Memories Of Ice

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Tallest Eye

The tallest spire of Disceath gleamed in the cold glow of the sun. The whole tower was owned by Crystech. Despite staying out of world politics, Crystech was allowed to operate in the city, and was now the main headquarters of Crystech on the whole planet of Crystalla.

In the highest peak of the tower was the office of the company's new President. Bryan Fyre, Anya's 'father'. He stood at the large window and looked down at the city far below. He had short grey hair, and was wearing a pinstriped suit. An aide walked into the room.

"Sir" He bowed.

"What is it?" Bryan asked.

"We have confirmed sightings of both the prototype, and our missing project, they're together it seems" The aide explained.

"Hmm, they're here, in Disceath?" Bryan said, as he sat down behind his black marble desk.

"Yes sir, they were spotted in the mall in B Spire" The aide confirmed.

"Can you have them... 'recovered' covertly?" He asked, while tapping his fingers impatiently.

"It's more complicated than that, Sir, they're with Ashe Summers, the General's daughter... if either of them goes missing, the General will stop at nothing to find them" The aide sighed. Bryan grunted and threw a stapler at the window, before standing up. Bryan's eyes turned red.

"Find a way to get to them, or else you will have to find yourself a new job!" He yelled.

"Y... yessir!" The aide stuttered as he fled the room. Bryan lifted his hand up and used his powers to slam the door shut behind him. He took a deep breath and looked toward B-Spire's mall.

Meanwhile, down in the mall.

Anya and Roisin were sat having lunch, the mall was a huge circular room with many levels which ran around the whole circumference of B-Spire's middle floors.

"So, now that we're here, in Disceath, what's our next move?" Anya asked.

"There is no next move, for now, we're here to recover" Roisin smiled.

"Oh, I guess we do need that, but what about Lumina? And the other one?" Anya said, before taking a sip of her coffee.

"It's been a few months now, and we've not heard anything from Lumina, fauna and flora is returning to Terrana slowly and Abyssia? Well, from what we've heard she's back in Aranei and hasn't made any significant moves. We're at a rare moment where we actually have time to breathe, without worrying about anyone breathing down our necks" Roisin explained.

"Hmm, I suppose so" Anya nodded. "That being said... I've never had time to breathe, all my life I've been plugged and unplugged from machines. So to finally stand still and have time to spare is... weirdly unnerving" Anya explained.

"Unnerving?" Roisin asked.

"Yeah, almost as if we're waiting for something, or something is coming, and we don't know what" Anya sighed as she looked around the mall at various different people.

"We're safe here, Anya, this is one of the safest cities in all of Crystalla" Roisin smiled.

"If you say so, but I'm gonna keep watching our backs" Anya shrugged with a smile.

"Fair enough" Roisin chuckled as she drank her chocolate milkshake.

Anya looked up at F Spire, the tallest spire in Disceath, she looked at the very top, where Bryan's office was located, and frowned.

"I get bad vibes from that spire for some reason" Anya frowned.

"Maybe it's haunted?" Roisin teased.

"I'm being serious" Anya sighed.

"Oh, sorry" Roisin apologized and looked up. "I think I heard Crystech owns that whole tower... maybe that's why you're getting a bad feeling from there?" She asked.

"That would make sense, I guess, but, I dunno. It's sort of a weird aura" Anya struggled to explain.

"We can move away from here if you want?" Roisin asked.

"If that's okay with you?" Anya smiled. Roisin nodded back and they gathered their things. The two of them headed to a nearby elevator, and got inside, the doors were about to close when a hand stopped the doors. Bryan's aide walked into the elevator, and the doors slid shut.

Anya and Roisin looked at the aide, as he turned around.

"You're being watched, there are enemies here in Disceath, the tallest eye sees all" He said, before pressing the 'open door' button and leaving.

"Well, that was weird" Roisin scratched her head.

"Do you think he was telling the truth?" Anya wondered, as she pressed a button to take them to the shuttle bay.

"Tallest Eye? Hmm, even if he was just some oddball, we'd best keep our eyes out for anything, or anyone suspicious" Roisin nodded.

"What do you think he meant by Tallest Eye?" Anya asked.

"Maybe it's like a codename?" Roisin asked. "Could be that the first letters of each word match up to a name!" She smiled.

"Hmm" Anya pondered.

"Okay, so we're looking out for Terrance Eustace!" Roisin cheered. Anya chuckled.

"Hmm, I'll keep an eye out for this Terrance" Anya laughed. The two of them laughed as the walked out of the elevator, a camera watched as the walked toward the shuttle bay.

Back in Crystech Spire, Bryan was watching Anya and Roisin walking down the corridor on his security monitor, he rewound the video, which switch to the elevator they had just left, but the elevator on the footage was empty, Bryan growled and swept a lamp from his desk, it shattered to pieces on the white marble floor.

He stormed over to the window and looked down at B Spire again, and pounded his fist against the window.
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