Falling For Storm

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Chapter 9


Wyatt, Hunter, and I arrived at the border sniffing for clues as to where the three rogues have headed and I was shocked to find five of our warriors badly injured. Luckily our pack hospital has already dispatched the medics to take care of their wounds. I couldn’t believe the aftermath and the blood bath that I’m seeing. These warriors are very capable and strong fighters, so they don’t and won’t go down easily, but these rogues have managed to inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time and if we don’t hurry, many people and pack members could get hurt or die. I was analyzing the situation and the possible outcome when I’ve noticed that we’re running closer and closer to my home.

Shit! Amara’s there. I buried the panic that was slowly creeping in and headed towards the direction where the scent was the strongest with Hunter and Wyatt following closely behind. I mind linked everyone to alert them of the possible whereabouts of the intruders and to be on guard. I ran as fast as my legs can take me and once we were near the clearing of the back yard, two of them came charging at me. I quickly maneuvered my entire body narrowly missing being bitten on the throat. Hunter attacked the closest one to me, while Wyatt found the third one hidden behind the trees.

It’s a 3 on 3 deathmatch and I’m confident that we can take them on. Wyatt and Hunter are excellent and strong fighters, so I know that they combine intelligence and strength during encounters like these. They calculate their opponent’s move before going in for the kill. However, it would be wiser for the three of us not to get too cocky, so we devised a plan to stick within each other’s range. This way, we’ll be able to look out for one another. It took about 15 minutes for me to tear one of the rogues apart. Once I was sure that it’s never going to see the light of day again, I looked over my shoulder and saw that Hunter had just snapped his opponent’s neck while Wyatt was dodging his opponent’s advances and right before it lounges at him, he twists out of the way giving him the opening to bite down cracking the rogue’s skull.

After we got rid of their bodies and burned them, we patrolled around for a few more minutes to make sure that there were no more threats. We also doubled the number of watchers and warriors for safety measures before we headed back to the house. I don’t know what the attack was about or what the agenda was, but what I do know is these rouges were definitely stronger and bigger than the ones we’ve handled before. It also seems that they have developed the ability to think rather than being completely taken over by their blood lust. We've dealt with a number of their kind over the years, but what we had to deal with tonight was a bit alarming. Normally, I would be able to take on 5 at the same time and it won't even last for more than 10 minutes. I know that sounds like bullshit, but it's the truth. Obviously, the case earlier had a different outcome.

I can sense they're different. Their scent is not as rotten as it should and they've locked eyes every once in a while as if they were communicating amongst each other. Rogues don't do that, they can't mind link. Only wolves belonging to a pack can do that. I'm certain of it. I also noticed that they moved in a way that most pack members would during a hunt which is exactly why there's no way that this was only a coincidence or that they were just passing through.

We're still lucky no other pack member was injured or attacked. However, I have a feeling that this isn't going to be the last either, so even though it's just a hunch, I decided to call a meeting early tomorrow morning. We need to investigate and get in touch with the other neighboring packs to see if they know anything about these rogues. Training new warriors is also a top priority, so I need Dakota to keep an eye on Amara and look after the bar while I take care of Alpha businesses. I know she's going to hate me for it, but should anything happen to me, she'll be taking over as Alpha. That said, she needs to learn how to be responsible for people no matter how small the task is.

We were a complete mess once we shifted back to our human form. Our bodies were covered in bloodstains and mud and we probably stink too. I can’t allow Amara to see me like this so I quickly took a shower in my parents’ bathroom before going upstairs to check on her. I slowly opened the door to avoid startling her, but when my eyes landed on her, she was lying on her side. My heartbeat sped up for a second thinking that one of the rogues might have knocked her out but then I noticed that she didn’t look like she was hurt.

She fell asleep on the floor hands placed underneath her cheeks breathing deeply and evenly. My mate looked so peaceful and content that I didn’t have the heart to wake her up. Well that, and the fact that I don’t want her out of my sight after what happened. At least not for tonight. I gently lifted her up and placed her on my bed. I tucked her in, pulling the covers over her shoulders before getting undressed and lying next to her. She stirred slightly ending up facing me. I swiped away the hair that fell on her beautiful face and then pulled her into my arms. God, I love her scent. It soothes my soul and brings every part of me alive. I watched her for what felt like hours, kissing every part of her face lightly. I was enjoying the moment, refusing to think about the dangers that could be lurking. For now, I didn't care about anything else. It might take a while before anything like this happens again, so I'm going to take advantage of it.

When sleep finally took over, I felt happy and at ease knowing that Amara is safely wrapped in my arms.

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