Falling For Storm

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Chapter 19


Amara retreated to the bathroom to take the phone call and I was left lying on the bed feeling pissed. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Why are everything and everyone trying to stop things from going further between me and her? I’m going to suffer from blue balls if this keeps happening. More importantly, I’m going to have problems in the next couple of days if I don’t claim her as my mate.

The thing is a newly turned wolf’s sex drive will intensify for the next two weeks or so and that for sure is going to drive her crazy with need and want. Male wolves will certainly sense and smell her arousal which will put her in a very dangerous situation, so unless we complete our mating process, she’s going to be out there for everyone to lust on and that definitely doesn’t sit well with me. If we’re not going to be able to do this soon, then I might just lock her inside my room if I have to which will not end well and will never happen, as she’s very adamant in going back to school after today.

I’m not even going to dare to force her to mate with me because for one thing that’s just plain wrong and for another, I want her to do this willingly. I understand that she’s never done anything with anyone which makes me so damn lucky and happy, so that said, I want this experience to be no less than spectacular for her. She deserves the best that’s why I’m giving her only the best. I’m not going to stop hinting or seducing her though because I’m still a man and I’m nowhere close to being a saint. I just want everything to come from her mouth and not mine.

I waited some more hoping that she’s going to come back to bed, but then the shower turned on right after I heard her say goodbye to whoever she’s talking to. I sighed knowing that we’ll just have to wait another time for this unless... Maybe I can shower with her. Will she refuse or will she accept? I guess I’ll never know unless I try, but how should I do this? Should I knock or just go right in? I know for sure she didn’t lock the door, so fuck it. I took my remaining clothes off and walked right in to find Amara just getting under the water. She turned to look at me and froze at the sight of my naked body, her eyes roaming ever so slowly over my body. I stood in front of the glass door letting my eyes study her from head to toe and damn, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired ogling her body. She’s freaking hot and she doesn’t even know it.

A small shy smile appeared on her lips before she turned her back on me giving me an eyeful of her curvy hips and luscious ass. I stood behind her as close as possible and her breath quickened once she felt my hardness right on the small of her back. That’s right this is what she does to me. Every move she makes gets my cock springing to attention. I slowly reached out to grab the bottle of body wash and poured some on my hand. I lathered it and began washing her. My hands rubbed her neck down to her shoulders giving them a soft massage. She leaned her head on my chest and I glided my hands down to her perfectly round breasts making her nipples pucker. “Storm...” She moaned pressing her breasts further into my palms. She’s getting excited I can tell, and that drove me crazier than ever.

I continued to rub my right hand over her right breast and slid my left hand down cupping the mound of her cunt. She turned her head to look at me, her eyes now filled with lust. Hot... She’s hot like lava looking like this. Her lips slightly parted as I gently rubbed her clit and I captured her mouth with mine moving my tongue in a circular motion the same way my fingers were moving. She kept whimpering softly in between our kisses and that drove me to push my middle finger in her. “Ahhh,” she sighed and I felt her insides tighten around my finger. “Is this okay?” I asked before kissing her ear down to her neck. “Yes,” she whispered. I slipped another finger in her testing how tight she is and her hands flew to the wall in front of her. If my fingers are having a blast coming in and out of her, I can't imagine how it will feel like when I'm balls deep in her.

I pinched her nipple lightly before rubbing my thumb over it while I continued to finger fuck her. “Please,” she begged and I’m not sure if that meant she wants me to keep going or to stop. “Please what?” I asked. “I want you, Storm. Please, ” she pleaded in between breaths. She’s dripping wet and it’s driving me insane. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and turned her around. As much as I want this, I really have to have a taste. I swiftly kneeled in from of her and buried my face I’m between her thighs. “Aaahhh,” she moaned as my tongue lapped over her folds and circled around her clit. She grabbed a handful of my hair and rolled her head back eyes closed grinding her hips a bit. Fuck! she tastes so good.

She wants this just as much as I do, I can feel it. I looked up watching her writhe in pleasure as I torture her clit with my tongue. I slipped a finger in and quickened the pace which made her eyes fly open looking down at me. She was now losing control and balance so I hooked her leg over my shoulder and deepened my assault. “Storm-I...” she breathily said and I knew she was close. I closed my mouth over her clit and moved my tongue faster and that did the trick. She whimpered and screamed my name like it was the only thing that’s keeping her sane and upright as she rode what could possibly her first orgasm.

I stood up slowly making sure that she doesn' slide down and pulled her from the waist. She looked at me with a lazy smile on her face.” Wow!” she said. “Did you like that?” I asked and she just nodded her head looking all flushed. “Should we continue?” I asked secretly hoping that she’d say yes and I held my breath as she buried her face on my chest. “Yes,” she answered through muffled voice and I stopped myself from fist-bumping the air. “I swear if anyone calls or knocks before we even get to the best part, I’m going to kill whoever it is.” I gritted and that made her laugh.

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