A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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This chapter contains violence – you have been warned!

“Xyen,” I whispered, turning to the wolf by my side. “We’re alone!”

I didn’t necessarily mind that. After spending the entire day attending meetings and hosting a ridiculous picknick (inside I might add--- what the hell was with that?! That’s not even a picknick!) that afternoon, I was more than relieved to find out, that Xyen was taking me out.

At least I would be able to enjoy the car ride--- or ride Xyen on our way there. I’d be a happy girl any way!

But I did expect the rest of the alphas and lunas to be there as well. Especially once the car stopped outside an extremely fancy restaurant that looked like it would cost me an arm and a leg just to look at it.

“That usually is the requirements for a date,” Xyen smugly replied and enjoyed the look of surprise on my face.

“I-I thought…,” I stammered and gulped, to get a hold of myself. “I thought it had something to do with the gala.”

“Didn’t you say I had to take you to dinner before I fucked and killed you?” Xyen sarcastically reminded me, pulling me into his embrace. “I’ve already fucked you so now I owe you dinner.”

I couldn’t stop the smile, that slowly made its way across my lips. Only a special kind of messed up would find that romantic – like me! He held out his arm to me and led me inside.

The night was calm and conversation between us was light – or as light as it could be, when talking to Alpha Xyen – and never awkward. I felt relaxed in his presence and I enjoyed seeing a less murderous side to him. I was slowly realizing that we somehow went together – like I was the Harley Quinn to his Joker. It was fucked up and messed up, but we were fucked up and messed up people, that somehow made each other feel less fucked up and messed up. Perhaps just an illusion, but I felt like I was back in control of my life.

After dinner, Xyen took me outside and of course just then his phone rang. He groaned looking at the number.

“It’s my mother,” he groaned, and I grinned watching as he rolled his eyes. For a second it looked like he contemplated on leaving it or if he should answer it.

“Say ‘hi’ to my lovely mother-in-law,” I teased, helping him making the decision easier.

“You can only say that because you haven’t met her,” Xyen grinned before leaning down and placed a gentle and loving kiss on my lips. Instantly I responded, yearning for more. But before I could tangle my hands in his hair, he pulled back, making me whine by the coldness I was left with. “I’ll be right back. Wait for me! And then we’ll finish that kiss, yes?” Xyen whispered close to my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine. I blushed under my make-up and nodded, trying to shake off the effect he was having on me. What the shit was this man doing to me?! He’d turned a ferocious hunter turned stripper into a fucking ‘Shepard’s housewife’! But as if sensing my thoughts, Xyen smirked knowingly and left. Frowning my brows, I wonder what he knew that I didn’t…

He disappeared into the darkness and I walked a couple of feet away. There was a dark ally just behind the restaurant, but dark allies didn’t really scare me. So, I didn’t think much of it. Instead I let my mind wonder back to Xyen. I was finding myself dangerously attached to him. He was fucking crazy and yet he had this ‘other’ side to him that he only let me see a small speck of.

I sighed, looking to the skies. No stars, only neon lights.

Perhaps Xyen was just as broken as I was…

Hands suddenly snuck around my mouth and the distinct smell of chloroform burned its way up my nose and sizzled in my forehead. Before I could think of a move, I was being shoved up against a wall. My head hitting the brick wall – hard and my sense of balance seemed to disappear for a moment. The world was spinning, and I felt the familiar feeling of blood trickling down my scull and neck.

“Hand over them pretty, lady,” bad breath pricked my skin and sharp claws pierced my neck. Threatening to rip out my throat…

“Get your hands off me!” I tried to scream, but every word I said, got muffled in the cloth and I felt myself grow weaker by the second. I tried to show him off, but he had me pinned up a wall and with inhuman strength it was an easy task to keep me in place. Desperately I tried to reach my thigh, reaching for the knife I had hidden there. But the dude was huge. I was afraid that I’d be long gone in dreamland before I’d get to it…

“Give them up nicely or I’ll…”


Suddenly, the force holding me against the wall was gone and I tumbled forward. Only to land in Xyen’s strong hold. I gasped, finally being able to breath in sweet air and his comforting scent. A mix of his cologne and pine. Instantly it had me relaxing and I let him examine me.

He looked at the blood on his hands and his eyes became black as night. Gently he but me down, giving me a tender kiss on the forehead, whispering sweet nothing’s into my ear. Something in the line of ‘it’s going to be alright’ while being extra careful, not to move my head to much.

And with that he launched at my attacker.

Shocked I watched, as he effortlessly ripped the man to pieces. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before! And I’d seen shit! I’d seen wolf tear up their enemies in both human and wolf form. I’d seem them fight--- hell, I fought with them. But somehow seeing this mighty alpha in action somehow felt like watching a symphony. A masterpiece unfold. Every move he made, every sound of ripping flesh, was calculated and insured that he inflicted the most gruesome and excruciating pain imaginable.

And what was even more terrifying: he enjoyed it!

Suddenly the fighting stopped and I took a long look at the man in front of me. His whole body was shivering. His chest rising and falling due to the heavy breathing. His cloths and hands were cowered in blood. His eyes were fixating on the piece of flesh at his feet. A look of sick satisfaction quickly turned to regret.

My heart stung seeing it. He did enjoy ripping the man to pieces, but his own satisfaction made him sick. He needed help and he knew it…

The scene around us looked like something out of a horror film. Blood splatter everywhere, the wolf hardly looking like a wolf anymore and the huge beast over him, seething with fury and wrath. Yet I didn’t feel disgusted, horrified or even afraid by the sight.

Damn! I hardly qualify as human if this doesn’t shock me, I thought, picking myself off the ground and brushed off the dust. That’s when I noticed the blood on my new dress. I scoffed, annoyed. Damnit! This was a 2000-dollar dress! And I liked it!

“What?” Xyen growled turning to me. And was surprised by the daggers I was glaring at him.

“You got blood on my dress,” I exclaimed, pointing to the spot on the new gown. He eyed the damaged for a brief second, before his dark eyes found mine again. For a second, he was just staring at me in disbelief. He turned to me, looking again, as of he was expecting me to blow up at any time, before he tilted his head, like he used to, when he was thinking.

“You’re not bothered by this?” He asked, gesturing to the scene around us.

Oh!--- That’s what he thought?

I glanced at the horrid scene around me. He’d messed up that guy pretty good and I was sure he’d never look like a person again. But---

Instantly the sound of a gunshot sang in my head. My body shivered involuntarily, and my eyes closed on their own accord. A picture I’d pushed to the back of my mind, never to be revisited, suddenly appeared in my mind. A picture I’d sworn never to remember. A bloody, mutilated face. The face of a werewolf baby.

My first Initiation.

I tried to hide the studder reaching havoc inside my body. The smell of blood, the discolored flesh--- and that noise! The screeching sound of silence…

My insides turned and I and a bile rose up my throat. I looked back up and back to Xyen. He seemed to be studding me. A grin appeared across his face. He was happy I was disgusted with the sight. As if it was him, having this effect on me…

I scoffed and grinded my teeth.

Fuck him!

“I’ve seen worse,” I shrugged and forced the bile down, that was threatening to spill. Before I had time to react, he was standing before me.

“Is that why you’re sick?” he asked smugly as he pressed me against the wall. He pressed his nose into the junction of my neck and shoulder, making me shutter as he inhaled sharply. “I can smell the disgust rolling off you in waves, Lizzy!” He grinned, the same sick look in his eyes as before. “Do I disgust you?”

I wanted to hit him. I’d already seen the pain in his eyes, the regret. He didn’t need to hide from me and it pissed me off, that he thought he had to.

“Yes, you do,” I shouted, hoping to hurt him just as badly as he hurt me. That he wanted nothing to do with me, that he wanted to keep me away from him. “But not because you beat up a fucking pig in an ally! You disgust me because you liked it!” My heart and head were pounding. I felt sick, trying to hurt him. “Don’t use me as an excuse to let your monsters lose, Alpha Xyen,” I spat, catching his dark eyes. “You can’t hide behind a mask forever and I already see you clear as day.”

It seemed like I struck a nerve.

A low growl rumbled in his chest and the las of his blue eyes disappeared, leaving me alone in a dark ally with an alpha wolf, that was more dangerous than any rapist or serial killer out there…

Suddenly he grabbed my throat, gently pressing on it, letting me know, my life was ultimately in his hands.

“Want to see how much of a monster I can be?” he dared me. His face so close to mine I could taste his breach on my lips.

I scoffed and took his challenge head on:

“Do your worse!”

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