Lead Me Not Into Temptation

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Raziel and Cassandra Covert met in Blood on the Spear, and as backstory in a few other pieces have something between them that is forbidden. Lead Me Not Into Temptation is a look at how it started.

Fantasy / Romance
Scott Rinehart
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Chapter 1

On 11 Aug 2014 there was a mass UFO sighting in Houston, Texas where many people saw a ring of lights flying during a thunderstorm. This was captured on video, showing the object that seemed to be transparent, but with the lights arranged in a circle, with a central light visible.

After checking with other government agencies, the National Security Agency was left with very little information and a desire to learn whether there was a threat to the United States or not. This was a job for Section Stargate. Section Stargate was named after Project Stargate, or the Stargate Project depending on different reports.

Originally inspired by experiments in remote viewing performed by the Defense Intelligence Agency, Project Stargate perfected the art, but by 1975 had pretty much seen its heyday. The Project ended, and most that knew about it thought that it had gone the way of the dodo, but the NSA along with the Central Intelligence Agency, INSCOM, and the Office of Naval Research kept it going.

In 1991under Project Grill Flame, which was a remote viewer recruitment drive and not much more, they started recruiting and experiments at Johns Hopkins University. It was in 2006 that Michelle Lites attended Johns Hopkins as a Neuroscience major with a minor in Archaeology. It was 2006 that she was recruited, and accepted into Section Stargate.

Her education was paid for, both her major and her minor, to establish her credibility as herself, while at the same time she furthered her training in remote viewing, and became known as Cassandra Covert in intelligence circles. Cassandra for the ancient Greek prophetess, and covert being a play on the espionage aspect of her job, because no spy would ever have anything related to being one in their name. She even completed her training away from the eyes of the Section with none other than Ingo Swann, up until he died on 31 Jan 2013.

This UFO investigation was brought to Cassandra because of her major win on her first mission, locating the whereabouts of the Spear of Destiny. An operation to retrieve the Spear was still in the planning stages at the current time.

But Cassandra didn’t do it on her own. She got to the Akashic Records on her own, and there she met Raziel, the Keeper of Secrets, and the Angel of Mysteries, who taught her everything she needed to know about the history of the Spear of Destiny. Raziel knew that Cassandra Covert was coming to the Akashic Record the last time, as he knew she was coming to see him this time.

His name literally means Secrets of God. An archangel tied to the Kabbalah and associated with the Sephira Chokhmah or emanations of wisdom, and the Four Worlds. Of the Four Worlds there is Atziluth, the World of Emanations or Causes, which is associated with God Himself. Then there is Beri’ah, the World of Creation, and home of the Demiurge and the Akashic Record. Then Yetzirah, the World of Formation, where the many hosts of angels live their lives. And Assiah, the World of Action, or Earth, and the rest of the physical universe.

When she arrived the Akashic Record looked as it had the first time she visited, a massive well-lit library based on how she imagined it, with the exception being that Raziel wasn’t where she could see him. As Raziel sees the Record it appears as a kaleidoscope view, but can be seen as humans see it as well. Either way the images translate the same to him.

He was currently engaged in watching a battle between the Norse God of Thunder and a recalcitrant ogre. Both combatants knew that the Norns had decreed that the ogre should die, but Thor had decided that he only wanted the ogre to leave Asgard without being killed. This task was not easy as the ogre Craskos wanted to fight. Thor thought to end this, and devised a desperate means to do just that. Craskos had his back to the downward slope of the mountain, at the bottom of which was the border of Asgard.

Brushing the long unkempt red hair from his eyes he hurled Mjolnir straight at the ogre. The hammer that could fell mountains knocked Craskos off of the mountain, and fell where the ogre once stood. Craskos tumbled down the mountain like a snowball, until he finally rolled across the border. He lived, but did not want to venture into Asgard again. Thor thought that he had done well by not killing the ogre, but as fate would have it Craskos would still die. Later that very day Craskos choked on a peach.

Raziel finished watching the battle and hurried into the library so he wouldn’t keep his visitor waiting any longer. He appeared from another room in the library carrying and reading a dusty volume on Norse Mythology. As he approached her he closed the book, and set it in the returns bin on top of Barbarian Crowns Volume One.

“Miss Covert, what an unexpected surprise.” Raziel stated.

“I doubt that. You knew I was coming. You know everything.” she replied.

“Well, that’s an exaggeration.” Raziel returned with his British sounding accent.

“Yeah right, you probably know what color panties I’m wearing.” Cassandra shot back.

“Miss Covert, you didn’t come here to discuss your panties.” he answered, blushing because he had seen her dressing in one of the many facets of the kaleidoscope he saw before him, much like watching a million televisions.

“No, of course not.” Cassandra replied, noticing that she had made the angel uncomfortable.

“You came inquiring about the UFO sighting in Houston.” Raziel stated, as the video appeared on the wall of books before them.

“Yes, I need to know whatever you can tell me about this.” Cassandra responded.

“It is not an Earthly craft.” Raziel began, as they suddenly stood among the crowd of onlookers watching the craft. “As a matter of strict fact it is one of ours.”

“One of yours?” Cassandra asked, puzzled by the answer she was not expecting.

“Yes, even us angels require craft for travel through space. Did you think that we fly everywhere on wings or travel on rays of sunshine?” Raziel responded.

“No, I’ve suspected as much. And clearly you don’t have wings, you look very human to me.” she said to answer his question.

“You mean these? We don’t show them so much these days.” he said, wings spreading out behind him to a full fifteen foot wingspan of pure white feathers.

“Oh my God.” Cassandra said, at a loss for other words. She glanced around, but even those people looking right at them seemed to not notice.

“Yes, these are His handiwork.” Raziel answered folding up his wings again.

“And you can fly with them?” she asked.

“They would be useless if we couldn’t. But about the spacecraft, we have used them since shortly after Creation, often visiting God’s children. Heaven is very far away at the center of all of the universes.” Raziel answered.

“In the Pleiades, right?” she asked.

“Incorrect. When ancient cultures have pointed to the Pleiades as the location of Heaven, they were actually pointing far beyond them. And every alternate universe that gets created, have the exact same stars in them, with only slight differences.” he answered.

“So where did it all begin?” she asked.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.” he answered, quoting Star Wars.

“Haha, funny. So is that the Millennium Falcon?” she quipped.

“No, this is an observation craft, used by those of the Grigori host to monitor the activities of humans on Earth.” he answered, as they were suddenly standing aboard the craft.

It was not a thing like she would have imagined. Angels, wearing traditionally depicted angelic garb of white robes with wings out and glowing light about their heads that she could only imagine were halos. The ship was invisible, appearing as blue sky with clouds, even at night. Looking down, she could see the crowd in Houston magnified and illuminated by daylight that wasn’t there. Several levels above her in the ship, she could see angels walking on floors that seemed not to exist. From time to time pulsating rings of light would circle the ship, showing its boundaries, and a small group of angels stood around one central bright orb of light.

“Raziel my brother, I would have a word with you in private.” said one of the angels by the orb.

“If you would excuse me for just a moment?” Raziel asked Cassandra for his temporary leave.

“Of course.” she said. In an instant the two angels were gone, leaving her on the ship.

“Hi, don’t mind me, I’m taking the tour. You don’t have a cafeteria by any chance, do you?” she asked, talking to cover the awkwardness of being left someplace strange.

Meanwhile, back in the Record the angel Xxan spoke to his brother Raziel. Xxan made sure to be respectful to Raziel, as he was just a minor angel in the Enochian hierarchy, and Raziel was an archangel. But he intended no disrespect anyway, and knew that Raziel knew this as well.

“My brother, I know that I need not remind you of the trouble some of our brothers of the Grigori order got themselves into by consorting with the Daughters of Man. Even our brother Jerahmeel has yet to be forgiven for that, and it was prophesied that he would be.” Xxan said.

“I appreciate your concern brother, but I am simply providing information that has been deemed allowable for human knowledge, this human especially, as she works with secrets and knows what not to divulge. Be certain brother, that I have no intention of an unlawful union with this woman.” Raziel said.

“Thank you brother, for easing my concerns for you.” Xxan replied.

“Thank you brother, for being concerned.” Raziel replied in kind.

With that they reappeared on the ship as though they had never left. Raziel collected Cassandra and they back to the Record within the blink of an eye. Cassandra saw books putting themselves away as they had when she had been here the first time.

“Did we just travel through time?” she asked.

“If that would be your understanding of it, though it is more complicate to explain that it is to do.” Raziel offered. Cassandra stood there looking at him for what seemed like an awkward amount of time. She thought to herself that he resembled James Bond from the covers of the books by Ian Fleming, and had to remind herself that the angel was an information source. Be professional Cassandra, she thought.

“So I can simply tell my superiors that it was an alien craft of unknown origin. Do you think they’ll accept that answer?” she asked.

“I believe that with the credibility you have already earned among your superiors and your peers, that they will undoubtedly accept any answer you give them. I’m rather fond of the lights from an outdoor concert reflected off of the clouds excuse, myself.” Raziel said with a wry grin.

With that she left, and went off to file her report with her boss. The next week she returned, this time with an open file that the NSA had considered to not be a threat to the United States. She came inquiring personally about the death of Princess Diana on 31 Aug 1997.

She found Raziel in the Fantasy section, putting Devil’s Armory Volume One on a shelf. Once again she thought to herself how attractive she found him. His back was still turned towards her, and although she liked his butt, she liked his back and shoulders more, remembering that somewhere there were two fantastic wings.

“You can speak Cassandra, you’re not disturbing me.” he said, still not looking at her.

“Um, I have an inquiry. I want to know who killed Princess Di, as well as how and why they did it.” she said

“Before I tell you, you must promise me that you will say nothing of it to your superiors. Some of them already do know, and don’t want anyone else to.” Raziel said, turning and looking into her eyes so deep, she knew he could see her soul.

“I promise.” she said, without even needing to think about it.

“There was a sequence of related events that most people in the media overlooked. Princess Diana was a proponent of banning the manufacture, sale, and use of land mines. Too many times, land mines are not recovered afterwards, and kill too many innocents. She of course involved her friends in her quest to make the World a little safer.” He began.

“Her friends not only supported her cause morally but financially as well.” he told her as they had a seat at a table on the patio of the greenhouse. Tea, coffee, and a variety of biscuits and pastries awaited them. Cassandra took coffee with cream, and Raziel had a cup of Earl Grey.

“One of her friends that provided financial support was Gianni Versace, who was shot dead on 15 July 1997, a month and a half before Diana died. He was shot dead on the steps of his Miami, Florida home as he returned home from his walk. He was murdered by Andrew Cunanan, who murdered four other people, and finally himself on a killing spree that started in Minneapolis, Minnesota.” Raziel told her as the greenhouse transformed to the steps of Versace’s house, the body being removed to the coroner’s wagon. Raziel waited until the body had been covered. Cassandra appreciated it.

“I remember hearing about that, but never gave it a second thought.” Cassandra commented.

“Diana herself was next to go, along with Dodi Fayed. Although initially blame was put on driver Henri Paul, who also died, for being drunk, but Mohamed Al-Fayed who employed Henri, accused MI6 of having planned it and getting Henri drunk. In actuality MI6 had nothing to do with it, although the assassin used had been MI6 at one point in his life. He had drugged bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who managed to survive, got Henri drunk, and then utilizing operatives posing as paparazzi used a technique that the Office of Strategic Services and British Intelligence used on Nazi staff cars during WWII. Instead of a car with aircraft landing lights disorienting the driver, they used motorcycles and cameras with flashbulbs. The result was the same, and caused Henri to crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel on 31 August 1997.” Raziel concluded as their chairs and table now sat in the tunnel, with ambulances departing.

“Wow. So they wanted her dead because she wanted to ban land mines?” Cassandra said, already knowing the answer, just looking for a pause while she took it in.

“Days later, on 5 September 1997, her friend Mother Teresa came home to us.” Raziel continued.

“But she died of natural causes, a heart attack brought on by damage caused by malaria, right.” she asked.

“She would have died of that anyway, but she was helped along. Someone in declining health is very easy to push over the edge, and natural causes are very easy to imitate. She was frail enough to not fight back, so placing wet towels over her face was enough.” he said, a twinge of anger visible in his eyes as they witnessed Mother Teresa as she had been in life.

“Next was John Denver, who was born in 1943 in Roswell, New Mexico, but that’s another story.” he started.

“Come on, the Roswell Crash was in 1947.” she interjected.

“I didn’t say he arrived there in the crash. Now if I may continue, John Denver was an activist championing causes such as ending World hunger, protecting endangered species, and also helping Diana by supporting the called for ban of mines. The instrumentation of his plane was tampered with, causing his crash the following month on 12 October 1997. This method would be used later on another target.” Raziel added, as they sat next to a memorial shrine for John Denver.

“Two months later, they were not done. Choosing to take out people even remotely opposed to mines, they next targeted Michael Kennedy. An expert skier, Michael died on 31 December 1997 at the age of 39 in Aspen, Colorado. He had been playing football on skis, and had been warned to cease the activity by the ski patrol. During this pause, he was struck by a small nearly painless dart with just enough of a cocktail made of natural elements to cause reactions to slow. He struck a tree.” Raziel said, as they now sat on the slope by the tree he struck.

“Five days later there was a near repeat performance, as Kennedy was just a practice run on a minor target. On 5 January 1998, Sonny Bono, another well-known proponent of banning mines struck a tree in a similar manner. When Sonny had skied on ahead of his group, a man using a silenced rifle fired shots in front of him to steer him into the trees. Later his wife erroneously claimed an addiction to Vicodin and Valium, but no substances or alcohol were found during the autopsy. It should come as no surprise that Mary Bono was elected to fill the remainder of his congressional term, and continued to be reelected seven more times until her defeat in 2012. Although not guilty of his murder, she was unwittingly used as a pawn by his killers, and they supported her elections to keep her from looking the wrong direction.” Raziel said, ensuring that she knew that Bono’s widow was not involved directly in the cover up. The scene now was a bit happier as they sat on stage during a Sonny and Cher performance.

“This is incredible.” Cassandra was near speechless.

“Diana’s friend Elton John was the only one unscathed. Although he suspected foul play, he decided more out of respect for Diana than fear of his own demise to let it go. Knowing that he knew but would be no problem for them, the men responsible used their influence in the British government to give him a “thank you gift” meant to make him appear involved if anyone should get too close to the truth, and on 24 February 1998, he was knighted Sir Elton John by the queen.” Raziel finished at Elton’s knighting.

“And lastly the loose end, who had already vowed to discover who killed his father, and was likely to stick his nose into this, so after his instrumentation was tampered with JFK Jr. also crashed a plane on 16 July 1999.” Raziel concluded, as their table now sat above the waves on the Atlantic Ocean.

“So who was responsible for all of this?” Cassandra asked.

“A collective group of men from various weapons manufacturers, their assassins mostly former intelligence operatives and ex special ops. I won’t give you the name of this group or its operatives, for that knowledge would get you killed.” he said.

“How would they know I have it?” she asked.

“You have a natural curiosity about you, and would pursue this to your death. I don’t want you to pursue it any farther, and I don’t want you to be killed.” he stated. They were back in the green house.

“I didn’t know you cared.” she teased.

“I am an angel, it is in my nature to care about all living things, even the evil people of the World.” he answered.

“So how do you know all of these things?” she asked.

“When one sees Eternity in things that pass away and Infinity in finite things, then one has pure knowledge.” Raziel said, quoting the Bhagavad Gita.

She left, but her visits became more frequent after that. She came seeking knowledge of all sorts of things. She wanted to find where Amelia Earhart had gotten to, and after a walk on a beautiful tropical beach he walked her straight up to the plane. She couldn’t help but notice the lack of any bodies in the plane.

“She survived?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, she’s still in good health, but is enjoying anonymity.” Raziel answered.

Another time, seeking to find a ISIS cell in Paris, they sat at an outdoor café on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. There he told her what she needed to know about the cell, but also told her of an attack that would occur in Paris, that she could not stop. Some things, no matter how bad, are meant to happen, for they are the catalysts of change. She enjoyed the pot au feu, the French beef stew.

There was a time she had to locate a missing researcher who disappeared climbing Mt. Everest, and standing atop Everest he pointed out to her the location the man’s body could be found, and though she could feel the cold wind trying to push her off the mountain, she felt warm and secure in his company.

He once took her back to the Beginning where although she could not see either of them, he explained to her how God had created Himself, how out of not wanting to be alone he had created the Demiurge who would help Him with Creation like two children playing with blocks, and he even showed her his own birth and how he was as a cherubim.

When she wasn’t visiting him, she caught herself thinking of him often. She would laugh at how life had led her to be friends with an angel, and not just any angel, but the Angel of Mysteries no less. It was like a fairy tale, but instead of a cricket or fairy godmother, she had an angel.

She asked once about Jimmy Hoffa, whom he explained died of a heart attack in 1998 while under the watchful eye of the US Marshals. There had been a close call where he was almost accidentally discovered in early 1994, when an episode of P.S. I Luv You alluded to Hoffa being alive in witness protection in Palm Springs. The show was pulled from television soon after.

When she asked him about her own future, his only answer was “I’m sure you will do great and wonderful things.”, but clearly wouldn’t even look. He wouldn’t tell her who killed JFK; he just said that the NSA knows. Times that he wouldn’t tell her things were rare, but she felt shut out and suddenly alone when he did.

Her greatest moment of joy with her new friend was when she wanted to see the dinosaurs. It was then that he decided to give her an aerial view, and spreading his fantastic wings, carried her through the skies above as they watched all manner of prehistoric life.

It started soon after that, a tiny seed of an emotion gave way to becoming a greater feeling, and thoughts became centered on it. She wasn’t new to having these feelings, just puzzled about why, and not afraid to question them. Aside from questions for her own heart, she had questions for her favorite angel as well. So on one visit it just had to come out.

“Do angels date?” Cassandra asked.

“There are some who have taken up the custom of marriage, though it is not something we make a practice of. When your essence is made mostly of love, such things aren’t required in order to maintain it. When two angels marry and forsake all others, it has little to do with sex, and more to do with joining their spirits. Not that sex isn’t a part of our life; it just has very little importance. As for dating, courtship between angels isn’t needed as we can see the connection between us and who God has chosen for us.” he answered.

“I meant with humans.” she clarified.

“It is forbidden by God, and those who have made such a transgression have suffered for it.” was all he said about it.

So, question asked and answered. She left, trying to hide her disappointment from someone who knew everything. But she decided that if friends were all they were allowed to be, that friends they would be. If she couldn’t explore the relationship past that point, then she would be his friend in order to keep him close to her. And he did know that she was falling for him, and regardless of seeming devoid of emotion felt sad for her wasting her love on him.

That night, curled up on her couch with a quart of butter pecan and her white cat Frosty, they watched City of Angels, and she wished that life could be more like the movies. Raziel saw his friend suffering, and it hurt his angelic heart to know he was the cause. Unable to look upon her much more, he too watched the movie and wished life could be different.
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