Falling For Storm

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Chapter 4


I just got to the bar with my beta Hunter and gamma Wyatt from patrolling around the borders. It was a typical night and so far there were no hitches or danger and nothing that can cause immediate concerns among my pack members. It was actually a good night if you ask me.

You must be wondering who we are, so let me introduce myself and my pack. Yes, I am the alpha of the Black Moon and I’m only 22. It’s only been a year since my father stepped down as the alpha. To explain this further, alphas normally pass the torch to their firstborn sons as soon as they turn 21. If the firstborn happens to be a daughter, well that’s an entirely different process and I don’t want to bore you with that right now. My best friends Hunter and Wyatt also received their baptism as beta and gamma last year since we were all born in the same year. Too coincidental? Yup, it’s a wolf thing and it’s pretty awesome.

So anyway, not to brag or anything, but we’re probably the strongest and most feared out there. We get challenged by other packs who want to take over our lands quite often, but they always fail. To be honest, they just don’t stand a chance. We raise warriors and good leaders in the pack. The best of the best. Alphas, lunas, betas, and gammas before me didn’t just bark orders, but they made great decisions and learned how to analyze situations before leaping into action.

In other words, we don’t make rash decisions and we’re good at constructing battle plans. We don’t just use brute force, but we use our heads a lot too. We’re both physically and mentally strong, but if there’s anything we’re absolutely proud of, it would be our brotherhood. We always watch each other’s backs no matter who you are within the pack. We treat each other with the utmost respect and trust. So yeah, that’s the story of my pack.

We were just about done putting our clothes back on when the door to my office slammed open revealing a panic-stricken bartender. He informed me that a big ass drunk dude was harassing our newly hired waitress. What newly hired waitress? I don’t remember needing a new waitress much more hiring one. As confusing as that was, I still went to follow everyone out to put an end to this madness. I don’t like trouble especially when it’s caused by wreckless humans who want to harm other humans.

I walked in long strides followed by Hunter and Wyatt and the next thing I see is Dakota pulling on the trouble maker’s arms while he held on to the girl in question. My sister is no weakling, she’s born into a family of pure alphas after all. She’s just holding back. If she actually wanted to, she can tear the ugly dude’s arms out without even shifting. I vaguely heard Dakota say to let the girl go, but the asshole wouldn’t budge. Instead, he started mocking her. My temper started rising and there’s nothing I wanted to do more than to ram my fist to his face as hard as I can, but I can’t do that. You see, I might end up killing him with one swing, and we don’t want that now do we? So, I opted for a better option and that is to answer for my sister lacing my voice with a subtle alpha growl as a warning.

If this guy was smart enough, he would let the girl go. If he wasn’t, then I’ll teach him and his friends a lesson they won’t forget. I kept my eyes locked on his without blinking, willing him to step away from the girl. There were a few seconds of silence and I thought he wasn't going to do what I'd asked, but then he loosened his hold. Ah, good choice. He might not be a complete knucklehead after all.

As soon as he let go of the girl, I caught the sweetest and most delicious scent in the world. “Mate!” the wolf in me stated excitedly. No shit Sherlock! “She’s here. My mate is somewhere here,” I informed Hunter and Wyatt, mind linking them. They both whipped their heads towards me at the same time, excitement in their eyes. “We have to find her quick, are you still able to catch her scent?” Wyatt asked. “Yes, but now it’s a bit faint,” I told them. “Well, let’s deal with these clowns as fast as we can so we can look for her,” Hunter interjected.

I went around the entire bar trying to figure out where my mate could be as soon as the jackasses were thrown out. To my disappointment, she wasn't one of the women hanging around. Where could she have gone? I can still feel her, but I just don't know where she is. Feeling dejected, I decided to head to my office to deal with Dakota and the supposedly new waitress.

Wyatt and Hunter were right on my tail when I entered my office. I must have opened the door roughly because I surprised the hell out of the girl, but more importantly, I myself was surprised to realize that it was her. My mate! My legs immediately stopped working, rooting me in place and the next thing I know, I was falling forward because the two idiots had accidentally pushed me.

Let me tell you, it wasn't the most romantic way to meet the person who was destined for you. If anything, it was absolutely comical. My arms were raised forward, caging her in between myself and the wall, our faces inches apart. "Fuck! I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, moving away from her. Damn! that was embarrassing. She kept her eyes closed and her hands raised in fists. I was supposed to feel bad about it, but she just looked so adorable that I couldn't stop myself from chuckling.

When she finally had the courage to open her eyes, they met mine briefly and at that moment my world suddenly went into slow motion. She was the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on. Her big round eyes were a different shade of blue, it's unlike anything I've ever seen. It was almost blue-green, just darker than the regular shade of blue. They were breathtaking. She was breathtaking.

I wanted to apologize for scaring her, but my stupid sister couldn't stop laughing her ass off. Very typical. "Knock it off, D!" my irritation obvious. My mate took a good look at me this time and I can sense how nervous she is right now. We were all silent for a minute or two so I took the opportunity to mind link everyone that this girl standing in front of me is my mate. Their Luna.

Everyone was delighted, but there's just one problem. Amara Montgomery is human and I don't know how I'm supposed to tell her what she is to me and how to actually make her mine. Now that I think about it, she seems to be afraid of me. Oh for fuck's sake!

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