A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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Lizzy’s POV

It was my turn on the pole - and one of the few things I actually liked inside the club. Ruby had taught me to master the seduction part since physical strength never had been a problem for me. For me, it was a very feminine way of a total body workout. Skip the whole running, sweating like a pig and throwing grown-ass men on the ground. Grinding against the hard object, being the center of attention, the skimpy outfit--- Now that’s, how you got a man to stay down…

“Where do I put the money?” a deep and dangerous voice sounded right next to me. I glanced down; his eyes as dark and dangerous as his voice. I mentally groaned. My stalker was back! And I was just having such a good time…

“Anywhere you’d like,” I answered, gliding down the pole, as I always did when men had money to offer. But to my surprise he let the bill slide against my core, using the bill to hide as his fingers pressed over my cunt. I couldn’t contain a surprise and removed myself from him. I glared at him, hoping the look I sent him would put him six feet under.


“You said anywhere,” he mused, clearly pleased by my expression. I grinded my teeth and climbed the pole again, trying to stay clear of him. From the corner of my eye, I could see him inhale the scent of the bill. His eyes darken considerably from what he received.

Shit! I scoffed and mentally rolled my eyes. One thing was human pigs and Peeping Tom’s but a werewolf stalker? Just---no! Please?

Break time!

I let one of the other girls take over as I walked to the changing room, getting something to drink.


I almost choked on the water, when I heard Sven’s roar. Damn him! And I wasn’t even decent, considering I’d just been on the pole. I turned to face him and sure enough, his eyes generously reeked over my body. He smirked, when he noticed the glare, I was giving him. “You have a private show,” he continued and ignored me.

Oh, goddess! Please, please, please! Don’t let it be him again!

“Can Ruby take it? I’m not feeling well,” I asked, knowing he wasn’t going to let me. And right I was. A mare second later his huge hand tangled into my hair, dragging me towards him. My face was uncomfortably close to his.

“Does it look like I give a shit?” he hissed between locked teeth, saliva hitting my cheek and ear. “Get down there! He requested you specifically.”

He dropped me and left; probably to jerk off somewhere.

“Fuck!” I grinded my teeth and rubbed my sore scalp. I sighed and quickly adjusted my makeup and outfit for a private show. This was just another private show, I kept telling myself, ignoring the knot forming in my stomach. Just another show…

I walked to the private “VIP” aria and entered. Sure enough, there was my stalker! And damn, did he look tasty! A loose fitted T-shirt and black jeans were unjustifiably covering the most delicious body on the menu! He was at least 6”5 – way taller than Derik. Even under the loose fabric, his muscles were still definable and every move he made, looked like the garments would tear off his body.

His eyes roamed over me and his lips tilted into a smug grin. I tried not to let it get to me and hated it when I failed. I’d changed into a black, corset-like outfit. It hugged my midsection and made my already generously sized boobs look even bigger. The fishnet stockings didn’t leave much to the imagination and the high heel stiletto-deathtraps made my legs look long as sin.

I shook it off and walked over to the pole. Soft music was already playing, and I decided to stick to my usual routine. For a long while, his eyes generously were watching my every move. As if he was trying to make me uncomfortable.

I continued my routine and dropped the corset. Zipping it open slowly and tried to ignore, how his eyes followed my every move. Like a predator eyeing his prey.

The only way I was going to get through this, was by ignoring the damn dog. I closed my eyes for a second and tried to contain the fire he ignited inside me. But he didn’t like that too much…

A low growl emitted from him and surprised I turned around to face him.

“I don’t like being ignored,” he growled, his eyes dark and ominous in the dimly lit room.

My response?

I smirked.

I have no idea what possessed me, but somehow, I found his statement amusing. And I couldn’t contain a grin. So typical alpha! They were so predictable it was almost laughable…

And that’s when I decided to let it all go--- or get myself killed!

I got off the pole and walked over to him, placing myself on his lap so that I was saddling him.

“My apologies, Mr. Wolf,” I said in my sweet voice. “Any way I can make it up to you?” I let my body grind against his, pushing my breasts into his face, shamelessly offering them up to him.

“Lizzy,” he murmured, not taking his eyes off what I was offering before a smile crept across his lips. “Is that your real name or stripper name?” Surprisingly his eyes left my cleavage and his dark eyes met mine. I tried to hide my surprise: a man at a strip club with self-control?! That’s not something you see every day--- or ever!

I debated on if I should tell him the truth or not - but decided on the professional route.

“You can call me anything you like, Mr. Wolf,” I continued with a little more appreciation for the wolf under me. He had a purpose being here and he wasn’t leaving before he got what he wanted. The only question that remained: what did he want?

“Lizzy it is then,” he smirked, before he suddenly gripped my ass firmly, and pulled me flat against him. I gasped, placing my hand on his shoulders to avoid an impact as his black eyes captured mine. “And it’s Alpha Xyen to you.”

Alpha Xyen?! Never heard of an Alpha Xyen before. And I knew for sure because a name like that would definitely stick!

“How do you know about us, Lizzy?” he demanded in a dark threatening tone. His hand traveled from the top of my ass to the base of my neck. His razor-sharp claws sliding over my spine as to let me know that every second I drew breathe was mercy on his part. He could sever my spine and I would never see it coming.

And the strangest part: I liked it! I liked how I felt completely out of control and at his mercy. I liked the fact that I was! He could end me. And I liked it…

“If you’re worried about your secret getting out, I’ve known about your kind since I was born,” I smirked, as these unfamiliar feelings boosted my confidence to plain stupidity. I let my fingers roam his hair, gently tugging it so he had to face me. “And so far, I haven’t been stupid enough to tell a soul.”

“Too bad,” he murmured, sounding more disappointed than he looked. A wide grin flashed across his face as he continued: “I wouldn’t mind if I had to dispose of you.”

I rolled my eyes at his stupid threat. If he wanted me dead, then what was he waiting for? An invitation?

“How typical dog wanting to bury a bone,” I smirked, knowing that being called a dog was the worst sort of insult to a wolf. If he honestly wanted to kill me this would be the moment he would.

And I would welcome it…

But instead of pain and blood, he grabbed my hips and firmly pressed me down on his rock-hard erection. The sudden sensation of pain and pleasure took me by surprise, and I moaned out loud.

“I want to bury something inside you alright, Liz,” he whispered close to my ear, his hot breath making my hair rise. “But I need you very much alive to do that.” He grabbed my hair and yanked it back exposing my neck to him. My breath hitched when he trailed his tongue over the aria and nipped at the skin. I was completely exposed; and I loved every second of it!

My sex was throbbing, and I felt the wetness soak through the cheap silk that was supposed to cower me. But my body was begging for him. As an answer to my prayers, he again pushed me hard against the bulge in his pants. His hand traveled from my hair back to my neck, forcing me to look into his darkening eyes.

I grinned. Fucking bipolar dick. He made me wetter than a rainy day and he’s a psycho?! Didn’t he want to kill me a second ago?

“Am I under the impression that you want to fuck me before you kill me,” I teased looking into his black lust-filled eyes. “I’m afraid I have to insist on dinner as well before engaging in such intimates.”

He seemed to be taken aback by that. Or just the fact that he didn’t get what he wanted? Me trembling in fear and begging for my life?

I scoffed at the thought...

I had no fear of death. I was already dead. I had nothing to live for. There was no meaning to my life. Death didn’t scare me. It was only a question of how I was going to achieve it…

Suddenly a wide grin spread across his face. As if he was pleased by the answer.

“Perfect!” he muttered, tilting his head while his eyes shamelessly raked over my body.

“Thanks. I’ve been practicing,” I snickered smugly. This guy couldn’t get hard yesterday and now he was just that easy? I submitted and he became mush? Typical alpha...

You’re perfect,” he corrected me and now it was my turn to be surprised. “You’re just what I need.”

“This is business only, Mr. Alpha,” I stated and although I wasn’t above making a little extra on the sides, I wasn’t about to get caught in another werewolf drama...

“And what I’m offering is a business proposition,” he replied, and a confident smug spread over his lips. I eyed him carefully. “I need a Luna,” he smirked. “I want you to be her.”

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