A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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“Where are we going?” I asked, as the car rolled out of the hotel parking lot. I was freshly showered and although it was early in the morning, I felt really energized.

Xyen had literally fucked me to sleep after making me come so many times, I’m sure my grandkids had met his dick. My abdomen was sore, but in a very good way and after sleeping on top of Xyen for the reminded of the night, I was ready to brace the day.

“Somewhere to buy you whatever you need for the week,” Xyen replied, glancing at me over his tablet. “It’s a formal gathering, so you’ll need a lot of formal dresses, but you will also have to appear to have lived with me for a while so something casual will be needed as well.” I nodded; I wouldn’t mind having some casual wear between activities – whatever they would incline! “And do buy some sexy lingerie, will you? I want to repeat what happened on the plain a lot this week,” Xyen continued, smirking suggestively.

I wasn’t all against that…

“You want to shred my new cloths and fuck me,” I asked, as I realized, that I was now wearing less clothes then when we met. I didn’t have any underwear and the only thing covering my body was Xyen’s spare shirt and jacket. Luckily it fit me like a dress--- because the man was fucking tall! – but it didn’t stop the cool draft against my naked sex and my heels from yesterday were seriously starting to hurt. At this point I didn’t care if it was granny-panties, I wanted me some undies!

“Yes,” Xyen replied casually and without a blush. Which at this point really shouldn’t surprise me all that much. He then handed me a phone: “This is yours. My number is on it. Call when you are done. Otis will be joining you.”

“Sure,” I nodded again with a little sting at my hear. He wasn’t coming? “Where will you be?” The question flew out my mouth before I could stop it or even think about what I was saying. I guess I’d just expected him to come with me and hearing that Otis would be coming instead--- I don’t know, but I later blamed it on having a jet-lagged-brain!

“Business,” Xyen sighed, scrolling on his tablet; as if he hated the idea himself. “I own a hotel not far from here…” He suddenly stopped and his eyes snapped to me. Black swirling in his blue orbs. “You don’t own me, Lizzy,” he said, making it sound more like a warning than a statement. “Even if you are mine for the week, I will do whatever and whomever I want.”

My heart clenched and against my will, his words hurt me like a spear.

Well, the statement was clear!

I gulped, cursing myself for letting myself getting carried away with all of this. Of course! All the touches, the affection, the sex--- It was just to make it look real. For one week, I was going to be his, and when that was done, we’d go our separate way; never to meet again. I was not going to do or say anything that would give him a weapon against me. I wasn’t going to let him have anything that he could use against me. And that statement was what I needed that to remind myself of that!

Thank you, Xyen!

“I know that,” I said, trying to keep my tone neutral and void of any emotions. “I was just wondering if I should be shopping for bleach while I was out.”

Before he could do anything or reply, I closed the door behind me and walked up to Otis, who was patiently waiting for me on the curve. I greeted him with a smile, and we walked into the first store that came into my line of sight. But honestly, I only felt like half of myself all of a sudden. Why? Why did I even…?!

And then helplessness turned to anger. I was NOT letting another man get under my skin!


I was my own woman – my own person and men like Xyen could burn in hell for all I cared. And why had I even asked? He was right. He didn’t own me and better yet: I didn’t own him anything! This was a gathering a powerful and rich alphas’ and I should make the most of it. If I found myself some ways to make some extra side buck, Alpha Xyen had no claim over me!

And with new determination, I headed to the store, ready to take on and seduce every alpha and luna I could get my clammy little hands on!

“Are you lost?” the lady at the register asked. She looked classy and honestly, I understood the question. I looked completely out of place. I didn’t have any makeup on and was wearing nothing but an oversized shirt in a store, where things looked like they costed a lung and a liver.

“No,” I answered truthfully and pointed to a dress I’d been admiring. “I really like this one. How much is it?”

She gave me one over and a malevolent smirk crept across his lips.

“Too much,” was her reply and she even had the audacity to scoff. My blood boiled and rage surged through every fiber in my body. I narrowed my eyes at her. The bitch just didn’t…! But of course, she did, and I was going to MILK it! And hopefully get her fired in the process!

“Oh no! You just didn’t!” I said, letting my inner bitch come to the surface. I scoffed and dramatically and pressed my fingers against my temple – playing a distressed rich brat. “Not only am I having a rather stressful day – my luggage got stolen, my supposed friends pull the evilest prank on me, and now! You dare to stand there, judging me like I’m some common whore?!” I was practically screeching at the end of the sentence. I turned to her, fake tears streaming down my face. She stood there, gaping like a fish, trying to save face. She then tried to stammer something incoherent about not making a scene, to think about the other costumers and how she could help me…

“Save it!” I exclaimed, making sure to stress my voice to make it sound real. “I want to speak to your manager. NOW!”

She scurried away so quickly, she all but tripped over her aggressively high heels. I grinned and dried away the fake tears. From the corner of my eye, I notice Otis’s jaw hanging, as he had just witnessed everything that had happened. I turned around and he grinned, faking applause. I smirked and curtsy, making him grin even more.

The manager showed up and I got the VIP treatment. Otis cleared up what and who I was and the second he mentioned Xyen’s name, I was treated like royalty. Even sending some of their own personal to a Victoria Secret brining me everything I might need. Even Body Shoop showed up, supplying me with a years worth of skin care products and make-up.

I smirked. Hmm, a girl could get used to this!

I spent hours finding everything I needed, while also asking Otis a lot of question about Xyen. Apparently, he used to be an amazing alpha, but then his mate died, and everting went to hell from there. He told me, that some wolves who lost their mates were at risk of becoming “feral”. A out of control werewolf, that killed simply for the joy of it. Many of their pack members and even allied packs feared Xyen because he was rumored to be one. And judging by the way Xyen spoke; I’d say those rumors were more than just rumors.

But I couldn’t help but think, that there also could be more. I remembered the look in his eyes at the club. It wasn’t pain he inflicted on others, that made him the way he was. It was the pain, he inflicted on himself…

When we finally were done, I had several of the staff’s personal numbers on my phone, my hair and make-up done and I was casually dressed for the rest of the trip in designer skinny jeans and an off-shoulder blouse, exposing just an inch of skin and leaving just enough for the imagination.

I loved it and felt amazing!

“What took you so long?” Xyen barked, leaning against his car, when we emerged from the store. “It’s been 6 hours.”

Wow! Someone was not a happy wolf.

“I’m sure you found a way to entertain yourself,” I replied remembering that he was not going to get under my skin. And he was SO not ruining my good mood!

Never again!

“It takes 6 hours to find a dress?” he still complained. I mentally huffed at his child-like behavior. Typical alphas!

“And shoes and accessories and those sexy lingerie’s you wanted so bad,” I shot back, winking at him suggestively. He briefly bared his teeth, but I don’t think it was because he was angry per say--- just a little frustrated, perhaps? I grinned. “Still going to complain?”

“You better be drop dead gorgeous,” he murmured under his breath and opened the door for me, pressing his hand against the small of my back.

“Sure,” I smirked and rolled my eyes at him. “And in an ideal world, I’d be Julia Roberts!” I replied and again grinned at how much the situations were similar. But instead of a billionaire play-boy, I had a billionaire feral wolf, who might or might not be a crazy psychopath with a dick that could make me see all the colors of the rainbow.

That part probably got lost in the transcript…

He didn’t reply but pushed me into the car.

Otis looked exhausted as he slouched down into the seat. And that’s when I remembered…

“Hey, I brought snacks,” I exclaimed, looking around for the bag I’d been carefully saving for now. I quickly found it and while the rest of the shopping was put into the trunk, I handed the pack the cheeseburgers and fires I’d ordered.

The car started to move, and everybody were ecstatic to get some ‘real’ nourishment. All except Xyen! He looked at me like he expected it to explode any second. I ignored him and took a bite out of my own burger. He was not getting under my skin! He was not getting under my skin. He was not…

He continued to glare at me. And he was getting under my skin!

“It’s not poisoned,” I assured him, but he continued to glare. I rolled my eyes at him before leaning over and took a bite out of his burger. “See,” I said with my mouth full. His eyes widen in surprise for a second, before he frowned.

“Don’t eat my food,” he then exclaimed.

“You’d rather have it go to waste?” I huffed. SO typical alph--- no, actually, that was just childish! I shrugged – his loss! “Or stay hungry, your choice.” I was just about to take a bite out of my burger, when Xyen suddenly scooted closer and leaned over. Just at the very last second, I realized that he was going to take a bite out of my burger.

“HEY!” I exclaimed and jumped back, pulling MY food away from him. Surprised Xyen’s eyes snapped up to mine. “I don’t share food!”

“You took a bite of mine! It’s only fair I take a bite out of yours,” was his logic apparently. I frowned and laned over to him, still keeping my burger at a safe distance.

“You may have paid to own this gorgeous ass for a week,” I said, narrowing my eyes at him. “But that did not include the food that goes into keeping this gorgeous ass!”

Technically the food that went into this “gorgeous” ass was of the non-existing kind. But I hadn’t eaten fast-food for ages, and I was just REALLY in the mood for a burger. Alpha or not, you don’t get between a girl and her sudden cravings!

He scoffed unimpressed, before he did the unthinkable. He snacks my fries!

“Give those back!” I exclaimed and tried to save my French comrades.

“No,” he grunted and--- I gasped, as he rolled down the window and threw them out. My jaw dropped and I was unable to speak.

He just--- DIDN’T!!!

Anger boiled in my blood as I narrowed my eyes at him. I knew I was openly challenge him, and the temperature in the room dropped. The other wolves tried to put as much distance between us and them, but in the small SUV, they didn’t get far.

“Don’t deny me,” he growled, his eyes turning dangerously dark. His hard glare met mine head on. Oh, so he still though this was about him?!

Selfish, stupid, gorgeously smug, son of a--- DAMN! I was never able to figure out if that was an insult or not!

I huffed and pointed behind us.

“That’s littering!” I exclaimed and every wolf in the car looked at me in surprise. But I was too angry to notice. Seriously!? Weren’t these creatures one with nature and what shit not? How did they justify that? Not that I was overly “eco-genic” myself, but I wasn’t a werewolf. I didn’t rely on nature to hide my ass, if I needed to--- oh say, shift into a horse-sized wolf!

“Asshole!” I scoffed and snacked one of his fires, definitely putting it into my mouth. Confused Xyen eyed my actions but was unable to stop me. He growled and our eyes met again. I don’t know what we were doing, but I think we were having some kind of starring contest.

I knew that challenging an alpha was a death sentence, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t afraid of him and hell, if he killed me, I at least had one hell of a ride to brag about ‘down-under’. He was just another variant of monsters I already knew all about.

I huffed and held out my burger to him. I grinned when I noticed his surprised expression. I guess he didn’t get out a lot. Or had a 19-year-old out-witting him in a staring contest…

“One. Bite!” I warned, holding a finger out to him, proving my point. “And it better be as small as---,” He took my hand before I finished and took ONE bite! One bite and he’d devoured half the burger. I gasped. “That’s so not fair!” I whined watching my now half gone burger with a pout.

“I don’t play fair,” Xyen smirked, finally back in his element. I frowned and glared daggers at him.

“Oh, it’s so on!”

We had fun.

The car had to be taken to the car wash afterwards and Yamir swears, he still smells fires and ketchup ever time he gets into the car.

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