Falling For Storm

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Chapter 35


I stood in front of the lake house we have been staying in since the war. Though the packhouse has been fully renovated, Storm and I chose to make this our home. Every morning I would stand on the porch and just admire the view. I’d find my favorite spot and then start my daily thinking and meditation which is exactly what I’m doing right now.

The worst was really over. It’s been a whole month since I somewhat died and killed several lives with my own hands. It wasn’t the kind of life I would have chosen for myself, but I’ve learned to accept that none of us are normal or ever going to be truly safe. This is who I am. This is us. Storm, me, Eric, and everyone in the pack will always be facing enemies from time to time. I guess what’s important is we’re fighting on the same side and that we’ll always protect the ones we love and care about no matter what. A lot may have died, some were badly hurt, but our take away from all of this is that we survived and all of us have recovered well. Right now, we’re rebuilding our lives, especially my brother and me. We were all victims of circumstances, but if anything, these circumstances made us stronger.

The sad part though is, Eric has to go back to Transylvania in a few days. He is after all the primus of his coven. He has been away far too long, so I understand that this is necessary. He has to lead his people otherwise, another chaos would ensue and we don’t want that now do we? I don’t really know how being the vampire primus works, I’m assuming it’s the same as being an alpha or a luna only they’re probably more traditional, but I just hope that we’ll get the chance to see each other more often or that he’ll get to visit even if it’s just once every year. He’s still devasted how things turned out, but he’s accepted what is and what was.

Another thing that happened is Dakota has found her mate, she told me on the day after she came home from the hospital. The only problem is, she doesn’t want to tell anyone who that certain mate of hers is. All I know is that she believes it’s too complicated and she doesn’t know how to handle it. I did try to force her to admit who her mate is a couple of times, but the woman holds her ground every single damn time. I really think it’s so weird that she’s keeping it a secret, but I’m going to respect that for now. She’ll eventually tell me who it is, I think.

Storm hasn’t let me out of his sight ever since that night. Basically, I go where he goes and he goes where I go. Not that I have any problems with that. In fact, I welcome every minute of it. I mean who wouldn’t want to glue themselves to a sexy as hell alpha right? He's more protective of me which is absolutely hilarious because both he and I know that I'm no longer the fragile girl he once knew, but I can't say I hate it. The truth is, it melts my heart every time he worries about me or if he misses me.

I haven't told anyone about this, not even Storm, but as I was running out of breath and as my heart stopped beating, his own steady heartbeat and the constant way he called my name like a prayer were the two most precious things that brought me back to life. Not the wolf nor the vampire in me. Not the power I had acquired since birth, but it was him. It was my love for him and his love for me that kickstarted my heartbeat. He was the reason I kept going.

"Are you okay?" Ah, speaking of the devil himself. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I leaned back against his chest as he placed his head on my shoulder. "Better than ever," I answered sighing contentedly. "So, I've been thinking," he said nuzzling the crook of my neck before adding a chaste kiss. "Since life is full of unexpected events and there's no way of telling if these events will be good or bad, I had this sudden urge to do something, Do you want to hear it?" He asked and I hummed in agreement. He turned me slowly in his arms so that we could stand face to face. He was looking at me with seriousness in his eyes and I listened to how his heartbeat sped.

I arched an eyebrow wondering what he's nervous about. He's looking at me like he was about to faint and it was just the funniest thing. "What were you thinking about?" I asked as I stifled a laugh and he rolled his eyes at me. "Never mind," he said pouting his lips like a petulant child for good measure and I couldn't help but laugh at his poor attempt to look adorable. "No, really what is it?" I insisted as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He waited for a few minutes before he finally opened his mouth to say something.

"How do you feel about traveling somewhere around the world for a while, just you and me?" My eyes lit up as he said those words. I've always dreamed about traveling anywhere, somewhere. It didn't matter where the destination is just as long as I get to experience it. I was about to give him a resounding yes, but I frowned as soon as realization dawned on me. "But what about the pack? Don't they need you here?" He shook his head before cupping my face with his hands. "I think Hunter and Wyatt can hold the fort down for a month or two, but if you're uncomfortable with that... There's always getting married."

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