A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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This chapter contains sex – you have been warned!

Like a bloody caveman, Xyen picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I screeched, grabbing onto whatever I could grab.

“Fucking shit,” I hissed, seeing the world up-side-down. “If you drop me…!”

“It’s another 50 grand,” Xyen replied coolly and I could have sworn there was a grin on his face. “I know.”

“I was going to say, I’ll have your fucking balls for breakfast,” I sneered, slightly panicking about him dragging me through a house full of strangers like this. This was definitely not comfortable and in no way dignifying. What if my dress slipped up and everyone could see my ass? How the hell do you face people after that, and sill be considered to be in possession of your own goddamn dignity?

“Don’t worry, love,” he muttered, gripping me a little tighter. “I won’t lose you. But you might want to close your eyes!”

I’d just opened my mouth to tell him he had more flesh I could bite off--- when suddenly I was swiped away and my insides pressed against Xyen’s shoulders. I tried to scream, as the distance between me and the earth grew exponentially. But my scream only came out as a shallow gasp, while I was trying to hold onto ANYTHING for dear life!

My eyes were definitely closed for the rest of the ride. I held onto Xyen as if my life depended on it. Shit! My lift quite actually depend on it!

We came to a sudden stop and I felt solid ground under my feet again.

“You crazy caveman,” I muttered, trying to find something solid to grab ahold on. That’s when I realize that I was in his room again. Or our room for the week. Xyen chuckled and locked the window again.

“I didn’t want to take the scenic route,” he mused with a smug grin on his face. Hmm, so… werewolves could do that too? I thought it was just the vampires! My heart was still racing a million miles an hour, when his arms snuck around me and I was pulled flushed against his hard chest. I gasped, when I felt the sparks of his touch against my chin forcing me to look at him. His electrifying blue eyes, holding me captive in his arms.

“I’ve been wanting to rip this damn dress off you all night,” he whispered against my lips, just before he claimed them. Instantly I kissed him back, feeling like my entire body had done nothing but craving this man since I first laid eyes on him. His lips graced my lips and I happily granted him access, letting him explore my insides. I returned the favor, feeling like a hungry animal, with eyes only for this alpha wolf…

His fingers found the zipper of the dress and easily he slit it off my body. With a deep growl, his fingers dug into my thighs, lifting me off the ground. Automatically my legs wrapped around his waist and he carried us to the bed. Gently he placed me in the center, only breaking off the kiss to see what laid before him.

My heart skipped a beat, seeing his eyes darken at what lay before him. A perfect sacrifice! A satisfied smirked crept across his lips, as his hands caressed my skin, sending currents of electricity through my body. Giving it the love and care its owner never did.

“I want to worship this body for fucking ever,” he murmured his eyes fixating on the junction of my neck and shoulder.

“Is that your declaration of love?” I mused, trying to hide my shivers and sudden insecurity. I loved how I was the soul purpose of his attention, but his scrutiny also made me extremely conscious off all my imperfections…

“And if it was?” Xyen asked in his usual tone, his eyes never leaving mine. Finally, I relaxed a bit, as he played into the joke.

“Sure,” I smiled, feeling better already. “But in an ideal world, you’d be climbing up a fire escape to declare your love.” To prove my point, I pointed to the window. But Xyen shook his head and in a flash, he was hovering above me.

“How about I just climb you?” he asked, his eyes black as tar. I grinned and laced my hands into his hair, keeping eye contact.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” I replied--- and his lips claimed mine again. He moved away from my lips, kissing my neck and the valley of my breasts. With one hand, he morphed one finger into his razor-sharp claw. With a swift motion, he’d cut my bra, freeing my breasts out of their restrictions.

A low rumble vibrated in his chest, as he appreciated, what had been presented before him. With newfound vigor, he moved his mouth to one breast, flicking his tongue over the harden bud. My toes curled and I had to bite my tongue, not to moan. The motion connected to my core, making my abdomen feel like molten lava and dripping in anticipation. My poor pussy begging for attention from the mountain of a man above her. And it didn’t help the matter much, as I felt his hard shaft press against me through the fabric of his pants.

He continued his assault on my breasts, taking one into his mouth, while his fingers rubbed the other one. With his free hand, he moved down my body, and only stopped at the helm of my laced thong. I bit down another moan, my core feeling like a puddle of need. I arched my back to feel more of him, but he gently pressed me back into the bed.

“So impatient,” his husky voice feeling like velvet against my skin. He moved away from my breasts, which instantly felt cold and made me whimper underneath him. But he quickly soothed my fears, by leaving opened-mouthed kisses down my body. I sighed in contentment, when he kissed me around my bellybutton, while his hands were gently caressing my thighs. Spreading them open for his huge frame to lay there.

I couldn’t contain a moan. My pussy was already wet, and my sex was throbbing in anticipation, as he painfully slowly had his way with my pink, sensitive pearl. Suddenly I felt his sharp teeth taking in my clit. I gasped and jolts electrocuted my legs with mixture of pain and pleasure. But he quickly soothed my nervousness by gently placing an open-mouthed kiss against the sore spot, relieving the pain.

Suddenly I felt his fingers slide into my wet opening, roughly pressing against my sweet spot, before caressing it gently, only for him to repeat the process. I pushed my head back, not being able to contain a moan. My breath coming out in shallow gasps, while he pushed in and out of me. His tongue laps over my sensitive pearl, never missing a beat.

“Goddess, you feel amazing,” he muttered against my core, his tongue swirling over my clit, taking it into his mouth like a hungry beast, ready to rip me apart.

I moaned loudly, pushing myself deeper into him. I was so used to getting left unsatisfied, but with Xyen… It felt like it wasn’t even an option. He took care of me, satisfied my need and all I wanted was more. I don’t know if that was my sex driving me or if I was being selfish, but in this moment, all I could have was him! The only man that could satisfy me…


I sighed his name, not even realizing it left my lips, until my own wanton voice reached my ears. My body was on fire and he was the one who held the flame.

“Say it again!” he whispered, his hot breath on my throbbing sex sending my mind into overdrive. “Say my name!”

I obeyed without thinking.


A wild growl vibrated through my flesh and broke the final string that held me onto the edge. In waves of ecstasy and fire, I came onto him. Like a starving man, he drank my juices like it was the ambrosia itself, prolonging my orgasm and allowing me to truly let myself fall all the way.

I gasped, finally coming down from my high.

But he didn’t stop.

He continued to rub his thumb around my swollen pearl and gently kissing the insides of my thighs. Within seconds another buildup was brewing, making me nervous and excited at the same time.


I tried to ask, if I couldn’t return the favor. But with his magic fingers and my mad-driven cunt, all sounds I made, came out weak and sounding like erotic moans.

“You like this, little mate?”

I tried to reply, but it only came out as a meek ‘meow’, making Xyen grin against my skin.

Suddenly he rolled me over. I was on my hands and knees in front of him and I could already feel the hard bulge in his pants roughly press against my ass. With a firm hand, he spread my legs, so my pussy was on full display for him. He slit his hands over my throbbing sex, feeling how wet I already was for him. A powerful growl brimmed in his chest, and a satisfied smirk lurked at the edge of his lips.

“Stay like that!” he ordered before getting of the bed. From the corner of my eyes, I watched as he got undressed. Taking in his gorgeous body in the dark room, the only light coming from the late summer night outside. Framing his monstrous body in darkness and mystery. And boy, was he hard on all the right places! Just looking at his god among wolves, made me clench my thighs and shivers run down my spine.

He grinned, once he realized what I’d been doing. His eyes had never left the prize that was waiting for him in bed. But catching her eyeing him like he was some kind of king, boosted an already huge ego. Making him want to give her more, than he originally planned.

“You know what I’m going to do to you?” he asked, almost challenging me to reply. I shook my head, watching as he crawled back into bed behind me. I felt his hand slide down my back, and I couldn’t contain a moan, as the connection sent sparks all over my skin. I felt his fingers tangle into my hair, pulling me toward him. I gasped at the sudden motion, feeling my back pressed against his chest. His nose trailed up my neck and his hot breath made my hairs stand on end.

“I’m going to be a little rough,” he whispered, just loudly enough for me to hear. I nodded, before my face was pressed into mattress. He pulled my hands behind my back, holding them in place with one hand. I felt his erected shaft firmly press against my ass, while his free hand sought the support of my waist.

He first dipped in the tip and leaving it at the entrance. I whined, wanting more and tried to press myself further against him.

“Not so fast little one,” he grinned, his voice deep and husky, making my cunt drip in want. “We’ll get there.”

And without warning he plunged himself into me. His dick so deep, I could almost taste him. I gasped. It felt like he was about to split me in two--- and made it feel good!

He pulled out, gently coming back in only to repeat himself. I cried out, as the mixture of pain and pleasure almost became unbearable. Only this time he didn’t stop. He continued to roughly pump in and out of me, until my shallow breath was nothing but a weak whine. My body was shivering with pleasure. His balls whipping against my pussy, never missing a beat.


I cried out his name as I came undone in his hold. My body was trembling from the high. I’d never felt this way before and if he continued like this, I was going to forget every other man I’d ever laid eyes upon…

As if sensing my thoughts an animalistic, victorious growl sounded behind me. It was wild and hot and the final thing that pushed me over the edge. My second climax hit me hard, making me scream and squirm in his hold.

I panted into the mattress, my body feeling spent and glistening in sweat. Begging for rest…

“I’m not done with you yet,” Xyen warned and in one fluent motion, spun me around pressing my back against the mattress. My breath hitched and my heart skipped a beat.

More?! I don’t know if I could take any more!

But the second he placed himself between my legs, my pussy was already dripping wet in anticipation.

Goddess! What did this man do to me?

He rubbed his hard member against my wet cunt and more shivers erupted across my body. I threw my head back, feeling another buildup closing in faster than a bullet train. My breathing was nothing but a mingled mess of moans, while he continued to rub against me. Hard and relentlessly. His thick balls spanking my ass only adding to the pleasure.

“Oh goddess…”

For the third time I came undone by Xyen’s hands and I was ready to pass out. The thought was interrupted by a loud grunt and I felt Xyen’s hot and sticky release all over my body. I couldn’t even process it, as the white cum trailed down my every curve and valley. Mixing sweat and hot liquids, that sizzled on my naked, shivering body.

“Fucking perfect,” I heard Xyen grunt and his lips once again claimed mine. It was a sweet kiss. Full of gratitude and passion. Love even…


I didn’t know what he meant. My body and mind were utterly spent, and I didn’t have the mental energy to even process what he was talking about. Or even if he was being sarcastic or not. I quickly drifted into darkness, only to be gently awoken again, when I felt Xyen lie down next to me. I was cleaned up and now was wearing one of his T-shirts; although I had no idea how I got it on…

“Sleep now,” he muttered quietly, before pressing a sweet kiss onto my head. I didn’t need to be told twice. Without thinking, I cuddled into Xyen’s chest and let sleep take me over once more.

“We’re going on a date tomorrow!”

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