A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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Flashback - Two years later

I threw Jack down, winning the match.

“Good,” Kevin smirked clapping his hands. He was – per usual – working out without his shirt on, exposing my virgin eyes to his sizzling toned chest and sculptured abs. I smiled back, trying not to look. I’d promised myself not to let my heart get involved ever again with a werewolf, but Kevin had been a close friend ever since the first day we met.

And now, my heart was involved.

“You almost sound surprised,” I fired back, trying to sound insulted. “You do know I’m taking lessons with Derik, right?”

Derik had remained what he had promised he would be: a brother and a thorn in my side. He’d ordered me back to school – which I was grateful for – but he was also an alpha wolf: dominant! If I didn’t fall in like – like all the other wolves – there were consequences! Consequences that made washing toilets sound like a walk in the park!

But I loved him none the less. I even put up with his asshole of a mate, just to keep him happy. She hated my guts for being – yep, you’ve guessed it! – a Hunter. And she did everything in her power – and seeing she was the Luna, that was A LOT of power! – to make my life miserable. Lucky for me, the bitch wasn’t very creative and with Derik in my corner, most wolf didn’t dare to lay a finger on me.

With all of this, it was natural for me and Derik to be close, although recently, I didn’t see him much. It was just hard for me to be around him right now. He and Mindy had just welcomed their first-born son – the future alpha – into this world and they were ecstatic. I tried to be happy for them; I really did, but I would also go to great lengths to avoid them. I wasn’t jealous or anything. It was just hard for me to be around or see a werewolf baby. It made me think about Sif. And the horrible end she suffered. How scared she must have been and--- alone…

Because I wasn’t there to keep her safe.

I failed…

“I can feel that,” Jack grunted and took the hand, that Kevin offered. His mate came running over. Jack was the first of my two guards to find his mate; and like everything that came crawling out of the Hunter’s Compound, his mate didn’t trust or like me.

“Be more careful,” he growled at me while Kevin helped Jack up. I rolled my eyes at him and started to pack my stuff, while Jack got his mate out of my face.

“Come on,” Kevin said, walking me off the field. “Let the two love-birds fly!”

“I don’t care where they fly off to, as long as it’s out of my face,” I grunted eyeing the two lovers and sighed. “Terry hates my gust.”

When Jack first found Terry, it felt like I lost one of my best friends. I know they were only my ‘guards’ but I couldn’t help but to feel close to them. And even after all this time, Terry still hated my guts. I tried to take Kevin’s advise and give him time, but how much time does one man need?

“He did grow up seeing the less kinder Hunters,” Kevin reminded me as if that was enough to justify Terry’s actions. I mentally groaned. Like I needed to be reminded. Apparently, everybody here seemed to feel obliged to reminded me where I came from. I bit it down and ignored them. Did I get to reminded them what I did that day for them to have that win? That I let them KILL my father and brother? That they took Sif - MY baby – away from me?

Had anyone ever thanked me for that?

I sighed. Lately I was beginning to regret my role in taking down the Hunters. My dad and brother. Yeah, they were monsters, but they were also my family. Like the time my brother would let me win a duel if I had a bad day. Or how my dad would remember my birthday every year. It was a drop of good in an ocean of shit, but I couldn’t help my mind wonder back to the good times. Things weren’t all bad all the time. And because of me, I’d never get any of that ever again.

“You seem in deep thought,” Kevin remarked, eyeing me top to toe and frowned. “You ok?”

“I’m fine,” I lied, pushing down my feelings.

“Hey, how about I take you for some ice-cream and soda?” Kevin suggested and flashed his million-dollar smile at me. You know, the one that made me week in the knees

I don’t know when or how, but over time, I’d developed a crush on my guard/friend. He was always around, kind and smart. He looked out for me on the training field and he also helped me study every time I had a big test to prepare for. And of course, it helped that he was extremely good looking.

As in fucking photoshopped, good looking!

“I know it’s your favorite?” he mused in a sing-along voice and winked. I smiled back, trying to hide my blush and put on my best ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

“I’m not a child you can bribe anymore, Kevin,” I replied and let a wry smile linger on my lips while I leaned against the doorframe.

“That you are not,” he just confirmed, looking at my body in a completely different way. I recognized the dark, lustful eyes. But instead of closing the door in his face, I just stood there. Unable to move. He stepped closer and before I knew what was happening, his lips captured mine in a long and passionate kiss.

My first kiss.


6 months later

We were lying in bed, Kevin and I. Making out like most times. But this time, it seemed to be more heated than any time before.

I still couldn’t believe how deeply in love I was with him. With everything that went down after Derik, I’d sworn to myself that I’d never fall for another werewolf in my life. Yet here I was – in bed with another wolf, who had as if by magic made his way to my heart.

I loved him.

More than just some stupid crush. He made me feel safe. Like I was part of the pack. Like I belonged. He made me feel alive and like I mattered.

Before I knew it, he was hovering above me. His lips trailing down my neck and kissing the exposed skin on top of my breasts. His hands found the helm of my shirt and he pulled away the fabric, giving him full access to my body.

And this time, I didn’t stop him.

Kevin was my first everything.

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