Memories Of Ice

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In the mountains close to Imperistia, Treleva sat in his chamber, sipping on a glass of red wine, while listening to an old record. His room was filled with various relics and mementos that he had accumulated over the years.
He had his head in his hands, remembering the time he had spent in the Underworld, all those years running. He'd once tried to save this cursed world, and got vaporised for it. Now he was back, and the two people responsible for it were at the height of their power.
His partner in crime now worked alongside those who they had once opposed. The Academies trained the students how to use their stolen powers. He himself had those selfsame stolen powers.
The world had become lost and fallen to those with power to rule it. It was time to tip the balance back in his favour. There was a knock at the door.
"Enter" Treleva growled.
The door creaked open, Angelas, the woman responsible for the attack on Imperistia walked in, she bowed to Treleva.
"Good to see you, Angelas, what is it?" He asked.
"We intercepted a call that confirms that this "Araneia is in Imperistia, and is aware of your presence, to an extent" Angelas explained.
"To an extent? What do you mean by that?" Treleva asked.
"She knows of a great mystic, and of your name, but that is seemingly all" Angelas replied.
"Hmm, how are the townsfolk, here in our home?" Treleva said, as he looked at a relic that was stood against the wall.
"They're comfortable, the workers have almost finished digging out what will become our great hall" Angelas smiled.
"Good, you are dismissed" Trevela nodded as he waved away Angelas, Angelas left the room and Treleva sat back, and cast a spell in the palm of his hands. A mist covered his vision as his eyes turned grey.
Treleva concentrated on the mist, until he began making out a figure. It was a woman with white hair, sitting in a ruined city. As the vision came into focus, the face became clear, it was Lumina, and she was sat inside the ruins of Lumina Academy, with her eyes closed.
Treleva continued staring, until her eyes shot open and looked directly at Treleva, he gasped, remembering what Lumina had done to him all those years ago.
"Hmm, interesting, I had assumed I would never see your face again, traitor" Lumina scowled.
"You... can see me?" Treleva asked.
"Of course I can see you, I absorbed the Mystic Crystal and turned your beloved city and temple to dust" Lumina smiled, taking joy from twisting the knife in, as Treleva's eyes began to glow green. "I must admit, I took great joy in destroying the great statues of yours" Lumina grinned.
"You think I care about statues? I came back for one reason only" Treleva shrugged.
"What would that be?" Lumina asked.
"To free this world from you, and your magicks" Treleva stated.
"You can try, if you like" Lumina shrugged. "It won't end well for you though" She added.
"We shall see" Treleva said, before closing and reopening his eyes. The mist had gone, and he was once more sat inside his chambers. Treleva sighed deeply, he had not meant to tip his hand quite yet. He had intended to operate in the shadows for a while longer. Too late now, Lumina was aware, and she would be coming to stop him.
"Oh well" Treleva shrugged. He stood up and walked over the rock wall of his chamber, on the wall, there were several pictures, each depicting certain people from across Crystalla. Atlas, Amanda, Lumina, Abyssia, Roisin, Rychard Pyre, Bryan Fyre, and several other unidentified people.
He had placed this board up to help him keep track of the key players he would need to take down. Treleva sighed and looked at his hands.
He was opposed to Crystalliam, believing it to be a stolen power from the Harbingers, who in turn had stolen it from the gods, as he believed. In his mind it brought nothing but strife to the world, and that as long as it existed, those without Crystalliam would only exist to serve those with power.
Yet, he too possessed this power, the same power that Roisin possessed. Yet that didn't stop him dragging Rory from the hells to hunt down Roisin, a plan that backfired on him. He would not make the mistake of trusting anyone else to do his work for him.
His possession of the power, he believed was a curse, a punishment for serving the Harbingers themselves. He believed the gods must have cursed him with these powers for assisting those who slaughtered the majority of their kind.
No matter, his control over the Mystic Crystalliam had made him a dangerous foe, and a weapon to be used against those who stood against him.
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