A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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This chapter contains sex – you have been warned

“There are people here!” I exclaimed, feeling embarrassment starting to form in the depts of my stomach. I'd had men pay me for sex before and I wasn’t uncomfortable about it anymore. And anywhere too, although the plane would be a first. But I’d never done more than one at the time and definitely not with people watching.

“I don’t care,” Xyen replied, almost making it sound like a challenge.

Ok! Don’t really know how I feel about that, but… Fine! I’ll make money off it then.

“It’s going to cost you,” I reminded him, before pointing at the rest of his pack. “And extra for the audience!”

“Already writing a tab,” he grinned, leaning back. His dark eyes roaming over my body with hunger, before pausing at the top of my partly exposed breasts. There they lingered, becoming darker for every passing second. And like someone turned on a switch, something inside me clicked. My hands started to move on their own accord and I was only in the moment. I let them slide over his firm chest, feeling his toned mussels tensing under my fingertip. I let my hands slide up my own body, showing him everything he would be having. I felt his hands massage my but-cheeks, urging me to continue as he grew hard beneath me.

I watched him, as he followed my every move. I let my hands move over my chest, lingering and playing with the zipper. Slowly pushing it down and letting them girls out. Xyen’s breath quickened and a low, sexy growl rumbled at the back of his throat.

Shit! That was on turning!

I stopped halfway down, only showing the minimal amount of skin, letting my hands run down my body again. The man tensed up. His fingers digging harshly into my flesh. I had to suppress a moan, feeling the power that was at his fingertips. I pushed myself against him, letting his erected shaft rub against my core. My sex was throbbing at this point. My core felt like molten lava and my juices were wetting the thin silk that separated us.

Xyen grunted and threw his head back, pushing me against him again. The pulses coursing through my abdomen intensified and I had to muffle another moan. Goddess, this man made me feel better than any wolf or man ever had. His touch felt like fire against my skin, working its way to ignite an inferno inside my body. I rocked my body against him again – or perhaps that was the airplane moving – and the sensation of his hard excitement against my dripping cunt, made me completely wanton.

I couldn’t contain it and let out a moan. Instantly Xyen’s eyes snapped to mine and a wry grin spread across his lips.

“Let me help you with that,” he said and with that, he ripped off my corset. I gasped, the sudden movement sending a mix of pain and pleasure though my body. Hungerly he pushed me closer to him, his hands roaming my now naked body. “So much nicer,” he murmured, but I needed more. I needed him to touch me. I needed to feel him.


I leaned forward, pushing my breasts to his face. An appreciative growl vibrated against my skin, before he hungerly latched on. His hot tongue licked the sensitive bud, nipping at it and then soothed the pain with his soft movements. His hand worked the other nipple, rubbing and pressing it between his fingers. The sensation hitting my core and I erupted like a volcano.

I moaned, pushing myself harder against him to relief the throbbing of my wanting sex. As to answer my prayers, Xyen pushed himself against me, and I was just about ready to explode right there and then.

Shit! He made me feel SO good!

Suddenly I felt his hand harshly tug my hair, exposing my neck to him. Hot trails of open-mouthed kisses caressed my flesh, moving from my neck to my shoulders. He lingered a while, assaulting my skin with his warm lips and wet tongue. His teeth graced the surfaced, but not enough to break it, sending shivers down my spine.

Without thinking, I moved closer, giving him better access. My body was operating on its own, my core directing my every move as he raised hellfire inside me…

“I want to rip you apart,” Xyen suddenly murmured close to my ear. I grinned and my mouth opened on its own accord.

“You promise?”

“Fuck!” I heard him growl. The next thing I knew, I was pushed against the soft leather of the seat, my legs on either side of the armrest. With a swift movement my panties were ripped away, leaving my dripping sex exposed to the predator, kneeling before me. His eyes went pitch black, before he launched forward, taking my sensitive pearl into his mouth. I cried out, feeling my fingers dig into his hair and pressed myself into him. He replied, by roughly pushing two fingers into me. Moving them against my sweet spot, adding fuel to the fire building inside me. His tongue lapped over my clit over and over, until I was nothing but a moaning mess.


I barely recognized my own voice. I was close. I was so close…

“Come for me, Liz,” I heard him growl against my wet folds. One last time, I felt him laps over my hot spot and I came undone. I threw my head back and screamed. Hungerly he drank my juices, while I rode out my orgasm, and I gasped for air.

“Shit,” I heard Xyen mutter, saying what I was thinking. My heart was beating against my ribs, as if trying to escape and my blood was soaring with euphoria, making me feel like I was floating on air. He left one last open-mouthed kiss on my dripping core, before he came up and claimed my lips.

I didn’t mind tasting myself. In fact, it only intensified the need I felt for him. I needed more. WAY more!

I laced my fingers around his belt pulling him closer. Easily I managed to undo the belt and his jeans quickly followed. His erected member jumped out and I greatly appreciated the huge piece of flesh, that came out to greet me.


“I hope you know what your signing yourself up for, love,” I heard him murmured, his voice deep and animalistic. As if his wolf was taking control.

“Are you?” I challenged him back, giving him a hard stroke.

“Fuck!” he grunted, digging his fingers into my thighs, making me cringe with pain and pleasure. I threw my head back and let out a moan. I was so ready for more…

“Yamir! YAMIR!” Xyen called, before he grabbed a glass and threw it after his pack member. That’s when I noticed that the rest of the pack were wearing headphones.

So nice when people would give you some privacy! Although I doubt how effective they really were…

Yamir perked up, confused and eyed us with a blushed face.

“A condom!” Xyen commanded and the wolf quickly jumped out of his seat. He dug into one of his pockets and handed the alpha a blue package. And I DID notice the insane amount of X’s on the package. I always knew werewolves were bigger than humans. Learned that lesson with Kevin but had only ever heard rumors that alphas tipped the scale.

Now I was a believer…

Xyen ripped the package open, throwing me the plastic. I watched him and his hungry gaze made my core tightened. My sex already throbbing again…

“Put it on!” he commanded, without taking his eyes off me. I smirked, liking being the sole focus of his attention. I leaned forward, taking as much of his shaft into my mouth as I could, wetting it. Xyen growled lowly. His fingers gripping my hair as he pushed himself further into me, making me gag. But I managed to hold it and he slowly moved out of me again. I played with the tip, before rolling on the condom.

“So skilled,” Xyen murmured, his black eyes watching my slow and calculated motions. “You’ve done this before?”

“Yes,” I replied, hoping he wasn’t going to interview me now. I just wanted him to fuck me! Hard and long! “Lots of times.”



“Good!” Was his reply, as he gripped my hair forcing me to expose my neck to him. His fingers caressed my throat and his sharp claws scraping the top lair of skin, sending shivers down my spine. I moaned. I was utterly at his mercy…

“Then you know we can get rough!”

And with that, he plunged himself into me. I cried out, feeling the pain and pleasure explode inside me as my want was finally satisfied.

This was going to be a week to remember!

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