A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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I quickly readjusted my hair just as Xyen walked out of the bathroom. Thank goodness that condoms make for easy clean-ups.

“You ready?” He asked, a smug grin on his face. I nodded and took the arm he offered me. I smiled, hoping the red under my blush didn’t show. Goddess, this man was like nothing I’d ever had before

“Alpha. Luna,” the beta greeted us and pushed the elevator button. I didn’t remember his name, but I did remember his face! He’d been my customer before I switched places with Ruby…

And just like that, Xyen hit the man square in the face.

My eyes went wide, while the Beta staggered backwards, supporting his big frame against the wall.

“What the fuc---?!” he muttered under his breath, before looking up at Xyen with a bloody nose. “Alpha?!”

“Sorry about that,” Xyen shrugged and pulled me into the elevator. Mindlessly I followed. “My wolf doesn’t like that fact that you danced with his mate at the strip-club.”

I and the Beta exchanged a confused look, before Xyen pushed the buttons. As the door closed on us, I mouthed an ‘I’m sorry’, but I don’t know if he understood it or not. I then turned to Xyen, still confused about what just happened.

“You remembered that I danced for him?” I asked and watched him lean up against the backwall. Arms crossed and eyes fixed on me.

“You remembered,” he replied in a tone I couldn’t decipher. “I noticed you recognized him; that’s why I hit him.”


I never really recognized any of the men I danced for. The only reason I even remotely remembered him, was because of Xyen. I’d taken an extra good look at all of them, when I realized that they were werewolves. Why? Because it was something that all Hunters got embedded into their system from birth and came as natural to me as breathing.

“Because I wanted to,” Xyen replied.

I had no idea what to do with that information!

“O-K,” I muttered, and decided not to dwell on it. Must be his alpha-ego, I concluded although I’d only ever seen a wolf lash out like that, if a mate was involved.

I eyed the numbers that got closer to the main floor with every passing second. And that’s when nerves decided to set in. I tried not to bite my lips or bite my newly done nails. I pressed my thighs together and cursed myself for deciding against bringing one of my knives with me. But considering they were all silver and these were all werewolves--- Probably not the greatest combo.

I just wanted to feel safe.

The doors opened again and I noticed all the fancy looking people that all were heading to the ballroom, where the event would take place.

“Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask,” I quickly asked in a low voice, hoping no one would be able to hear us. “How should I introduce myself?”

“As my mate,” Xyen replied calmly, but thankfully stopped walking.

“Jeez, that was helpful,” I huffed and rolled my eyes at him, before asking more questions: “If insulted can I insult back?”

“Just don’t start hitting and screaming,” he grinned, probably hoping I’d stir up trouble. It was rather painfully obvious that he didn’t want to do this. But like with so many responsibilities: some of them you just couldn’t walk away from.

“Only if you won’t,” I fired back and smirked when his brows furrowed. “I spent six hours with Otis interrogating him about you. I know what you do,” I explained pointing him up and down. Alpha Xyen had murderous tendencies and seldom didn’t make good on a threat.

“Remind me to kill Otis,” he huffed and crossed his arms. He was being serious.

“You really want to go through the trouble of finding a new bodyguard-slash-cleaner?” I asked skeptically and raised an eyebrow at him, resting my hand on my hip. “I’m sure they don’t come in abundance.”

Xyen tilted his head, like he was thinking, never taking his eyes off mine.

“I hate it when the woman’s right,” he admitted and sighed.

“That’s why you got the bronze and we got the brains,” I smirked, checking my dress one last time. His stare was burning holes into the side of my head and right enough, he was glaring daggers at me. “What?” I exclaimed innocently. “It’s not like we’re complaining,” I continued and gave his yummy body one generous over. Because--- yeah, he was that hot!


He chuckled and I think it somehow eased his mood. He didn’t want to do this – that much was clear – but I didn’t want to ask. It’s not like I was a permanent resident, but I could at least try and make this event happen without Xyen killing someone. And if everything else failed, I’d flash my boobs and he’d be a good boy.

Or I’d be dead – it could really go either way!

Xyen delivered a short welcoming speech before he turned to me again.

“I need to mingle,” he whispered close to my ear. I shivered, feeling his hot breath against my skin. “Don’t talk to anyone you find attractive. I want me to be the only wolf on your mind this week.” I could have sworn there was a smirk on his lips when he said that! I nodded.

At this rate that was not going to be a problem.

I decided to get myself something to drink and tried to find a waiter, I could reach. But these damn werewolves were so damn tall, I barely reached their midsection! I’d finally gotten a hold of a glass, when I accidently ran into a gorgeous she-wolf. And of course, with her being a wolf and me being a human, her ass literally knocked me over.

“Oh,” she exclaimed and quickly helped me regain my balance, so I didn’t fall over. Which I was extremely grateful for. That would be one embarrassment I’d never live down…

“I’m-I’m so sorry…,” she continued, quickly checking my dress to see, if anything needed saving.

“It’s ok, no harm done,” I smiled and--- instantly noticed her overuse of makeup. Covering up bruises, are we? I tried to shake it off, but like I said: this is second nature to me. I couldn’t help it! To try and lighten the mood I joked: “Guess that’s what happens when you invite a midget to the party.”

I was referring to my own size! Although I’m pretty average for humans, I grew up with werewolves, who all had to look down on me. LITERALLY! Because of that I just grew up assuming I was shot.

The joke apparently worked, because the beautiful she-wolf smiled and laughed, before extending her hand to me.

“I’m Luna Fray,” she introduced herself, looking at me with curiosity. “I-I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

“I’m Lizzy,” I replied accepting her hand. “Alpha Xyen’s mate.”

“His mate?!” She couldn’t contain her surprise and her eyes went wide as saucers. I felt slightly taken aback. Erm, that’s what Xyen told me to introduce myself as--- was that wrong? I tried to think back to anything Derik had taught me, but sure enough, an alpha’s mate had to have had the Luna Ceremony to be recognized as Luna. So technically there should be nothing wrong here. Yet the woman eyed me, like I’d just grown another head! I mentally huffed. And if I had a wolf, she’d be saying “I smell a mystery here”…

“Is this human bothering you, my dear,” a man suddenly asked, coming up next to the Fray. Protectively he put his arms around her, and it didn’t slip my attention, that she shivered when he touched her. Guess I found the source of her bruises!

“Erm… D-dear,” Fray stuttered, obviously trying to save the upcoming awkward ‘situation’. “I don’t think…”

But the man didn’t listen. And as the little devil I was, did noting to stop him either. I found that ignorance really brought out the true nature of people.

“Get out of here, you little filth…” he scoffed, ready to push me out of the way.

“Alpha Cade!” Fray exclaimed almost frantically and patted his arm, as if noting weird was about to happen. “This is my mate, Alpha Cade. Dear, this is Lizzy. She’s Alpha Xyen’s new mate.”

Nice save, girlfriend! Then I turned to see the alpha’s reaction. And what a reaction! He first glared at his mate, then me – giving me a shameful one over (as if that’s where my dignity lies!) – before blinking so many times, I almost got seasick.

“A human?!” he exclaimed shocked. But shock quickly turned to humor, and a wry smile crept across his features. “How the mighty have fallen…” he grinned stupidly.

Oh! He was just that kind of asshole? Noted!

“I can assure you: he sits as firm on his throne as ever,” I replied in my sweet voice, that so far only Xyen was on to. “Or are you alpha-wolves so easily overthrown that a human with a pretty face can overthrow you?” His grin fell so hard, it could practically hit his ass on his way out. He grabbed Fray’s hand and pulled her away. “I’ll keep that in mind,” I snickered, knowing full-well that he heard every word.

I snickered, overly pleased with my small victory, before turning around and talked to a few other wolves. Most of whom were quite enjoyable to talk to and for just a second, I forgot all my problems and that I was basically here based on a lie.


My heart sank, as I instantly recognized his voice…

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