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//Solicit// meaning: crave, longing When the government's failed experiment got messier they had to ask for help from the Lycans, a dark secret they kept from the world but on being refused the government became hopeless and was left with no choice except telling the world about their experiment. Out of nowhere when Amora emerged as a ray of hope, she was forced to clean up their mess for the sake of world's safety. But when Lycans jumped in to help and were highly protective over Amora confusing the government and Amora deeply. Secrets were revealed, nightmares became real and reality became illusion. That left Amora to question her sanity and people around her, specially The Lycan King It’s my first book so I hope you be patient and give it a try, thank you :) Cover by: unstablebibliophile

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Bridge. That's what she became between us and humans. Never once I thought this would happen but here we are signing a mutual treaty. Little do they know if anything happens to my little mate this deal will turn into a death sentence.

I scowled at him and stated, "Don't even think about betraying me, otherwise I won't hesitate to wipe out the whole human population and you know quite well your fucking weapon doesn't work on us". He visibly shuddered and spoke up.

"I know, don't worry; all I want is your help and fear not, the world will know about your existence soon enough".

With that, I nodded in reply.

He gulped and asked, "If you don't mind me asking, why have you suddenly agreed to help us? Because you weren't so eager when we first approached a man such as...yourself".

I looked dead in his eyes and said, "I have my reasons alright. Just be grateful I am ready to help wipe your mess clean". He nodded eagerly and with that, scampered away.

Once out of sight, I reminisced on the first-ever encounter I had with my tiny fighter and a single thought of her head in between that bastard teeth had me seething with rage.

I treasure that like it was yesterday.

I heard grunts of a human at first in a small alleyway but I didn't seem to care to be perfectly honest. Like a train, out of nowhere, I got hit with the most addictive scent mixed with of hint of freshly drawn blood and couldn't stop myself from changing into my monstrous beast. If someone out there was hurting my mate, they had a death wish. I lept in the direction of the commotion and immediately when my eyes locked on to the beauty drenched in sweat and blood, fighting a creature; a failed experiment, ten times her size, I bewildered. If you asked me before to help save a human soul, I would refuse; yet now that the tables have turned and my mate is a human, a protective instinct as if inked into my skin like a tattoo, had me shaking in utter madness. How dare they send my mate to such dangerous things?!

Without further thought, I lunged at the putrid creature, killing it in a blink of a second. After that, it was dead silence. Only my heavy breathing was heard from at least a mile as I tried to compose myself knowing there is a possibility I could frighten my mate, but I couldn't. I spun around, my mate backed away from me: confusion, concern, and astonishment, all mixed in the pool of emotions. Meer thought of startling her made me whimper causing me to slip all my built-up wrath away. The most astonishing thing I've witnessed in that tiny human was that she stood her ground against a beast like me. Whatever I would do, I'm pretty sure there is nothing that would deter her. Just at that moment, I have realised, I possess a particularly tough mate.

Snapping into reality, I proceeded to cautiously move towards her as she eyed me up and down, slowly reaching my eyes with her captivating orbs and out of nowhere a voice could be heard;


She whipped her head in the direction while I looked at my mate one last time before scurrying away. People raced towards her, asking questions due to her injured state while I kept gaping at her with awe from my hidden spot, as she looked around frantically trying to spot me, (probably because of my unexpected appearance), while I whispered and smiled for the first time in my existence.



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