A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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This chapter contains violence, sex and/or sexual assault (it kind of depends on your own point of view and/or how you relate to the characters) – you have been warned!

My body was shaking in anger.

Why? Why did it have to be a gun?

Of all the way I wanted to die, by a gun was the last of it. It was so pointless, so stupid! To have your head blown off by a pullet. To have a meaningless, gaping hole in your head, because someone was to stupid to remember the safety. Like my mom! And my face was going to be a mutilated mess, like---

Instantly the image of a little baby werewolf flashed in my mind. So that was it, was it? This was my punishment for not saving that baby? I was going to die like her?

Because I failed…

I was fuming, glaring at Xyen through a vail of tears. My heart was racing. This was it. I was going to die! Xyen was going to kill me. It felt worse than death, knowing that he would be the one ending my life. A betrayal, that even put Kevin to shame!

But I didn’t care. I was already dead

“Do it!”

His expression quickly turned from anger to regret. But I was having none of it. He did this. He did this to me, and I hated him! I hated him…


“DO IT!”

I yelled and without second thought I grabbed the gun, hoping I could force him to pull the trigger. He roared, throwing it aside and out of my reach. Much to my disappointment, I realized, that the safety was on. He never had any real intentions to kill me

“Are you crazy?!” he growled, grapping both my hands and pinning me against the wall. His eyes were filled with so many different emotions – emotions he felt for me! But I was too blinded by rage to even realize that one of them was love…

“ME?!” I screamed, trashing in his hold, trying to get free. “You’re the one putting a fucking gun to my fucking head! And you don’t even have the guts to pull the trigger, you son of a bitch!” I cried, seeing his face so close to mine. “Why didn’t you pull the trigger?” I yelled, but my voice was strained and tired. Tears were streaming down my face along with my ability to fight.

“You stupid son of a bitch! Why didn’t you pull the trigger?”

Suddenly his body was pressed flushed against mine, hindering any movements. I was trapped. And like every trapped animal, I panicked.

“Let me go!” I tried to scream, but my voice had lost its power. I had lost

“No!” he growled, his voice deadly calm. Every breath we took, pressed our bodies tighter.

A sob racked through me and I lowered my head in defeat. Why didn’t he just shoot me? Why couldn’t he just put an end to my misery?

“Just kill me,” I begged, my body shaking from crying. “Just kill me and get it over with!”


He lifted me, automatically my legs wrapped around his waist. Roughly he slammed me against the wall. Feeling every inch of him against me, felt like a broken place. A broken home--- but still home.

He gripped my face, forcing me to look at him. His eyes dangerously black as emotion after emotions swirled in them. But I didn’t care.

I just wanted to die…

“You’re the only fucking monster I know who’s too fucking stupid to pull a trigger,” I yelled with the last of my resistance.

He growled warningly, before he launched forward. His lips captured mine, biting roughly on my lips, demanding the attention of my entire being. And like a slave, my body followed. My mind went blank, only feeling the power that radiated of his body. Embracing me like a safety blanket…

My pussy pressed against the rock-hard bulge in his pants and I couldn’t contain a moan. My heart was beating out of my chest and my fingers were clawing to get into his hair and pull him closer.

I wanted more…

He released my arms and instantly I wrapped them around his neck, deepening the kiss. A low, satisfied growl vibrated in his chest, sending shocks of electricity coursing through my body.

And at the same time, it felt like a bucket of ice water. I gasped pulling away from him.

What the fuck was I doing?!

Xyen tired to pull me in for more, but with the last of my sanity, I tried to push him away.

“Stop it!” I panted, trying to get down off the mountain of mussels I’d found myself mounting. My mind was all over the place and I didn’t know what to think. All I knew, is that I couldn’t do anything while being this close to Xyen.

He held a bloody gun to my head! How do you get back from that?! And it didn’t matter if he wanted to kill me or not, he did it! He still put a fucking gun to my head and threaten me! For what? Because I pointed out that he was an asshole? That he was neglecting his pack?

He was a fucking psycho! Why was he even surprised at that…?!

Xyen took one look at me, before his hand had my face in a iron grip, forcing me to look at him. One look! His eyes were black as tar and--- completely void of emotions!


One word!

It was law. His law! This was his land, his kingdom. He ruled. He was King!

His lips caught mine again. The shock from the force forced my head back, trapping me against his lips. I gasped from the pain of his roughness. But I was unable to move away. On their own accord, my eyes flutter shut, and my lips moved with his. I mentally cursed myself, not knowing what he was doing to me…

How could something so wrong feel so right?

I felt his hands move away from my face. My heart sank, when I realized, he was undoing his pants. I gasped, turning my head away from him.

“Xyen, stop!” I cried out, my breath hitching and fear coursing through my veins.

“Never!” he growled, ripping my jeans apart, exposing my wet and dripping cunt to him. Without hesitation, he pressed me down on him. A loud moan escaped my lips as he filled me up. His head crashing against the bottom of my depth, I could almost taste him.

“You’re fucking mine, Lizzy!” he growled, his voice deadly and dark. His fingers dug into my ass, holding me securely in place. “Your lips are mine!” Thrust. “Your pussy is mine!” Thrust. “Your life is mine!”

I screamed, as his possessive tone made my sex drip. His thrusts were merciless and hard. Mixing pain with pleasure.

“Mine! Mine! Mine!”

He thrusted in deeper with every word, making my body shake with lust and desire. My hands roamed into his hair, pulling as hard as I could. My shallow breaths came out as loud moans. My fear long forgotten as I gave myself to him.

More! I needed more!

“Xyen,” I panted, as inevitable my peak was closing in fast.

“Come for me, Liz,” he said in a husky, deep tone. An erotic sound that turned the fire in my core into a raging inferno. I came on his erected shaft, gasping for air. My heart beating as if it wanted to jump out of my chest, ready for a heart attack.

Yet, I’d never felt more alive…


He roared into my face, pulling out of me. I whined, suddenly feeling cold and empty without him. I felt him walk a few pastes before he sat me down on a table. His hand found the base of my neck, pressing it gently as he pushed me down.

“You understand, Lizzy?” he growled, rubbing his huge erected flesh against my entrance. Making me squirm under him with desire.

You. Are. MINE!”

And with that, he plunged into me. Mercilessly abusing my g-spot, turning my core into a puddle of burning pleasure. His fingers securely holding my waist as he continued to slam himself into me

“You understand, Lizzy?” he panted, pressing down on my throat in warning and demanded an answer.

“Ah---yes!” I moaned and screamed, feeling my second orgasm build. The sound of our flesh colliding – his balls hitting my ass and his animalistic grunts, filling every fiber in my body with undeniable desire and lust.

“Whom do you belong to?” he asked in a voice, that demanded an answer. I tried to say something – to tell him to go fuck himself--- but I couldn’t.

Answer me!”

“You!” I screamed the truth. My voice loud enough to break the barrier between us. “I’m yours!”

Saying it felt like freedom. A lone tear trailed down my face, but then I was done.

I was home!

He slammed into me a final time and I came undone. I threw my head back and screamed. My body trembling as the waves of pleasure ripped through me. His hot cum filled me up, dripping down my pussy and on the table.

We both panted for air. I opened my eyes and noticed Xyen hovered over me. His blue eyes searching form mine. As if he was looking for the answer to a question, he didn’t know what was.

For a while we were nothing but a panting mess.

Just staring at each other.

But it was alright…

Right now, we didn’t need words.

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