Falling For Storm

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Chapter 16


“I love you, Amara,” Storm said before sleep claimed him. My heart hammered wildly in my chest. Does he really mean that? I mean he did say that I was his mate and he explained how that goes, so it must be true. He loves me! Storm loves me, me! I would've done a celebratory dance right then and there, but I knew I had to keep my cool. There must be something wrong with me because, despite everything that happened, I feel like I’m in cloud 9. Did I hit my head when I fell? I should really feel devastated or frightened right now, but I don't. I kept thinking about the words wolf, mate, rogue, luna, and alpha before my eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep feeling content in Storms' arms.

I jolted up in the middle of the night startling both Storm and me. I screamed loudly as pain shot through my veins and bones. "Baby, what's wrong?" Storm asked clearly alarmed. "It hurts!" I shouted. His parents burst through the doors wanting to see what was happening. I was shaking uncontrollably, gasping for air. A piercing cry escaped from my mouth once more as I felt another unbearable pain hit my entire body like a shock wave. "She's turning." Storm's dad explains. What?! "What do you mean I'm turning?! Aaaaarrrrggg!" I thrashed hard on Storms' bed. "Fuck!" Storm spat out. He lifted me off his bed and took me to the open area in their backyard placing me across his lap as he sat on the ground.

"Shhh, I know it hurts, baby. It'll be over soon. You're going to be okay. I'm right here." He kept saying next to my ear. I felt like I was dying. I was very tired and the pain was a vicious cycle. After what felt like an eternity, Storm gently placed me on the ground and started removing his shirt. What's happening right now? A few crackling and ripping sounds were heard before the pain subsided. And when I opened my eyes once more, Storm was already in his wolf form. My eyes widened in surprise. He whimpered and lowered his head as if he was telling me that he wasn't going to hurt me. I pushed myself off the ground and to my surprise I was suddenly almost as tall as him. He's a massive wolf so, what the hell?! I looked down at my feet and noticed two gray almost white paws. I turned my head to look at what's behind me and I saw a tail. Oh my god!

I tried to say something I even tried to scream, but all that came out were howls and more whimpering. How am I supposed to communicate now? "Amara?" a voice spoke in my head which startled me. "Who's there?" I asked looking around Storm's back yard. "I'm you, specifically the wolf in you." What does that even mean? "So, I'm you but not you?" This is so confusing. "We're one and the same, we'll deal with definitions later, but right now you need to stay calm okay?" The voice explained. "You need to change into your human form, it's still dangerous for you because your mate hasn't marked you and you don't belong to a pack yet." This is all gibberish to me, but I agree about changing back to being human. "What do I need to do?" I asked trying to stop the panic that's rising in me. "Think hard and dig deep. Will yourself to change while thinking about what you look like."

Easy said than done, but what choice do I have. I tried my best to picture everything and kept thinking about images of myself as I try to internalize this change I need to will myself to do. I was nearly on the brink of giving up when a few crackles resonated. I think it worked. I opened one eye first and lifted my hands up to check and when I was no longer seeing paws, I breathed a sigh of relief before opening the other eye. Storm changed into his human form grabbing his discarded shirt from the ground. "How did you do that?" he asked quickly putting it on me and covering my body up to my thighs. Holy shit! I was completely naked and he saw everything. Oh, my god! Again, I'm calling upon the gods to open the ground and swallow me whole, please make it happen this time!

"How did I do what?" Nothing is making sense anymore. One minute I was asleep, the next I was in excruciating pain, then I think I turned into a wolf, after that this voice who claims to be my alter ego tells me to change back, and now I guess I changed back. This is some trippy stuff and I feel like I just got hit by a bus. Strom pulled me into a hug and asked the same question. "I don't know how I did it, I just heard someone tell me to do it, so I tried and I guess it worked." He moved back a bit enough to look into my eyes. He was clearly as confused as I am. "You heard a voice and you spoke with the voice?" He asked brows pinched together. "I think so," was my answer.

Wyatt, Hunter, their parents, Storm, and his parents were all staring at me like I was some sort of science experiment gone wrong inside their living room. I kept glancing at their faces wondering why I'm yet again sitting in front of everyone when all I really want right now is to go back to bed. They kept discussing things about me especially the voice I mentioned which they refer to as the wolf inside like I wasn't there.

"Am I going to hear another shocking revelation? Because honestly, I'm about to lose my sanity," I stated sarcastically. Storm's eyes softened and sat next to me kissing the side of my head. "Shifting back on your own after turning for the first time and being able to talk to your wolf without her taking over isn't normal, Amara." Nothing's normal anymore so... "That only happens if you're born a wolf, no other explanation." Okay, now wait a minute. "What are you saying?" I frowned. "I don't know yet, but we'll get to the bottom of this. Right now, I know you're exhausted so let's just go back to sleep." Hallelujah! He finally said something that makes damn sense and he doesn't need to tell me twice. I stood up quickly, said goodbye to everyone before heading back to bed.

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