Falling For Storm

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Chapter 17


“How are you so calm and collected all the time?” I asked Amara as she devours her bacon, eggs, and pancakes. She shrugged and swallowed slowly before meeting my gaze. “I don’t know, I guess when you’ve been grilled, burned, and bullied by your sister and her friends your whole life maybe you just learn how to roll with the bad things like they’re nothing and then you learn how to only pick out the good ones.” She answered and I instantly felt a sting in my chest. Her sister bullied her? I looked at her in awe thinking how amazing she is. I can’t believe anyone would have the heart to treat her that way. Amara’s beautiful inside and out. She’s talented, smart, funny, understanding, kind, and forgiving. I guess her sister’s just totally insecure and jealous that’s why she treated her that way.

It irked me to let her go back to school so soon after everything that happened, so when she agreed to stay with me for the entire day, I felt glad and relieved. I told her that if she has questions, I'll gladly answer them truthfully no matter how bad they become. That idea made her very happy which is why she started bombarding me with different questions. For starters, she asked about marking a mate. Leave it to her to ask the toughest ones first. She's really curious about that so, I told her how it works in detail and when I reached the part where we have to... make love. She blushed so hard that it made me burst into laughter.

Her next questions were about alphas and lunas. So, since we were on that subject, I took it upon myself to explain the roles and ranks of each pack member as detailed as possible. She was fascinated by the whole thing and was shocked to know that as the Alpha, I am responsible for hundreds of lives. She gasped when she also learned that it wasn't only rogues that we sometimes had problems with, but vampires would sometimes invade our territory once in a while too. "No! really? Vampires exist too?" I smirked at her question. "Baby, if wolves exist then so do vampires."

We were lying side by side staring at the ceiling when the afternoon came. She probably ran out of questions which is why she has been quiet and unmoving for the past fifteen minutes or so, but I guess I was wrong. "Do you have to wait for a perfect time like the full moon to mark someone?" My head whipped to her. She's really curious about the mating process, isn't she? "No, not really," I answered my lips curving into a smile. She rolled her eyes still staring at the ceiling. "Then how come you haven't tried or asked?" Okay, this could mean two things. She's either asking because she wants to know when or she wants to do this now. I have no problems with both, but I want to give her time until she decides that she really wants this with me.

"Amara, I've been wanting to do that since the day I met you, but I don't want to force it on you. You've been through tons of shit yesterday and last night, so I guess I was waiting until you're ready and sure that you want this with me." She gave me a thoughtful look this time and I pushed on. "When I mark you and we go through the process of mating, there's no turning back. This is forever." She nodded but stayed silent. "Do you want this?" I asked looking straight into her eyes. She opened her mouth then closed it surely unable to say something. I sniggered at her speechlessness. "I'll only do it when you're ready and that's a promise." I stared back at the ceiling fully aware that she was still looking at me. I want her to be mine, but I'm serious about waiting for her to be okay with this.

The silence must've been deafening for her I guess because she quickly sat up crossing her legs in front of her. "Mark me now," she ordered and my brows shot up in surprise. "Excuse me?" She stared me down her demeanor all business-like and serious. "I said mark me," she repeated. I stayed still clearly too shocked to comprehend what was actually happening. That must've pissed her off because she suddenly straddled me and kissed me hard. Fuck that's hot! I snaked a hand around her waist and used the other hand to grab the back of her head so that I can pull her closer. "Mark me," she whispered in between kisses and I pulled away to look into her eyes. "If I do this, you're going to be mine and I'm going to be yours. There's no going back. This also means that we're going to have sex to seal the deal. Now, I'm going to ask you again. Are you sure?" She kissed me gently once and smiled. "Yes."

I sat up taking her with me and I kissed her eagerly. Happiness was surging through me like a drug and I can't wait to mark her and make her mine. I took my shirt off my eyes never leaving hers. She gently slid her hands over my chest down to my stomach several times and that was all it took for me to go crazy. I crashed her mouth to mine, slipping my tongue to find hers. I lifted her short dress over her head and unclasped her bra, sliding it off of her. Seeing her perfect full breasts again made my mouth water and my dick spring to life. I've seen it last night, but seeing it up close is just so amazing. I rolled my thumb over one nipple and took the other in my mouth. I sucked it softly before twirling my tongue around it.

She was mewling and grinding on my lap as I kissed and touched her everywhere. I can smell her arousal and I'm sure as hell she can sense my lust. I trailed kisses from her ears down to her neck where I'm planning to leave my mark without easing my assault on her nipples with my fingers. "Storm," she gasped. Every moan and whimper caused my head to spin and I'm not sure how long I can hold on. I maneuvered our bodies swiftly so that she's now lying under me. I kneeled between her legs and unzipped my jeans. She was panting hard looking so damn hot. I was about to pull my jeans and boxer briefs off when someone knocked on my door. Fuck! Not again! "Do you want to die today?!" I angrily asked while Amara threw a fit of giggles.

"Storm, we captured two rogues just now. You really need to see this." Wyatt explained from behind the door. Amara's eyes grew bigger clearly worried. "I'll be down in a minute," I answered my face turning serious. "Raincheck?" I asked desperately trying to ease the tension. When she nodded, I hopped out of bed and put my shirt on. Once done, I bent down to kiss her lips. "Can you do me a favor and stay in here until I get back?" I begged. "Yes," she said firmly and I smiled lovingly at her before heading out the door. "I'll be back soon!"

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