A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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1 year later

Lizzy's POV

Ruby was sending me a distressed look and I glanced over, quickly spotting the problem.

She couldn’t get her costumer hard. Steve had a theory that men with hard-on’s were better-paying customers. If he found out, it would come out of her pay. He was an asshole like that…

I kept on dancing while from the corner of my eye eyed the man in question. I rolled my eyes and had to bite down a scoff. No wonder he wasn’t hard! There were about three empty bottles of gin lying around the floor. He was probably so drunk he wasn’t able to tell the difference between the chair and an ass!

I pondered on it for a while. Ruby – if that’s her real name; I didn’t want to get close to anyone, so I never asked – had a 3-year-old at home. Steve already had it out for her for “ruining her body by getting knocked up” and therefore had this asshole habit of taking any opportunity to get her to pay for shit. I – on the other hand – had nothing. I didn’t care if I walked out of here with a bill at the end of the night, Steve could go fuck himself for all I cared.

But I sorta, kinda---almost liked Ruby. She had my back every time the others would try to blame shit on me because I let them walk all over me. I didn’t care. But despite that, Ruby always stood up for me. So ok! I had a little soft spot for her…

I carefully pointed out the bottles on the floor.

‘I know’ she mouthed back and made an ‘L’ shape on her forehead. I grinned. Sometimes I wonder if this woman really is 7 years my senior. I gestured for her to switch places with me.

We were in a private booth, so there wasn’t a lot of people around. Just him and a few other friends all laughing and drowning themselves in alcohol. I hated to admit it, but--- there was something strangely familiar about them. Tall as mountains, their muscles looked ready to rip through the fabric of their clothes and faces, like they were sculpted by Michelangelo himself!

I turned to the man in front of me. I noted that his eyes weren’t hazy like someone who was drunk; he simply wasn’t interested. His eyes were dark blue, almost black and his off-blond hair was cut just over his shoulders. His chin and jaw were riddled with untamed and neglected stubbles. If I’d met him on the street, I’d think he’d be a homeless alcoholic. But the silk blouse, the Rolex watch, and the tailored suit screamed money.

His looks were deceiving.

The man in front of me was powerful. Even now, leaned back and seemingly relaxed, he still looked alert and aware. And somehow it all seemed so strangely familiar! He had this aura about him, that--- And that’s when it hit me! He was a wolf! And an alpha at that!

I glanced over to his friends. Mentally I huffed.

Damn it! They all were werewolves!

I took a deep breath. It didn’t matter to me! A job is a job and my job was to get money out of his rich ass!

I let my fingers roam under his shirt, undoing two of his buttons, before slightly pushing it down a bit to reveal his shoulder. He gazed at me; still uninterested. I let my eyes roam down his body, finding what I was looking for. No mate--- wait! Yes mate, but… the mark was faded.

She’d passed away!

I mentally rolled my eyes. Oh, so he was here drowning his sorrows with his pack? What kind of fucked up friends thought it was a good idea to bring a grieving widower to a strip club?!

Oh well! What do I do about that? At least I knew how to get him hard now.

But did I take the chance? If he recently lost his mate, the wound could be fresh. He could flip. And an Alpha’s anger wasn’t something to play around with. Trust me! I know.

I mentally shrugged. Oh well! What’s the worst that could happen? He’d kill me?

I could only hope!

I pushed his shirt aside, exposing his broad shoulders to me, before leaning over. I pressed my tongue against his marking spot, sucking and nibbling on the tender flesh. Instantly he tensed under me and a low rumble vibrated in his chest.

His hand gripped my throat, forcing me to look at him again. Not roughly or in a way that hurt, but he made it well know, that my life was now in his hands. And for some insane reason, it was the most on-turning thing I’d ever experienced…

I met his gaze and had to bite the insides of my cheeks not to smile. His eyes were black as night; rage and death staring back at me. And judging by the impressive bulge pressing against my thigh, I’d say he just got his money’s worth!

Hmm, I mentally mused. I got the big bad alpha hard!

He tilted his head, suddenly eyeing me with a very intriguing look. Like he had no idea what to do with the life that now laid in his hands. As if he was still deciding if he wanted to rip out my throat or force his dick down it. And again, I felt my core pulse at the thought. Goddess, this man was too toxic for his own good. And I wanted more. I have no idea what possessed me, but I arched forward and my lips crashed against his.

My last thought?

I was SO fired!

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