rogues could go after her she didn’t put up a fight anymore. I had Dakota and Wyatt get her stuff earlier from their dorm while Hunter went back to the lake to retrieve her painting which thankfully remained untouched and undamaged because it would be a waste for her to redo or paint a new one.

I led her inside my room and placed her bags by the door before closing it. “I’m going to sleep here?” She asked looking everywhere else but me. “I was hoping you would,” I answered. “Are you going to sleep here too?” She shyly asked blushing a bit. I trapped my lips in between my teeth to stop a smile from spreading. “I was hoping I would, but if you feel uncomfortable, I can sleep on the floor or somewhere else.” That was a lie, of course, I don’t want to sleep anywhere else but beside her only if she’ll let me. She simply nodded as a response and sat on the foot of the bed.

I raked my hand a few times through my hair thinking whether this is the right moment to let her know of the possibility that could occur from the bite she got. I just dropped a bombshell on her and now I’m about to drop a nuclear bomb, so this is really a tough call to make. She's going to flip for sure. I stood there just staring at her for a time and just when I was about to say something, she beat me to it. “There’s something wrong isn’t it?” She looked at me worry etched in her eyes.

I sat beside her wanting so much to hold her, but I didn’t because I’m still unsure whether she’s okay with me being a wolf or not. “I don’t know where to begin or how to say this, but wolves whether they belong to a pack or they're rogues, are either born the way they are or they’re turned.” I paused to make sure she’s listening. “Turned?” she asked and I nodded. “Yes, turned. A person can turn by getting bitten. Your bite isn’t too deep, but there’s a fifty-fifty chance.” I explained looking down at the floor. I was ashamed for not being fast enough to get to her in time, for not thinking things through, for knowing that I can’t undo things if and when she turns.

She stood up quickly and looked down at me teary-eyed and mouth hanging open. “You, mean I’m going to turn into a huge dog too?” I know that this is a serious matter and that I should feel remorseful, but the way she said things and how she looked was adorable that it made me chuckle. “Storm! This isn’t funny!” She exclaimed placing her hands on her hips. She’s cute even when she’s mad, but she’s right. This isn’t funny at all. “I’m sorry, you’re right, but we’re not dogs. We’re wolves. Still human, but we shift into wolves and not dogs. And yes, that may or may not happen.” She suddenly sat on the floor and started rubbing her hands over her face in frustration. “I wish I can take it all back. I wish there’s something I can do to stop it from happening, but there’s still a chance that it won’t. I don’t know yet, that’s why you have to be here.” I sat next to her gathering her in my arms. "I’m truly sorry Amara. I'm so so sorry. It was all my fault I know, but please don't hate me. I'm really sorry.” I whispered rubbing my hands up and down her back.

She stayed silent for a long time hands covering her face. The only good thing about this is she didn't or hasn't moved out of my embrace. "What's going to happen if I do turn?" She finally asked. "Then you'll be like me. You can shift from human to wolf and vice-versa. You'll be a lot stronger and faster. Basically, all your senses will be heightened." She nodded at my answer. "What's a mate?" Okay, I didn't expect that question. Change of topic it is then. "A mate is the one who's destined to be with a certain wolf. It's the lifetime partner, soul mate, and forever love of a wolf." I answered truthfully. She looked into my eyes as if she was searching for something else. "So, I'm your mate how?" I nodded once. "When wolves find their mates, they sense it and smell it. Mates have a distinct scent, it's the most enticing and sweetest smell in the world that others don't have. Wolves can't live without or go far without their mates. They have to be close to each other all the time. I sensed all of that the moment I saw you."

She leaned the side of her head on my chest and exhaled slowly. I relished the feeling of her closeness and thanked the heavens because she's taking this really well. I hugged her tighter and kissed the top of her head. "So what now?" She asked looking at me again. "Now, you have to rest. We'll talk about this some more tomorrow if you want." I answered. She stood up, walked over to my bed, and pulled the covers off before climbing in. I stood there uncertain of what I was supposed to do and that made her giggle. "What?" I asked tilting my head to the side. "You don't have to sleep on the floor you know. Besides you have a really huge bed." She said making me grin like a fool.

I laid down next to her and pulled her closer to me. My hands snaking around her waist, her back to my front. I kissed the back of her neck twice before inhaling her scent. I can't believe how lucky I am right now because she's not attempting to run away and taking things calmly. She's just pure perfection. "I love you, Amara."

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