Falling For Storm

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Chapter 25


She was shaken, that's for sure. I'm glad she wasn't seriously injured and I'm still mad as hell for not getting to her quicker. I wanted to tell her all the shocking things Eric had revealed to me, but she still needs to recover from the amount of serum that was injected into her several times. I'm just thankful that it didn't leave permanent damages on her body, otherwise, I would go down to hell and kill the rogues who did this to her again and again until I am fully satisfied.

It's been two days since her abduction and it is only now that she suddenly woke up. I am completely devastated about what happened, but I can only imagine what she must have gone through. I can't say I completely trust Eric yet, but he did save her and that's enough for me to let my suspicions of him die down just a wee bit. I'm still planning to learn more about him and make sure that he is telling me the truth. He's one powerful bastard, I'll give him that, but I will end him quickly if he's here to harm Amara or if he has a hidden agenda.

I held her close to me and kissed her at the top of her head repeatedly hoping that my gestures will somehow help her calm down faster. She needs to hear what has happened and why it happened, but she's been through a lot which is why I chose to wait until she's fully rested before telling her everything. Just when I thought she was going to go back to sleep, I felt her tiny hands brush against my stomach and chest. I felt my cock jump to attention the moment her lips touched my jaw.

"What are you doing?" I groaned and she pleaded with puppy eyes. Of all the time in the world, she chooses this moment to feel aroused and it's killing me. Of course, I want her just as much as she wants me. Surely, there's nothing I want more than to be inside her right now. This is something that I'd love to do not just for her, but for me as well. However, she really needs to rest some more. I looked at her trying to figure out what to say, but with the way she's looking at me, I know she's never going to back down. I can see it written all over her face, so I caved in easily with zero pressure whatsoever.

It didn't take long for her to straddle me and kiss me hungrily. Our tongues twisted and danced sensually while she rocked her hips back and forth seductively. My cock twitched inside my boxers with every move she made and I'm sure as hell she's enjoying the friction it's causing on her clit. I'd normally fight for dominance when we make love, always eager to taste and feel every inch of her body under me, but not tonight. Tonight, I want her to lose herself and have her way with me even though I desperately want to shove my hard dick in her warm wet velvety pussy right this instant. She sat up to remove her shirt before tugging my underwear down. I helped her remove hers and grabbed her hips guiding her entrance over the head of my cock.

She slowly eased down until I'm all the way in and then slowly eased back up teasing my length thoroughly. I slid my hands up to her perfectly round tits and toyed with her nipples as she found her rhythm. "Aaaaaaahhh..." She mewled as she placed her hands over my chest and threw her head back. Fuck! The sight of her riding me like crazy is such a turn on. She looks so hot that I'm trying my best not to lose it. She panted harshly as she slammed her way down to me over and over her tits bouncing up and down, taunting me. I quickly sat up taking a nipple in my mouth before flicking my tongue mercilessly. I moved back and forth from one nipple to another making sure both are given enough attention.

Her walls clenched around me and I was barely holding on. She kept moaning my name and how good I make her feel. My mate is a dirty talker and I love that about her. The only downside about that now is, I'm close to exploding. I want her to cum first, so I laid back down and placed a hand over her mound. I rubbed my thumb on her clit moving it in circles and she gasped at the sensation before biting her lower lip. I tilted my hips upward in quick successions meeting her every thrust aware that I'm hitting her sweet spot. I quickened my pace while adding more pressure on her clit. Her eyes found mine and her mouth opened slightly as she jerked forward a few times twitching in pleasure. Her quick movements as she rode out her orgasm triggered mine and it was so damn good.

She collapsed on top of me and I held her closer to my chest. We were both out of breath and clearly well spent. Sex with her is always amazing and if I could, I'd spend every minute fucking the lights out of her."Tired?" I asked and she hummed smiling. I kissed her all over the face making her giggle before turning to the side taking her with me. I pulled her closer wrapping my arms around her. She snuggled closer and kissed my chest while I did the same on top of her head. "I love you," she murmured. "I love you too, now go back to sleep."

I waited until I was sure that she was in deep sleep before heading down to the home office. After learning things about who could possibly be behind and the cause of these attacks, I still feel that it is safer to do some more research and investigation on my own rather than just believing what Eric claims. I have to know for sure if he is a friend and not a foe. I can't just accept what he said about Amara easily because it is nearly impossible. I mean, how can it be true when she was completely human before all the mess happened. A mess that I may have brought upon her in the first place which is the very reason why I need to look into this carefully to keep her safe again.

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