A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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“Not interested!” I snapped before even giving it any thought. I was done with the werewolf-pack life and I’d be damned if I ever sat foot into another werewolf territory ever again!

“Not for life,” he scoffed, as if he’d heard my thoughts, and literally rolled his eyes at me. I frowned, finally getting why it was so provoking. “Just for a week.”

“A week?” I questioned, still sceptic.

“One week,” he echoed with a gleam in his eye I couldn’t quite make out. “I need a Luna for a gathering of werewolf packs. Someone no one know about, but who knows about us. I need someone who can walk, talk and dance in high heels, while also being smart, graceful and beautiful,” he listed his requirements. “You fit the bill.”

Ok, there was so many things wrong with that statement and yet, I found myself blushing at his compliments.

“Must be my lucky star,” I replied sarcastically and crossed my arms in front of my chest. “And you know all this because I knew how to get you hard?”

“I know this, because I have eyes,” he smirked smugly, before again pushing me against his hard on. “Me getting hard is just an added bonus.”

I steadied myself against his shoulder, trying to bite down a moan, when his hard shaft rubbed against my throbbing clit. I clenched my jaw before looking at him again.

He was an alpha and very much used to getting what he wanted. And for that reason alone, I wanted to say no. But another part of me – the not so very sane one – was temped by how far I could push this. He clearly wanted me specifically, otherwise he wouldn’t be here--- I guess a part of me was curious about what made me so special.

And I wanted to be special. I wanted, to be wanted…

“And what will I get in return for my endorsement?” I questioned, hoping he hadn’t picked up on my desperate train of thought.

“Name your price!”

Name a price?! How much did this guy have? I knew alphas were rich mother-fuckers, but this guys was willing to just throw any type of number in there? Fine! Let’s see what I could get away with…

“500 grand,” I replied, knowing it was an insane amount of money, for just one week. But to my surprise, a wry smile crept across his features and a low chuckle vibrated in his chest.

“You’re cheep,” he smirked, knowing it only served to piss me off. Fine! If that’s what he wanted, then two can play at that game.

“Up front you, you idiot,” I continued not scared of insulting the big bad wolf. “Another 500 at the end of the week, plus additional fees for kisses, hugs, sex and good behavior.” I smirked. “Deal?”

“Sex?” he questioned, like he didn’t believe me.

“Is that going to be a problem?” I asked provokingly in my sweet voice, knowing that pissed him off.

“No problem at all,” he murmured, once again eyeing me up and down, giving me the impression, that “sex” was definitely going to show up on my tap a couple of times. And who knew? Perhaps that would turn out to be the best part of this entire ordeal.


He held his hand out for me. I took it, making a deal with the devil himself. Fuck, I mentally scoffed. When did my life turn into Pretty Woman?

“Time’s up!”

I turned around to see a not so happy Sven standing at the door. The look in his eyes would seem casual and relaxed to anyone who didn’t know better, but I knew what that look meant. He’d caught me breaking the “rules” and was looking forward to “discipline” me on keeping my boundaries…

“Sorry Sven,” Xyen cut into my steering contest with the human-pig, before he gripped my waist and sat me down. I momentarily lost my balance, having long since forgotten how insanely strong these creatures are. But instantly Xyen’s arm wrapped around me, steading me and a smug smile appeared on his lips. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at him. Typical alpha! Liking to play the hero

“But Lizzy is resigning as of today.”

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but--- I was surprised! To hear him say the words out loud, made it suddenly seem more real than… I didn’t even know, why--- Or perhaps I did. I more or less still expected him to jump up and shout “Jinx”! That I was stupid to believe him, to believe that he wanted me…

I didn’t want to get my heart broken again, so I didn’t invest in it!

“Listen, man,” Sven smirked, standing up to his full height and approached us. “I don’t want any trouble…”

He never got to finish that sentence before Xyen’s first connected with his face. And he didn’t hold anything back – and I mean anything! My jaw dropped seeing who just one hit turned his face into nothing but a mingled mass of flesh and blood.

“That’s for manhandling her yesterday,” Xyen murmured, all playfulness in his voice gone. I turned and looked at the man next to me. His eyes were dark and his entire demeanor had changed. His entire body screamed murder and power. This man was a killer. A monster who took great pleasure in inflicting pain…

And I’d just made a deal to be his…

Seeing me eye him with awe – and slightly petrified – had his lips curled into a wry smirk.

“Come on!” he grinned and turned to me again. “Time to dress up for your part.”

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