Falling For Storm

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Chapter 22


It’s been two weeks and I’m wracking my brains out wondering when we’ll be able to get a lead. We’ve had two more attacks since the last and it seems that the locations are near the packhouse or the university. This is making my suspicions stronger that they’re really after Amara, but until now, the reason behind or who is behind this is still unknown. So far, we’ve tripled our efforts in all aspects of keeping everyone safe, but I have to admit that these rogues are getting stronger and smarter by the day as they are able to get passed where other intruders have never gone before.

To make the situation worse, Amara has set her foot down and didn’t want to stop going to school even if it’s just temporary. We have been discussing and arguing a bit for days, which means I have been in a foul mood since. To top it all off, she needs to study with his project partner at the university library. I suggested for them to study either in my office at the bar or here at home, but she said it will only make that Eric guy uncomfortable and they won’t be able to study with all the noise and people around. So, now, Dakota whom I had to bribe, is keeping an eye on them while I try my best to sort things out with my beta and gamma.

“There’s something I’m not seeing. It’s a missing piece to a certain puzzle,” I expressed and both Hunter a Wyatt nodded thoughtfully in agreement. “If only there was a way for us to find out who is behind all this, then we’ll surely be able to stop the attacks and keep everyone safe,” I continued. “This doesn’t seem like a pack on pack war, unless...” Wyatt added. “Unless what?” Hunter cajoled. “Unless there’s a certain pack that’s training rogues promising them a spot if they succeed in whatever their mission is.” As absurd as that may sound, I feel like it’s possible. “The question is, which pack?” I asked and we all went quiet thinking about which packs have made us their enemies over the years.

There were only three since the time of my great grandfather, but none of those packs, to this day, on sheer numbers alone are powerful enough to orchestrate this. We’ve been planning and devising strategies for the entire day just like the ones before and we always end up running in circles or at a dead end and it’s getting really frustrating. I sighed heavily before pushing off the table to stand. If interrogation doesn’t work, then maybe we can try to bait them. The problem is, until now, it’s still unclear what the real agenda is. I only have hunches and I’d have to die first before I or anyone else uses my mate as bait to confirm and lure them in.

By 8 PM, I was gathering my stuff so that I could head home when the door to my office burst open to reveal a panicked-looking Dakota. “Is she here?” she asked and I knew instantly that she was referring to my mate. ”Did you check if she was home?” I asked trying to stay calm. “She’s not home that’s where I checked first.” I raked my hands through my hair and over my face trying to keep myself in check. “So, you lost her? What happened?!” I growled making my sister flinch. “I don’t know what happened, someone accidentally bumped into me. I looked away for a few seconds and when I looked back they were gone. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t catch her scent. I tried to mind link her but she wasn’t responding. I’m sorry, Storm,” she explained feeling guilty and worried. “I know it wasn’t your fault but fuck!” I shouted before running out the backdoor shifting to my wolf form.

I called out to every tracker and warrior in the pack to start sniffing and looking for clues as I push myself to run faster with every step. I unleashed my senses listening, searching, and smelling every corner there is. Bile rises within me as worry and fear start to sink in. It's unlike Amara to disappear or not respond no matter what the situation or circumstance is. She knows that Dakota was close by and if they needed to go somewhere, she would definitely let my sister know. I started scouting the grounds near the university stealthily. This was the last place she's been to before she disappeared. I closed my eyes and raised my head up in the air. My eyes snapped open as soon as I caught a very faint scent of her and ran towards that direction "Amara? Can you hear me?," I asked through mind link and there was radio silence. "Baby, if you can and you're in trouble, please hang on. I'm coming."

She's either unconscious, has blocked everyone else, or is too far from where I am. Either way, I have to keep trying to get through to her. I gave my coordinates to Hunter and Wyatt and a few minutes later I sensed they're running close behind me along with a few of our warriors and trackers. "She's not responsive and her scent is very faint, we have to find her. I'll find her even if it means I have to stay up all night and cross every border," I informed everyone. I've never been so scared my entire life and right now I'm shit scared of losing her.

I don't think I will be able to survive if I don't get to see her again. I shook my head a few times trying to regain control of my emotions. panicking is not going to help, so I need to concentrate on my senses to help find her faster. I kept calling out to her and praying that she's alright and alive. When I find who is behind this, if she is in fact in danger right now, I'm going to make sure that they'll die a very very slow and painful death. They're going to pay for this with their limbs and bones. I swear it!

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