Shy Walking Shadows; Book 1 of the Blood Moon Series

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Sisters Kierra and Faline are about to be thrust into a world of darkness when a Vampire comes calling for the younger sibling. While Faline is being taken, Kierra tangles with a Werewolf and is left for dead. The search is on as big sister tries to deal with a new world, a new charge, new males, surprises, and secrets. Humor and heartache are in store for each side as they traverse new territory, learning about just what all goes bump in the night, as well as during the day. A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows won't stay hidden forever.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Kierra isn’t your typical ‘thin, fit, beautiful, and gentle’ heroine. She’s a big girl with a bitchy, brash attitude, and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She isn’t perfect and has no wish to be.

Faline is small, the softer side of the sibling coin, but no less tenacious. A carefree spirit who on many an occasion has to corral her sister before things get out of hand, she has a sharp mind colored in whimsy. A woman with a taste for life and becomes drunk with its possibilities.

A fated meeting with a mysterious yet handsome friend becomes Faline’s personal hell when Vampire fangs are bared.
A chance encounter leaves Kierra fighting for her life when she’s taken down by an insane Werewolf and left for dead.

The search for a lost sister has never been more perilous. A strange new supernatural world awaits them both as they meet fascinating new allies, make terrible enemies, and uncover hidden and buried secrets.

A Blood Moon is just over the horizon, and shy walking shadows won’t stay shrouded forever.

Trigger/Maturity Warning: This story has within it language, violence, gore, themes of rape, child abuse, mental instability, and other sensitive ideological scenes. If any of this offends you, please do not read this story

Copyrighted - This work belongs to me, please do not copy, steal, reproduce, or redistribute in any way.

I have this work on RoyalRoad, Wattpad, and sneak peeks on DeviantArt as well, if it is seen anywhere else, it has been taken without permission. If it is seen anywhere other than these locations, please let me know immediately.

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