Falling For Storm

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Chapter 34


The vampire was almost halfway near the border when the four of us were finally able to catch up and trap him in the middle. There's no way we're going to let him leave or in my case let him live. "Out of my way or pay the consequences!" The bloodsucker warned with so much fury and none of us had the patience to respond but instead, we stood our ground and prepared for another onslaught.

This time we attacked all at once from every angle. Dakota latched on to his newly attached arm, Hunter did the same to the other, Eric threw punches, while I bit down on his shoulder. As Eric was about to punch a hole in his father's chest, the unexpected happened. All four of us were pushed back about 10 feet away as he spun around. "What the hell is this?!" I groaned out of frustration. "Why won't this sucker just die already?" Dakota complained and we all set off charging once more. Hunter took an elbow to the face really hard which sent him crashing towards the fields. I screamed at Dakota to stand down, but it was already too late. The vampire caught her by the neck and slammed her to the ground before kicking her stomach. She yelped in pain as she tried to stand back up only to fall again.

My heart fell and another level of rage from within me kicked up a notch, but I wasn't the only one who felt those emotions seeing what he did to my little sister. Eric rushed past me determined to break his father's neck. He was at full speed and if you didn't have the kind of eyes nor senses like we do, you won't even know that there are two vampires trying to kill each other. Eric pushed his palm to his father's chest and the blow made him lose his footing. I took that as a chance to sweep his legs from behind making him fall on his back. In an instant, Eric was on top of him raining hard blows on his face and slashing his neck a couple of times. It was brutal watching the father and son tear each other apart. I stood close-by ready to pounce in any case Eric couldn't finish the job. I've thought about getting in on the fight, but it seemed to me that Eric had his own score to settle and I understand that more than anything.

"Hunter?" I called out to my second in command and friend, wondering if he's fine or if he's sustained injuries as bad as Dakota and Wyatt's. I'm good, right behind you," he answered and relief washed over me as I saw him walk slowly, but in full alert. I looked at the old vampire struggling to break free from Eric's hold, so I made another necessary decision to have Hunter bring my sister to the doctor immediately. Actually, they could both use a thorough check-up right about now. Both were reluctant but didn't argue because they know staying here would either injure them more or be used as leverages.

Once they left I stood closer to the fight knowing full well that I should be on my guard in any case something happens again, and I was right. The old vampire gathered all his strength and pushed his son off before quickly standing up to grab Eric's neck. I saw in slow motion what he was about to do, so I grabbed the other hand that almost had Eric's heart within its grasp with my powerful jaws, yanking it out of his chest. A loud piercing scream came out from the vampire but I refused to let go.

Eric grabbed the other arm with both of his hands, successfully removing the one around his neck and I pulled towards the opposite side. It was now or never. All we had to do is to yank in opposite directions, so both arms would come off. As we were about to do that, a vision of a blur approached at super speed, and in an instant, Amara was standing in front of the vampire with his heart in her hand and six pairs of eyes grew wide in shock of what had just transpired. Then a few things happened simultaneously in the next seconds. The first was the old vampire fell knees first to the ground with his eyes and mouth still wide open. The next was Eric breaking down into subs as he kneeled beside his dead father's body. The third was having all the air sucked out from my lungs at the sight of my mate alive. And the last, Amara gathering his brother in her arms to comfort him while she stared into my eyes with so many emotions I couldn't fathom.

"Forgive me, brother there was no other way," Amara whispered as she held her brother tightly. "I understand, he killed innocent lives. He killed our mother and your father. He tried to kill both of us, but what saddens me the most is he's still my father." Eric admitted breaking into soft sobs. They held each other for a while and no matter how much I wanted to rush over to her, I stayed where I was in my human form just staring at her. She's alive, that's all that matters now.

She let her brother go and ran towards me. I held out my arms to catch her. I inhaled her scent as tears fell from my eyes. Neither of us said anything, we just stood there in each other's embrace relishing the feeling that we both made it. I couldn't imagine going back to my life without her. There were no words to express how devastated I felt when I thought she was dead. I even thought about taking my own life after everything's done. She pulled away a bit just so he could look at my face. She held it between her palms and gave me the sweetest and most loving kiss which I eagerly returned.

The three of us headed to the pack hospital to check on the rest. We were all relieved to know that everyone is recovering well including Wyatt and Dakota. Amara and I stayed for a few more hours before we headed to my cabin by the lake which I had lying around for no particular reason, but I'm glad I kept it since the packhouse burned down to ashes. Eric insisted on staying at the hospital which neither of us questioned. We're tired and literally beaten up so resting for a few hours to recover sounds like the best plan. As soon as we wake up, we're going to be busy as hell fixing things. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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