A Hunter's Chance - #2 of "The Hunter's Series"

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There was a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I huffed, trying to reach the zipper. WHY did I buy a dress with a zipper again?! Because it was classy and fine as hell that’s why! It was one of those ‘little black dress’ that went with any occation. Not to flashy, not to trashy and not to boring. It hugged my figure in all the right places and hid, but enhanced all of my curves.

“Alpha is waiting for you,” Otis announced, peaking in.

“Thanks,” I replied and from the mirror noticed him practically eye-rape me. I smirked when he blushed hard, being caught red handed. I grinned and took another look in the mirror. I hadn’t applied as much make-up as I usually did at the club, but a light evening-were. I didn’t want to give the impression that I was trying to hard or was some kind of gold-digger. Although in this case that would technically be true. Xyen did pay me to play the role of his Luna.

Now, if I just could get into the cute dress, that would be…

“Good goddess--- FUCK!” I exclaimed and gave up. I huffed again before turning to Otis. “Help me!”

“What?” he looked at me with a surprised expression.

“Can you please zip me up?” I scoffed, as if that wasn’t obvious! “I’m not an octopus, I can’t reach the zipper.”

He looked extremely uncomfortable with the request, although I didn’t get it. He could practically eye-rape me from afar but not be a gentleman and help?

“Erm, sure---,” he stuttered and came over. He dried his sweaty palms against his pants, before reaching out for me with shaking hands. I shrugged and turned around to let him help, moving the hair out of the way. The second I did, a loud roar erupted from the door. I jumped up and turned to see Xyen holding Otis by the color of his shirt. Their faces barely an inch apart.

“Touch her and I’ll rip off your hands!” Xyen growled, his eyes black as tar. “Leave!”

“Yes alpha,” Otis gulped, scurrying out the room the second his feet touched the floor. Xyen looked like he was glued to the floor, his chest violently moving up and down from heavy brething. His eyes were pitch black and his chest vibrated from suppressed growls.

“What was that?!” I exclaimed, turning my attention Xyen. Like--- seriously? What the hell was that?! He looked ready to kill. And for what? For me asking Otis to help? Which made me wonder if the anger perhaps was directed toward me and not Otis.

In that case, I had nothing to be worried about. My self-preservation instincts were so low at this point in my life, I honestly didn’t give a damn if he decided to kill me or not…

“You said ‘help me’,” he growled, his black eyes finding mine. “I thought you were…” He stopped and took another deep breath, finding a spot on the floor very interesting. “I thought you were hurt,” he mumbled and I could have sworn there was a blush on his cheeks.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you, but…,” I replied truthfully, before leaning over and eyed where Otis had disappeared to. “Was the threat really necessary? I think poor Otis just shit himself.”

“I don’t want anyone touching what’s mine,” he mumbled before he came over to me. Harshly he spun me around and started to fidget with the zipper.

“Possessive much?” I teased, moving my hair out of the way.

“I’m an alpha,” he muttered, doing me up. “Possessiveness is in my blood.”

“I find that possessiveness is just an excuse to hide insecurities,” I smirked and turned to him.


The next thing I knew I was being pressed up against a wall. My head mildly spinning from the sudden movement, but I quickly registered the angry god of thunder standing just inches away from my face.

“What did you just say?” he pushed between his clenched teeth. And that’s when I noticed the position, we were in. He had me trapped between the wall and his huge body. His huge arm caging me in, while his hand was lingering around my throat and threatening to cut off my air supply at any wrong move.

My breath hitched a little and my heart skipped a beat. Now, any sane person would be terrified, right? But not me! No…! I was turned-on! As in hot and bothered and needed the huge mountain of mussels to completely close the distance between us and push a little(big) something between my legs!

Nervously I bit my lips. And noticed that Xyen was watching my every move. A low growl escaped his lips and his grip around my throat tightened a little. And I realized that he was probably just as lost in all of this as I was. He was frustrated…

And damn, was I going to take advantage of that!

“Werewolves have excellent hearing, I’m sure you heard every word,” I smirked, biting my lips some more, enjoying the feeling of his growing excitement against my abdomen. “Besides you have nothing to worry about! Your dick is huge, and your performance blew the best sex I’ve ever had out of the water. And that’s saying something.” I patted his cheek and winked. “You’ll be fine!”

“How the hell do you do that?” he growled; his face even closer now. His hot breath tickling my skin, as his nose traveled up and down my neck. Breathing in my scent like it was a drug he could never get enough of.

“Do what?” I asked innocently, knowing he and I both knew, how this was going to end.

“I was going to kill you for that insolence, but now I want to fuck you,” he murmured, his face still hidden in the crouch of my neck and shoulder. Well, I wasn’t going to fight him on that…! I grabbed his arm, checking the Rolex for the time. He stood up straight, eyeing my every move.

“There are still 10 minutes to kill,” I challenged him, innocently glancing up at him from my position. “And it’s tradition for the host to be fashionably late…”

I never got to finish that sentence before Xyen hungerly attacked my lips. I moaned into the kiss, as it felt like a relief, I didn’t know I needed. I felt his hands travel down my legs, pulling up the dress, before hauling me off the floor. Automatically my legs wrapped around his torso and I could finally feel all of him against my thirsty body. He grunted, when I was pushed against the bulge in his pants, rubbing my wetness all over him. I laced my fingers around his neck and into his hair, trying to push myself more into him.

God, this man made me so needy!

As if answering my prayers, Xyen walked us both to the bed. Without breaking the kiss, he placed me at the center, our bodies grinding against each other like starving beasts. Only breaking it off, when we both ran out of air. I was basically panting, while Xyen was hovering over me. His black eyes reeking over my body and a smug grin appeared on his lips.

“By the way,” he said, his voice husky and deep. “You’re drop dead gorgeous.”

And with that his lips captured mine again. He quickly undid his pants and I eagerly helped him putting on a condom, before he rammed me into sin. Over and over…

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