Falling For Storm

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Chapter 33


We stood there assessing each other, waiting like a ticking time bomb. His gaze raised so that he could meet mine as I stood tall and unrelenting. My friends are still unconscious and I refuse to accept that my mate is gone. She can’t be - I told myself and as hard as it is for me to keep it together, I have to continuously remind myself that as the alpha, I am responsible for my pack. I can’t let my emotions get the best of me though the thought of losing Amara is worse than spending eternity in hell. This is my obligation, I must eliminate anything or anyone that could harm everyone at all cost.

I slowly exhaled as I felt the wind ripple through my black fur. I flexed my shoulder blades and extended my claws as I envisioned my line of attack. Through my mate’s blood, he became stronger and faster and I am not sure whether or not he has truly become a hybrid like Amara. All I know is he’s dangerous, but the urge to take his life with my own hands is so strong that I want to see him burn under the sun a million times. I stared at the old vampire with so much anger and menace before leaping into action. We collided like derailed trains trying to overpower each other. Biting teeth and snapping jaws could be heard from a thousand miles away as we continue with our deathmatch.

His fists are connecting to different parts of my body, but none of which are powerful enough to land me a big one since I never stay in one place for too long. I mean they hurt, but not enough to stop me from countering. I was moving all over the place way too fast that even I was having a hard time keeping up. He kept charging at me from the front aggressively while I simply did what I could to study his movements and abilities without getting killed first. I watched as he sent me a right hook that I was luckily able to dodge and took as an opening to grab the said arm with my mouth clamping down hard before violently shaking my head from side to side.

I flailed and flung him around while he kicked and swung at me several times. I endured the many hard blows he was raining on my body, but I was determined to hurt him a thousand times more. I slammed his body on the ground and trapped the upper part with my front legs and successfully ripped his arm out. He cried a loud shrieking sound as his arm came off and quickly escaped from underneath me. I spat the hanging limb out and braced myself for another round of adverse impact. He spoke gibberish then attacking more viciously. I made him mad alright. He spun around and I took an unexpected elbow to the ribs knocking the wind out of my lungs which had me staggering and whizzing slightly. Fuck that hurt!

I shook off the pain that shocked my core and forced myself to gain momentum. I took several more painful and almost deadly blows while he suffered from more teeth and claws. At some point, I took a wild hit to the head that had me sliding back a few feet and whimpering, and as payback, I’ve managed to slash his face and neck deeply. I can’t believe that he’s still able to move and kick my ass at his damaged state. We circled each other like two preditors staking their claim.

A few seconds in, I heard a few grunts and groans and I realized that my friends are coming back to life. Relief washed over me knowing that they’re fine and well at least I’m no longer alone. Eric was the first to gain consciousness and soon after he joined in, the rest have gained their mobility and senses as well. We’ve surrounded him once more and hopefully this time, without an arm, the odds will be in our favor.

“Thank god you’re still alive! How are you holding up?” Hunter was the first to ask. “Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m a little banged up, but managing,” I truthfully answered. “What? He knocked us all out in one blow, so I’m just saying,” he retorted. “If you haven’t noticed he lost an arm, let’s just hope he won’t get the chance to attach it back.” I snarled. “We have more chances of surviving and hopefully winning if we attack all at once,” Wyatt interjected and everyone agreed that is except Eric who can’t join in on our mind link session.

Nonetheless, he is a perceptive one, so it only took a minute before he realized what our intentions were. However, before we could get our plans into motion, his eyes darted to his discarded arm and went for it. “Stop him!” Eric shouted sprinting after his father, Dakota hot on his trail, but they were too late. Shit! I should have thrown it far into the woods. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Oh, yeah... because I was busy staying alive and now he’s back with two working arms trying to escape from us.

“We can’t let him go!” Eric ordered. “No shit Sherlock,” I snorted out of irritation. “Shut it, Storm!” Dakota reprimanded. I didn’t notice that I mind linked my wise-ass comment to all of them, but I guess I did. And by the way, why is she asking me to shut up? Wyatt took longer and faster sprints shooting past everyone and had almost gotten a hold of our enemy, but to our surprise, he’s managed to throw his arms around Wyatt from behind instantly crushing a few bones. My friend slumped to the ground unable to move. “Wyatt!” Hunter and I called out at the same time and he responded with a whimper. “Go..” he weakly said and we continued with the chase reluctantly. I sent out his location to the rest of the pack members so that they can come and praying hard that they could get to him soon.

The rest of us were able to catch up and keep him surrounded. Eric tied to reason with his father again which was futile if you ask me because even if he succeeds in making him stop this madness, I’m sure as hell won’t change my mind from murdering him. He made the biggest mistake of attacking my pack and... No, she’s still alive. I have to keep believing that.

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