A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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I quickly rushed through the crowed, trying to stick to the wall and stay under the radar. I just couldn’t let anyone see me like this! I went to the ladies’ room, but before I could get in, two rough hands gripped my arms and I was pushed up against the wall.

“If you ever do that again…” Xyen seethed, anger rolling of his body in waves.

“You’ll kill me. Yeah, I know!” I cut him off, not really caring if I offended him or not. Literally I was more worried about him seeing me cry than anything he could do to me. Yeah, that’s great female priorities right there! But I was just in such a dark place of mind that my life, my purpose, my entire being felt completely ruined and worthless.

As if sensing my dark thoughts, Xyen’s grip loosened a bit. Instead his hands started to rub up and down my naked skin, sending a strange current of electricity through my body. I kept my eyes glued to the floor and neck bare to him. I didn’t feel the need to submit to him, but I somewhat enjoyed it. I enjoyed how it seemed to calm him and please him that I exposed my most vulnerable parts to him. And to be fair, it calmed me too…

“There are worse things than death, you know,” he said, his voice strangely soothing and calm. “I could torture you or rape you instead.”

“Sure,” I muttered and rested my head against his hard, yet warm chest. “Whatever you feel like.” I didn’t care what he did to me. Right now, what he did felt good and calming. And suddenly I felt like all my energy was spent. I just wanted to stay in his embrace…

“I could also tie you to a chair and force you to watch Twilight,” he continued in the same tone. I grinned, wondering how he’d been able to lift my mood so easily. Like seriously--- Derik who?!

“You’re the devil, Xyen,” I sighed, trying to wipe away any tears and hoping that I didn’t look like the walking dead when I looked up at him. “That would be torture.”

“Why can’t I get under your skin?” he muttered, gently placing a hand under my chin, forcing me to look at him. “What did Alpha Derik say to get you this worked up.”

“You feel like you’ve been out performed?” I challenged, feeling a bit more like my old self again.

“Something like that,” he huffed.

“Fine,” I said pushing myself off his chest. “Please don’t kill me, I’ll never do it again.”

“Now I know something is wrong,” he replied gruffly, crossing his huge arms in front of his chest. “You never beg!” He leaned closer and his eyes actually darkened. “And I’ll kill him if he broke my favorite toy!”

He was being serious again.

And somehow that brought a smile to my face.

This huge, powerful, deadly and gorgeous looking alpha, wanted to kill someone because of me. Normal people would think that it was insane--- No, actually normal people would KNOW that was insane. They’d be scared of the violence, the gruesome consequences and the rippling effect that would destroy anything good inside of you.

But not me. And not Xyen.

To me it was conformation that he wanted me. That right now, he’d kill anyone who hurt me and--- DAMN did that make me feel good.

“Ok, fine,” I replied and mentally rolled my eyes at him. “Oh, Rape me?!” I overexaggerated a gasp of horror, before a wry smirk found its way to my lips. “You promise?”

“That’s more like it,” he grinned, and his dark eyes turned to their normal blue again. He continued to stare at me for a while, making sure there was no physical damage done to his goods. When his eyes found mine again, they held a passion to them, that I hadn’t seen in him before.

“You ok?”

His voice was low. As if he was careful to say the words. Afraid that I might hear them. Or just how I would respond to them. Because I wasn’t “ok”. I was far from it. And if I admitted that I wasn’t “ok” he’d have to admit that neither was he…

“I’m fine,” I replied anyway and kept the deal between us strictly business. “It’s like you said, he just got under my skin. That’s all.”

“Let’s go back then,” he sighed, pushing me into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror--- and gave myself a good pat on the back for using waterproof eyeliner. I didn’t look horrible, but if I went in now, people would know I’d been crying. I pulled out my emergency stash and corrected everything that needed a touch up.

“And I actually liked Alpha Terrance’s idea,” Xyen continued, leaning against the doorway.

“I had a feeling you would,” I smirked and eyed his surprised expression in the mirror. I laughed. “What? I promised Otis and Yamir I’d make sure you didn’t kill anyone tonight. If I wanted a sacrificial lamb, I’d called Luna Elena! Damn, what a bitch!”

Xyen nodded and we made a bit more lighthearted conversation. He once again led me into the ballroom, where most people were enjoying themselves either talking or dancing.

“Dance with me!” Xyen suddenly commanded and without waiting for my answer, he pulled me to the dancefloor.

“You know, most men ask…,” I smiled, knowing that whatever I said, I would end up doing what he wanted. And Xyen smirked, also knowing this fact very well.

“I’m not most men,” he replied, pulling me close to him. My body close to his made me instantly feel shy and about an inch tall. He was a good dancer, but what really had me captivated, were his eyes. He looked at me without any reservation, hate or disgust. Like he had nothing to fear from me. To him, I was just Lizzy. I was just somebody he knew. Which made me wonder, would he still look at me like that, if he knew I was a Hunter?

“Don’t I know that,” I replied awkwardly and tried to look anywhere but him. Xyen stopped dancing and placed a finger under my chin, lifting my face to his.

I don’t know what was happening. My breath hitched. My heart skipped a beat and my stomach was suddenly doing somersaults. The small and gentle connection between us felt like sparks had erupted across my skin. His eyes trailed from mine to my lips and on instinct, I sweep my tongue across them, giving him permission to do what he wanted. His face drew closer and I could feel his breath on mine…

“Alpha Xyen!”

The voice of his Beta broke us apart like kids being caught red handed in the cookie jar. Xyen growled, while I blushed hard underneath my make-up. What the shit was that?! What just happened?! Why did I suddenly feel like a teenager having a crush? Damn, Lizzy! Snap out of it, before you find yourself in love with your boss!

The Beta whispered something to Xyen, who nodded, before bending down to me.

“I’ll be right back,” he whispered, his lips gracing my cheek and sending shivers down my spine. Goddess, did I want him to do more with those lips…

I quickly nodded, before he realized he had me all hot and bothered again – and just by whispering in my ear--- shit what was wrong with me?! But judging from his grin, I’d say he knew.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he murmured, his deep and husky voice turning my core to a pool of molten lava. I tried to play it cool and rolled my eyes at him with a snarky comment about his possessiveness. He seemed to like it, because he responded by kissing my hand – like a gentleman – before leaving with his Beta.

I didn’t spend much time alone. Another was quick to take Xyen’s place and I even danced with a couple of females. All wanting to know the same thing: How I’d managed to become Xyen’s mate! Apparently Xyen was something of a power-player in these parts and any lone-power-hungry wolf wanted a piece of the pie. Especially, if he wasn’t going ‘feral’ anymore.

I quickly managed to figure out, that they were all just waiting for him to be weak – or in this case, mad enough – so he couldn’t fight. Then they’d sweep in and take the land for themselves.

And that just bloody well pissed me off!

If they wanted Xyen’s pack, they’d better grow some balls and challenge him the right way and not wait for some elusive madness to set in. At first it just got my blood boiling, but I quickly found a way to entertain myself. By feeding them false information of course. At one moment it was a Shakespeare’s tragedy and the next a Bollywood comedy.

I had fun either way…

I caught a glance of Derik a couple of times after that. He was with Mindy, who looked heavily pregnant – again. They seemed to be fighting. But then again, they always were when I was in the room. Mindy threw an evil glance my way – like so often before – before she stormed out of there. Derik threw me a glance too, but I avoided eye contact. When I looked up again, he was following Mindy and I finally felt like I could breath again…

“You must be either incredibly brave,” a feminine voice suddenly said behind me. I’d stopped dancing for a while and was getting myself something to drink at the buffet table when this incredible tall and pretty looking she-wolf suddenly approached me. Hate and spite blazing in her eyes. “Or incredibly stupid to accept a man like Xyen as your mate.”

Ok! Another bitch hating me for no god damn reason. I was definitely going to milk Xyen dry for all the good behavior I was putting in here…

“Why thanks for the compliment,” I replied, smiling sweetly at the bitch. I’d just about had it with other people’s shit today… “And why would that be?”

“You don’t know?” she snickered triumphantly. Like she knew something I didn’t--- and actually thought I gave a fuck.

“How about you quit the vague bullshit and just tell me,” I fired back, never letter my smile fade. “I know you want to.” I winked at her, clearly pissing her off. She hissed, taking a threatening step forward, until her face hovered just above mine. Her eyes black and face distorted in anger.

“He killed his true mate!”

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