Falling For Storm

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Chapter 32


I’ve never taken a hit that painful and strong before, so now, consider me majorly raged. First of all, how dare he charge at Amara so viciously or plan this just so he can turn himself into something he’s not. How dare he call her a mistake and how dare they for killing and injuring some of my pack members. Trust me, they have a hell of a lot to pay now and I don’t give a shit whose father the bloodsucker belongs to. I’m going to murder him! I pushed myself off the ground and ran towards where Amara and the vampire were exchanging hard blows at full speed, knocking down one vampire and ripping her heart along the way.

I saw red when Amara’s head whipped to the side as the back of his hand connected to her cheek. She staggered a few steps back but quickly regained her composure. The vampire tried to come at her once more, but luckily Eric was able to block the punch just in time. “You dare go against your own father!” he screamed attacking Eric with all he’s got. I rammed the bloodsucker hard from the side sending him flying through several trees before he got the chance to punch a hole through his son’s chest. What kind of father would kill his own son just like that?

I looked around and saw that he was the only one left alive, but instead of sending the rest of the pack to finish the business, I had them stand down. It was my way of allowing them to recover and I’m also at a point where anything could still happen and that he could have more allies so it’s best to have them on a lookout. More importantly, I know in my heart that the fight is no longer theirs. It’s between me, Amara, Eric, and the filthy vampire. “You are outnumbered, father!” Eric yelled. “I beg of you to stop this now.” He sneered at his son’s request as he stood straighter.

“You do not have the right to call me father, no son of mine chooses such atrocity over his own coven, over me! You are a disgrace to all vampires just like your mother. She chose to share her life with a rabid dog without taking a moment to search for the truth. The truth that I could still be alive!” Amara and Eric exchanged glances while the rest of the pack howled in rage. “You and your mother left me to rot in hell!” he growled before surging forward in super speed making him look like he’s melting into the shadows. The three of us braced ourselves and before anyone had the chance to move, he was already standing behind Amara about a few yards away with his hand wrapped around her neck. Shit!

Then the unthinkable happened. He tilted her head violently and sank his fangs on her exposed neck and a whimper of pain slips through her mouth. “No!” Eric screamed and I released an ear-splitting growl. Fueled by rage, we both charged on without hesitation. “Fight, Amara!” I ordered pushing myself harder so that I could get to her faster. Amara struggled to break free but soon began losing consciousness. Fuck! No, no, no! We were mere inches away when he tossed Amara’s body to the side as if she weighed no heavier than a doll. My chest tightened as my heart shattered into a million pieces as I watched her lifeless body fall to the ground.

We ran towards her and I nudged her hand with my nose. I whimpered when she didn't move. "Please, please," I begged to no one in particular. I have never been so scared of anything all my life and seeing her like this, and worse not hearing her heartbeat - it's the most painful thing in the world. I don't know what I would do if... I can't. I howled in agony, as panic swept over me. I changed to my human form and cradled my lifeless mate as I cried helplessly. I mind linked our medics to come as quickly as they can begging them to save her. I was on the verge of breaking down, but Dakota brought me back to my senses. "Storm, get it together! Take it all out on him. Do it for her! Do you hear me?"

My head snapped to where the vampire is standing. His eyes were closed and his face was tilting upwards towards the night sky. I sensed the anger rolling off from each wolf who witnessed the assault, and though they were begging me to allow them to have their revenge, I didn’t let them because I want it all to myself. So, instead of having them watch the shitshow, I asked them to tend to the injured and guard the borders against more intruders. Some of them protested, but they know better than to disobey their alpha. It could be the dumbest thing I’ll ever do, but I’ve made up my mind.

And since neither one of us knows what drinking Amara’s blood would do to him, I had Hunter, Wyatt, and Dakota leaping into action which they gladly accepted. They wanted his head, so we’re going to take his head. The five of us advanced surrounding the vampire from every angle and I don’t know who moved first, but the next thing I know the six of us were caught in a dangerous dance to the finish. Our movements must look like a massive blur of vampires and wolves moving at top speed all over the field right now.

One thing is certain though, Amara’s blood has made the demon vampire stronger and faster. I hate to admit this, but he’s holding his own really well. He’s able to block the deadly blows Eric was unleashing and dodge our snapping teeth and swiping claws easily. Hunter leaped forward and as his body was midflight, the vampire swung hard effectively connecting his closed fist to Hunter’s head and that sent him crashing to the ground face first. Eric jabbed his hand to his father’s chest but it didn’t go through. The vampire wrapped his fingers around Eric’s wrist pulling him closer before driving an outstretched arm across his chest sending him falling on his back really hard. Dakota and Wyatt tried to tag-team him, by charging on either side, but they were bitchslapped in the same way I was bitchslapped earlier, and yes, they flew a few feet away as well. So now, all four of them are lying unconscious around us. Son of a bitch!

Tension crackled between me and the vampire as our eyes met. There is nothing more I want to do now than to bite his head off and have everyone tear him apart once I’m done with him. I do not fear his newfound strength. Hybrid or not, I will end him with everything I’ve got. “You are no match for me dog!” He sniggered after throwing an insult on me. I rose to my full height knowing well that I have to do. I took in a deep breath and planted my paws firmly on the ground. I could go down today, but I'm not going down without a fight. And If I do go down today, I'll make sure to take him with me.

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