Memories Of Ice

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The city of Aranei chugged along, the many steel machines worked away. Abyssia was walking through the halls of the Imperial Academy, it was now mid-winter and all the students had headed home. Snow began falling onto the city below. A man wearing a long white coat walked out of the Academy nearby, his white hair blowing in the wind. Despite his white hair, his face was young.
Abyssia turned to face the man.
"Helios, about time you showed" Abyssia sighed.
"Apologies, I was preparing for this meeting" Helios bowed.
"Preparing what?" Abyssia asked, raising her eyebrow.
"Myself. To be honest, you're... a little frightening, to be honest" Helios shrugged. Abyssia chuckled.
"I don't intend to be, for the most part" She shrugged. Helios nodded and smiled. "Right, down to business. For the past year I have been both the Empress and Headmaster of this Academy" Abyssia began, as she motioned to the Academy.
"Hmm" Helios nodded.
"I cannot continue doing both, if I am to lead this nation, that requires my complete attention" Abyssia continued. "So, I am appointing you the Headmaster of the Imperial Academy, as of today" Abyssia smiled.
"Thank you, your Radiance" Helios bowed, "I shall get on it right away" He smiled.
"Actually, since we are currently out of term time, I have something I require of you" Abyssia began.
"What is it?" Helios asked.
"On the far western side of the western continent, there is an old settlement, in that settlement is an ancient building, intended as a meeting place for all the Academy leaders. The Council of the Academies." Abyssia explained.
"Hmm, I've not heard of a place like that before" Helios pondered.
"It hasn't been used in millennia, but we are in unprecedented times, and it is time we revived the Council" Abyssia explained.
"Hmm, you want me to head there?" Helios asked.
"Eventually yes, but first I will need you to visit the remaining Academies and inform each Headmaster of our intentions. I would communicate with them from here, but others could be listening in" Abyssia explained.
"Right" Helios nodded.
"I want you to head to Disceath first, and inform the Headmaster there of our intentions, from there, head back to Demi and then to the Western Continent" Abyssia commanded.
"Will I be travelling by airship?" Helios asked.
"Yes, but it will have to blend in, so we cannot send you in a fast high tech one" Abyssia sighed.
"I understand" Helios shrugged.
"With this, hopefully we can begin to push back against our enemies" Abyssia smiled slightly. Helios thought to himself for a second.
"Who are our enemies?" Helios asked.
"Well, you should know of Lumina, who briefly ruled this city" Abyssia explained.
"Yes, I remember that endless cold day that she brought" Helios sighed as he looked to the grey skies, with the snow falling.
"Indeed, she is our main foe" Abyssia replied. "However, there are several other forces out there we need to be prepared for. A war is coming, Helios, and it is not like one this nation has ever faced before" Abyssia said as she looked over Aranei. "We may have to fight alongside old enemies, and maybe against old friends" She continued.
"As long as it puts an end to this madness, I'll stand with you" Helios smiled.
"Thank you" Abyssia nodded, an old cargo airship came in to land in the courtyard.
"This is my ride?" Helios asked. Rust ran alongside the joints on the ship, with several shades of grey painted on the ship. There was a faded logo on the side which read 'Mythia Shipping'.
"Yes, I apologize for it not being... well, for the state of it" Abyssia sighed.
"As long as it doesn't conk out over the ocean I don't mind" Helios chuckled. The door of the ship opened and an Imperial Trooper walked out.
"All yours Sir" He said as he disembarked. Helios nodded and walked aboard, he looked back to Abyssia.
"I shall see you soon" He nodded.
"Good luck, Headmaster" Abyssia nodded. Helios flicked a switch by the doorway and the door creaked shut. Helios made his way to the cockpit, which had a weird smell and a worn leather chair.
He began preparations for take off, flipping several switches and making checks, before taking off, as the ship lifted off the ground, the engine made a loud humming sound.
"Well, I didn't expect my first day of being a Headmaster would be this" Helios chuckled to himself as he flew away over the city of Aranei, the snowfall had become a blizzard which made it hard to see what was ahead. Luckily the on-board radar was still operational.
As the hours went by, Helios continued on his path to Disceath, winter had begun to sweep across the whole Eastern Continent.

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