Memories Of Ice

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Roisin woke up in her cabin on The Wild Rose. She sighed and stared at the ceiling above her. Every morning she opened her eyes and debated to herself if she should just close them again. Since the events at Pyre, she felt as if all the colour had been drained out of life.

She had begun to see little glimpses of colour every now and again, but not like she used to. She looked at the alarm clock, it was midday, she turned on her side and could see the light of the docking bay shining through the curtains. Thankfully the thick windows and walls of the airship drowned out the sound of the work going on outside.

She then gazed over to the photo of herself and Dex, from the night following they attempted takeover of Ishtall, they both looked so happy back then, and it seemed like a whole lifetime ago. Roisin closed her eyes again and thought back to how happy she felt that night.

Roisin let out a deep sigh. It was time to get up. She opened her eyes and slowly sat up, before stretching. She was wearing her pyjamas, she headed over to the door and opened it, the kitchen was empty, but there were signs that the others had already been up a while and had eaten breakfast.

Roisin clicked the small button on the kettle and grabbed a cup, she put a coffee sachet into the cup, then grabbed some bread and put it in the toaster. She turned around and turned the television on, there was just a gardening programme on. She turned the volume down, as the kettle finished boiling.

She poured herself a coffee, stirred it and grabbed the honey, she put a few drops into the coffee and stirred it again. The bread also popped up, she grabbed it and buttered it, then sat down. For a few moments the grief had faded, but then it hit her again like a wave.

The memories of the days back at Wynd Academy flooded back to her. She felt a tight knot in her throat, and tears starting to form, but she shook her head and stopped herself. She had to learn to be stronger, she couldn't let the others see that she is weak.

She looked at the breakfast she had made, and her stomach turned. Her appetite hadn't returned yet either, and she felt as if it never might. But, she knew that she needed to keep her strength up, so she took a bite from the toast and forced it down. She took a sip from the coffee, it tasted sweet but bitter, just how she liked it.

It may have only been a sip of coffee, but she already had begun to feel brighter. The gardening programme had come to an end, and was followed by the news. They were still talking about the twin disasters of The Fall of Pyre and The Collapse of Imperistia.

A wave of anger hit Roisin, she knew who was likely responsible for The Collapse, it had to be Lumina. Roisin thought back to when she had her chance to beat Lumina back in the Fire Temple. She still sometimes wishes that she took the chance.

Why did she kill Dex? He had nothing to do with anything. Thoughts begun to swirl around Roisin's mind. It wasn't fair, she thought as her fists clenched, she banged her fist against the table, a drop of coffee spilled onto the table. Roisin relented and her anger passed. She remembered why she relented when attacking Lumina, she isn't like Lumina, she doesn't just take lives in cold blood.

Roisin finished her toast and continued drinking the coffee, she could hear someone walking about on the upper deck, where the cockpit and meeting room was. She had to reign in her feelings, in case they came down the ladder, she couldn't let them see how she truly was feeling.

She took a final sip of her coffee and smiled to herself. She finally began to feel herself getting stronger, she can make it through the day. Thoughts of the world outside began to come to her mind. The mountains, the waterfalls, the rivers, lakes, oceans. All of those things were out there right now, they existed, and they would continue to do so until the end of time.

The might continue until the end of time, but only if she stops Lumina, and anyone else who threatens to end all those beautiful things in the world. But for now, she'd have to settle for tidying the kitchen, she chuckled to herself as she grabbed the dishcloth and wiped the table. She also did the dishes and cleaned the counter tops.

The kitchen looked spotless, she had cleaned up not only her own mess, but the mess of the others too. Somebody had to do it, she thought as she washed her hands. Job done. She turned the television off and stretched once more. Now it was time to get ready to face the world. She headed back to the bedroom and closed the door.

Once more she looked at the photo of herself and Dex. This time, she felt warmth in her heart. Dex may be gone, but part of him would always live on within her. She smiled to herself and closed the bedroom door.

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