Memories Of Ice

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Cold War

In the laboratories of Crystech, scientists were hard at work on making new droids. The synthetic bones rolled along a conveyor belt, before a robotic arm applied the synthetic muscle and skin. Bryan stood above the laboratory floor on an office balcony.

The scientists operating the machinery sighed, they had, until recently been working on vaccines and antibiotics, before Bryan had arrived and converted the whole floor of the building into a Droid production facility.

Unlike Anya, these Droids were made to be obedient and to follow orders without question. Not many Droids like Anya had ever existed, if any. Bryan walked back into the floor supervisors office.

"Is everything to your liking, Sir?" The supervisor asked.

"It's adequate" Bryan sighed. The supervisor hesitated before sitting up straight.

"If I may ask you a question, Sir?" The supervisor asked sheepishly.

"What is it? I'm a busy man" Bryan shook his head.

"Why do we require so many Droids?" The supervisor's voice shook. Bryan frowned and slammed his hand down on the desk, his eyes glowing red.

"Did you see what became of my home town? Of Terrana? Of Mystallia?" Bryan roared.

"Y... yes" The supervisor nodded his head.

"Then why do you ask me such a stupid question?" Bryan asked, his eyes focused on the supervisor.

"I'm sorry Sir!" The supervisor pleaded, Bryan took a deep sigh.

"Get down to the factory floor" He sighed.

"Sir?" The supervisor asked.

"Now!" Bryan growled.

The supervisor immediately stood up and walked out onto the balcony and down a set of stairs, followed by Bryan, as the supervisor walked down the stairs, he kicked him forward, sending him tumbling down the stairs as he fell, his arm broke. Bryan stepped over him and looked at the workers, who looked on, stunned.

"What are you all looking at?" He roared, the workers immediately looked away and continued working, Bryan knelt down next to the supervisor. "You're fired" He smiled as he patted the supervisor on the back. "Now get out of this building" He growled, before walking over to a nearby elevator and stepping inside.

Bryan sighed and pressed the lowest button on the lift's panel.

"Authorizing, please stand still" A voice came from a speaker near the control panel, and a red light scanned Bryan's face, the doors slid closed. "Bryan Fyre authorized, now proceeding to redacted" The voice said. The lift rolled down for several minutes before reaching the bottom floor.

The lift doors slid open to reveal a small rail station, with a small cart sat on the station, Bryan silently walked over to the cart and sat down, it scanned his face then activated, taking him on a small journey through the tunnels below the city of Disceath. Down in these tunnels there was no form of heating, so icicles hung down from the ceiling above, being broken apart by the front of the cart.

Moments later the cart arrived in a large room, the walls were made completely of ice, several scientists were dotted around the room, looking at computer terminals. In the centre of the room sat the Crystal of Ice. With some kind of apparatus being constructed around it, similar to what Skylar had constructed around the Crystal of Fire, back at Pyre Academy.

Bryan grinned as he looked at the Crystal, the traditional entrances to the Temple appeared to have been blocked off, perhaps to keep those above in Glacial Academy unaware of what events were taking place below their feet.

One of the scientists approached Bryan, a tag on his white coat said the name 'Chrys Iryn', the Iryn family, were one of the other notable families in Raryst, being responsible for the running of the mines, and assisting in the Droid program, alongside the Fyre family.

"Good to see you down here, Bry, we're making fantastic progress, the plans we managed to salvage have been a great help, though they were incomplete" Chrys explained.

"I trust that will not be a problem?" Bryan asked.

"Of course not, you have some of the brightest minds in the whole of Crystalla right here in this room. The device should be ready in no time" Chrys smiled. "How goes life above ground?" He asked.

"All is going proceeding to plan, the Droid program is proceeding apace" Bryan smiled.

"If this all goes to plan, we will be the most powerful nation in Crystalla, rivalling even Aranei" Chrys nodded.

"That is if we can take care of our 'guests' here in the city" Bryan sighed.

"Don't worry, once you have this energy inside your veins, you will be a match for our fiery little friend" Chrys chuckled.

"I hope you are correct. She is not to be underestimated, if reports are to be believed she went to the Underworld and came back unscathed..." Bryan pondered.

"Yeah, as if the underworld actually exists" Chrys laughed.

"Don't dismiss what you do not understand" Bryan sighed.

"Don't tell me you believe that garbage?" Chrys laughed.

"There are a great number of things that are beyond our comprehension, it would be best if we didn't dismiss them outright" Bryan said as he walked over to the Crystal of Ice and ran his hand over its cold surface. Chrys shrugged and walked back to his terminal, Bryan stared at the ice blue surface of the Crystal and grinned.
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