Falling For Storm

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Chapter 28


Clarity; it was the first thing I felt when the tightness in my chest subsided. My memories as a child hit me like a shockwave completely immobilizing me. Faces, places, and events rushed back to me all at once. I couldn’t keep up at first, but then I suddenly remember what my parents looked like and how they were. I remember how I’ve always clung to Eric whenever he would visit almost every week. I remember how he would laugh whenever I’d tell him that I’ll soon be as old as he is thinking that when tomorrow comes, I’ll be 200 years old as well. He looks the same way he did back then; never aging, commanding, and confident. To us, it didn't matter if we came from different fathers. I had him wrapped around my fingers from the day I was born.

He didn't have a normal upbringing, quite frankly none of us did. He was born as part of a royal vampire family. A war between covenants happened and that's when he lost his father which automatically made him the heir. Many years later, my parents met and it shocked them both when they found out that they were mates. Mates; I didn't know any of these things when I first met Storm, but now I understand it more than I was led to believe. I'm feeling a lot of emotions all at once. I feel happy that my vampire brother is okay and at the same time, I feel heartbroken knowing that we are in this situation because of me. My parents died protecting me. All the commotion because some greedy wolves wanted my blood. They want my blood so they can make themselves hybrids.

Vampires cannot give birth, but our mother was special. We don't know how she was able to conceive twice because vampires are unable to reproduce as humans and wolves do. It's a one in a million shot to have a vampire and wolf parent which is why having a hybrid child is one in a billion. I was told as a child that I possess tremendous power and that I am more powerful than a wolf and a vampire, but as a child, I was easier to get a hold of. Many have attempted and if it wasn't for Eric and my father's pack I would have been drained to death years ago. My parents begged Eric to take me away while I begged them to come with us. I watched in horror from afar how they were killed. I fought to break free from my brother's arms just so I could go back, but he held me tighter and ran faster. It was the most painful experience I've ever felt and I cried for days.

We fled from Transylvania as quickly as we can and once we landed in America, he brought me to a small cottage in the middle of a certain forest where a beautiful young woman lived. A few days after, Eric brought me to my adoptive family's home and made me drink a potion. That's also where he imprinted a make-believe memory and the last time I saw him until he approached me in class one time. It was just funny how I suspected something odd about him. I was right about him being dangerous, but only to those who dare to challenge him or me.

Storm kept quiet the whole time I was telling them about what I can remember. I know how shocking this must have been for him. Well, I guess it's my turn to surprise the living lights out of him. He kept staring at me the whole time we were filling them in or bringing them up to speed and I know for a fact that it wasn't contempt that was showing in his eyes. It was awe and that made my heart surge. I was afraid that he'd see me differently because I was not what he expected. It's one thing to have a human mate, but to have a half-wolf half-vampire as a mate must be a hell lot to digest for anyone.

"So, the ones attacking my pack are the same pack that had been looking for Amara all these years?" Storm asked Eric. "Yes, only now, they make arrangements or hire rogues promising them a place in the pack and a hybrid's blood if they can get a hold of her," he replied and the thought alone made Storm growl in anger. "The question is, how are they able to enter the pack land without us knowing until it's already too late?" Hunter questioned. Eric shook his head in disappointment before answering, "It makes me believe that they have used a certain potion to mask their scents. You will only be able to smell them when they are in their wolf form I'm also trying to uncover the fact how these rogues have gone stronger." Everyone in the room kept quiet to contemplate on this. "So, our suspicions were right. The question now is how and where to find them," Wyatt announced and everyone put their thinking hats back on.

"What did I mi-" Dakota burst in stopping in her tracks as soon as she sees Eric. Storm and I glanced at each other wondering why she's looking at my brother in a strange way when she's seen him a couple of times before. I'm assuming that she found out everything there is to know about him while I was unconscious. Was she shocked that he was actually here in their pack land knowing that he's a vampire? "I uh- what's uh-" she continued clearing her throat before sitting down beside Wyatt on the couch without another word which was really weird. They all kept her up to speed and her eyes grew wider by the second. I glanced over at my brother just so I can silently ask him if he is doing okay, but it seems that his gaze was fixed on Dakota and no one else.

I don't understand their reaction towards each other, but I am not going to sit around and ignore this because obviously there's something strange going on here. I can hear Dakota's heartbeat and it's marginally increased since she entered and I am sure as hell it was not my family's story that was causing it. She's also acting really stiff too. Dakota can be a lot of things, but prim and proper are not part of those things. With that said, I'm banking on the idea that her actions have something to do with my brother. The only question is, why?

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