Falling For Storm

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Chapter 2


It’s Friday in the afternoon and I’m not sure what my plans are for the weekend yet. I was thinking of spending time in the library or maybe do some exploring downtown to look for landscapes to sketch when Dakota asked if I wanted to help out at her brother’s bar. She says it’s absolutely safe and the job was easy. We just have to wait on tables or help out in the kitchen for two nights and she offered to evenly split tips. I was reluctant at first because I know nothing about kitchen stuff, but I could really use the extra cash, not to mention the fact that there’s not a lot of schoolwork, for now, so why not?

By 7 PM, I was already being shown around and instructed by Dakota on how things work. It’s not a very big place, though it looks like it’s popular among locals. There are three pool tables on one corner, a small stage on the opposite side for the live band, and scattered tables and chairs in front of the bar counter.

By 10 PM, everything was in full swing and the place was bustling with people wanting to get drunk and unwind. Dakota was handling bar duties while I was in charge of bringing drinks to people. It’s an easy enough job, but balancing the tray while it’s full of bottles and glasses is kind of a hiccup.

I was on my way back to get the next drinks out when a hand comes out of nowhere groping my butt cheek. “Hey, hon,” said a deep voice from behind. Honestly, this hasn’t happened to me before so I was stunned for a moment before irritation kicked in. I whipped around slapping the hand away as hard as I can in the process and came face to face with a mountain of a man sporting a long blond beard. Let me tell you, he's one hairy and scary looking dude. “Don’t touch me,” I hissed. I had half a mind to sucker punch him or knee him in the groin, but I didn’t want to cause a scene or get Dakota and her brother in trouble so I just started walking away.

The asshole didn’t take my warning seriously because let’s face it what asshole does? So instead of sitting his big ass down, he opted to grab my elbow and spun me around pulling me closer to his chest. The audacity of this prick! He was grinning like a mule eating briars down at me. “Let go of me!” I shouted while trying to push him away with all my might but he didn’t even budge an inch. “Come on hon, don’t be like that, I just wanna show you a good time.” Ha! I knew it! I knew he’s going to say that because it’s every sleazy jerk’s universal pick up line.

Being in this predicament made me think about a few things. One, I’m going to murder my roommate! It'll be fun she said. It'll be safe she said. Well, nothing in this situation says fun or safe now does it? Two, I’m debating on giving him a high-five on the face with the tray I'm clutching for dear life. Three, I’m wondering if there are any bouncers around. I can really use some help right about now. And four, I’m about to throw up! He reaks of alcohol, sweat, and cigarettes.

He kept tightening his hold on me the more I try to pull away sniggering from time to time. I was on the verge of having a panic attack when Dakota was suddenly on my side roughly yanking his arms. “Let her go. Now!” She spat with venom. “Or what?” The yeti looking man retorted. “Or I’m going to break every bone in your body and shove that bottle up where the sun doesn’t shine.” I shivered upon hearing this. “Let her go and get out of here,” a low voice growled. It sounded deadly and cold as ice, but it wasn’t fear that caused me the goosebumps. I’m certain it wasn't, it was something else. I so badly wanted to see who it was that came to my rescue, but I can’t do anything yet as I’m technically still stuck in bigfoot’s arms. Damn it!

I figured that a staring contest ensued before “yeti” man slowly released his hold on me. Once I was free, Dakota placed an arm around my shoulder and quickly led me away. “Are you okay?” She asked, snapping me out of my zombie-like state. I didn’t even realize that we’re already inside a certain room which I’m guessing is an office. “I-I’m. What just happened?” I mean I know what happened, but I’m so confused about what I’m feeling right now. I feel calmer than I should and it’s not making any sense.

“I’m so so sorry, Amara. This hasn’t happened before. I wish I can take it back.” I could sense the truth and sincerity in her apology. I know she’s feeling really guilty because she’s having a hard time looking at me without averting her gaze. It wasn’t her fault that things turned out this way. There are just some men who are scumbags. I can’t blame her for this. “Don’t worry about it. I’m okay now.” Dakota enveloped me in her arms, giving me a tight squeeze. I welcomed the comfort it brought. Honestly, she’s like the sister I never had. The night may have ended a bit bad, but I still think it was good that I came.

After some time, three guys burst into the office making me jump back up the wall behind me. There are a few things that happen at this moment. First, the guy in front stops dead on his tracks the moment he sees me. Second, the two guys following him weren’t able to stop in time when he did, so he was accidentally pushed forward and is now tumbling towards me causing me to squeak like a mouse. And third, Dakota doubling over because she was laughing hysterically. What the hell?!

“Fuck! I’m sorry!” The first guy said panic evident in his voice and then I felt him quickly move away from me. I kept my eyes tightly closed frozen in place, arms up in fists like Mike Tyson for a few minutes until I heard everyone laughing. I opened one eye followed by the other before straightening myself up. Oh earth, please open and swallow me whole!

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