Memories Of Ice

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[Book 4] Roisin and the others make their way to Disceath, the home of Ashe to find some respite after recent events. While the others flee from the chaos left in their wake.

Fantasy / Scifi
Scarlett Dunn
5.0 2 reviews
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An airship took of from the ruins of Wynd Academy, and flew away from the giant shielded city of Ishtall. On board, Roisin was sat in the kitchen area, gazing out of the small window.

Knowing that Dex would remain with her in some way kept her strong, and quelled the anger that had threatened to consume her back at Pyre Academy.

Ashe and Ariel were sat on their bed in the hold, looking into each other’s eyes. The loss of Dex made them realize just how fragile life is.

Anya was in the cabin, piloting the airship, next to her was Wes.

“I’m sorry Anya” He sighed.

“What for?” Anya asked.

“The way I treated you back at the Academy” Wes frowned. “I was ignorant, the way you put your life on the line for Roisin is amazing” Wes added.

“It’s water under the bridge” Anya smiled.

“I’ll make it up to you” Wes nodded. Anya smiled at Wes and looked ahead to the sea of clouds ahead of the airship.

Meanwhile, on the ocean, Atlas was captaining an old millionaire’s yacht that the group had commandeered from Avadey Docks.

Syl was sat in the cabin, staring at Amanda, holding a knife in his hand. But he refrained and put it back in his pocket.

In the kitchen of the ship, Seb was sat staring out across the ocean. Pondering his actions back at Avadey.

Lumina and Abyssia returned to Aranei. Abyssia was still furious following the events at Pyre Academy. Lumina however departed before anyone knew she had arrived.

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