Falling For Storm

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Chapter 30


We rushed through the secret underground tunnel in lightning speed as the fire grew bigger and the smoke grew thicker. They won’t notice any movement or smell any of our scents at this point and that’s exactly what we have been waiting for. It’s the perfect diversion and they won’t know what hit them as they’re probably still waiting for everyone to burst out of the burning house so they can pick on us one by one. As far as I know, they’re trapped in the middle of our pack land and there’s no way out, but to fight their way through two hundred warriors, a two-hundred-year-old vampire, a hybrid, and three powerful wolves and their alpha.

We burst out from the hidden trap door surprising the invaders. They didn’t have the time to regroup when my pack lunged forward and got into action working as a unit attacking and killing every single wolf that dared to challenge them and so the war began. Wyatt took down three rogues simultaneously, while Hunter threw two more that were about to bite down on one of our warrior’s throat. Dakota fought alongside Eric who was shredding and pulling hearts or throats out like he was picking tomatoes on a regular day. I stuck close to Amara who has not turned into her wolf form yet but is effectively backhanding rogues to oblivion. Knocking them down like flies and mosquitoes. Well, shit... I best not piss her off when all this is over.

I charged towards the biggest one like a madman. I’m certain that this one is not their alpha, but I must say he or she whatever it is seems strong for a regular pack member or rogue. Talk about injecting steroids. I pulled back when it lounged itself forward snapping its jaws at me in succession. I lowered my stance before leaping upward within seconds, latching my fangs on its throat. I swung my head to the side tearing a big chunk of its flesh and a gurgling sound escaped from its mouth before dropping down. I moved on to the others while keeping a watchful eye on my pack who are doing a good job mowing down the lawn and cutting out the weeds of unwanted invaders.

I have especially watched Amara every chance I get which is admittedly all the time but not to the extent where I’m too distracted. It’s not that she can’t fight as well as anyone else, but I can’t help but observe how much she has changed into a little warrior. My little warrior. She’s moving at full speed now and I’m completely in awe at how magnificent she is. Her movements are both graceful and explosive dominating her opponents easily. She didn’t need to change to her wolf form in order to maximize her power. Staying the way she is did nothing to slow her down or make her vulnerable. I quickly scanned the battlefield mentally taking notes of how everything is doing. Hunter and Wyatt were tearing down anyone who charges at them easily, while Eric and Dakota moved as if they have been fighting alongside each other for a very long time.

Our enemies were down to thirteen when Amara suddenly spun in my direction and her eyes grew wider by the second. “There’s more coming, Storm!” She warned. The way she said it made me assume that these were just foot soldiers and we’ll be outnumbered in a minute. Fuck! I mind linked every one of the possibilities we could face and quickly added that we should all proceed to plan B. Is this going to be it? Are we finally facing their alpha/leader or whoever the fucker is? After killing the last rogue of their first wave, we regrouped and held our position. We still have a couple of tricks up our sleeves, so I’m confident we’ll make it. Possibly injured, but definitely alive.

A minute later, we felt the ground shake and rumbling sounds echoed through the forest. Holy shithole! It’s like we’re about to get caught in the middle of a stampede. “I can’t tell for sure, but I think we have about 200 to 300 incoming wolves,” Amara uttered with her hands resting behind her ears holding back loose strands of her hair. What the hell? They really must have been recruiting throughout the years obviously waiting for a day like this to occur. “We’ll make it. Have faith in your pack,” I assured her and her eyes snapped open before finding my own eyes. “I know,” she simply said before smiling at me reassuringly. “They’re here,” She announced before standing in between me and her brother calmly.

As soon as they appeared at the clearing a gasp escaped from Amara’s lips not because she was overwhelmed by the number, but by the size of the incoming wolves. They look like a bunch of freaking T-Rexes. I mean alphas in their wolf forms are massive. We’re born and built that way. We’re the biggest ones in every pack. The stronger you are, the larger you are and not to brag or anything, but I’m huge. So, these wolves coming after us they're a tad larger than any of us. Now, I really think the fuckers are on steroids or something. We allowed our enemies to rush towards us before striking at the right moment. Most of us taking on three to four wolves at a time. It's brutal, but we have to hold it out for a few more minutes. We must hold it out.

"Is that the best you can do?!" Eric shouted sending two wolves flying and crashing hard towards the trees breaking the trunks into half and possibly the bones of those wolves. His reserved demeanor was gone and is now replaced by an untamed fury. He was dashing from one wolf to another clawing at them, tearing them apart like paper. He even bit the neck of the one who tried to attack him while he was choking two already and my god, he was lifting them up like rag dolls. Okay, it's official, Amara and Eric are scary as fuck when they're mad. It's a good thing they're on our side.

It pained me to see some of my pack members being badly injured, so I had no choice but to call in for back up which is obviously our plan B. They rushed in and joined the fight soon after I called the shots giving us another advantage and more time to recover. There isn't any more coming, I know it. We just need to take out the remaining ones and that's it, we're done. We can do this. And just as the last wolf died a loud snarl echoed through the woods. Our heads snapped towards their direction and a group of ten cloaked vampires stood like statues. Eric tensed up beside me and right at that moment I understood, we all did. He knows who they are.

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