Memories Of Ice

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I'm Okay

Roisin sat gazing out of the window of the airship, they were flying over the ocean, she sighed deeply as she thought of Dex. Everything went downhill so fast at Pyre Academy. When she thought of Skylar, the only feeling she could muster was hatred.

Ashe opened the door to Roisin's cabin, and sat on Roisin's bed.

"How are you holding up?" Ashe asked.

"I'm doing okay, I guess" Roisin replied, as she continued to stare out of the window.

"Ariel is making pancakes, if you want some?" Ashe smiled.

"I don't think I can stomach anything" Roisin said as she sighed.

"Well, I'll bring some in for you anyway, you don't have to eat them, but they're there for you" Ashe replied.

"Thank you, Ashe" Roisin looked over to Ashe and smiled slightly.

"Roisin, I love you, you are my best friend, and I am never going to leave you" Ashe said, as she stood up and wrapped her arms around Roisin, Roisin returned the hug.

"I'm glad I have you, Ariel and the others" Roisin smiled.

"We're lucky to have you too, to think, when we first met, we fought" Ashe laughed, as she let go of Roisin.

"Wynd was NOT happy" Roisin chuckled slightly.

"Damn right he wasn't, I was held back a whole year!" Ashe smiled.

"You deserved it" Roisin joked.

"I'm glad I did, I got to meet you all" Ashe nodded.

"It's a shame Logan didn't make it to Pyre in the end" Roisin sighed.

"Yeah" Ashe frowned. "But, you know, we're still here, and we have gotta make the most of it, we need to fight for those we've lost, and for those we can still save" Ashe added.

"I know, you're right" Roisin said, as she stood up. "I will get better in time. I'm okay" Roisin smiled slightly.

"I know you are, I just worry, is all" Ashe said as she stood up.

"I'll come and have some pancakes with you all, I guess" Roisin smiled.

"Nice! Ariel will be over the moon!" Ashe grinned. Roisin nodded and they stepped out into the dining area. Anya, and Wes were sat at the small dining table, while Ariel was by the stove making the pancakes. Roisin gasped.

"What's up, Ros?" Anya asked.

"Who's piloting the ship?" Roisin replied as she ran for the ladder that lead to the cockpit.

"Whoa! Calm down Ros, it's on autopilot" Wes chuckled.

"Oh" Roisin chuckled. "Made a right fool of myself there" She said as she climbed down the ladder.

"Anya discovered it the other day, must have been a new model of airship" Ariel said as she flipped a pancake.

"Yeah, made things a lot easier, not having to take shifts, shame it's such a slow model though, still gonna take a week to get to Disceath" Anya added.

"Will be worth the journey though, as you know, Disceath generally keeps out of world politics and is pretty isolated on its island, it's the perfect place to catch out breath" Ashe smiled.

"Will be nice to meet Mr. and Mrs. Summers too" Roisin smiled as she and Ashe sat at the table, Ariel placed a stack of pancakes in the centre of the table and also took a seat, the group took a couple of pancakes each, and tucked in.

Later that night.

Anya and Wes were sat in the lounge area of the airship. They were chatting to each other about Anya's origins.

"So, droids... do you have like nuts and bolts on the inside? Sorry if that sounds insensitive" Wes asked.

"It's okay, to be honest, I'm not completely sure, though if I get scratched, I bleed... and I think it's real blood" Anya replied.

"I think, my fears about you came from the loss of my father" Wes began. "Back when the protests happened at the Iryn mines, several miners were killed when one of the Droids used too much force, my father was one of those miners" He added.

"I'm so sorry, Wes..." Anya sighed deeply.

"No, you have nothing to be sorry over. You aren't responsible for that, and I should never have forced the blame on you" Wes sighed.

"Thank you" Anya smiled.

"I wish we could have done more, in the Fire Temple, I feel responsible for Dex's death" Wes said as he put his head in his hands.

"I know what you mean, we brought him there, if we hadn't... maybe he'd have" Anya stuttered.

Roisin walked in, holding a mug of hot chocolate.

"Dex would have gone with or without you" She said.

"Oh! Roisin, I'm sorry for..." Anya began.

"No, it's okay" Roisin smiled slightly. "Dex would have stopped at nothing to save me... He'd have come with or without you" She added, as she sat down.

"I guess you're right" Wes said, as he relaxed onto the couch.

"Roisin, seeing Ishtall again yesterday..." Anya began.

"I miss it there, back when everything seemed so simple back then" Roisin replied. "Seeing Wynd Academy in ruins, and Aeolus towering over the city... I never thought I'd see the day" She added.

"So that was Aeolus? The Celestial Guardian of Ishtall?" Wes asked, Roisin nodded.

"I guess she was summoned to protect the city from Lumina, or one of her minions. The shield she cast around the city should keep it safe, and for that, I am glad" Roisin explained.

"We'll return there one day, and you will finally be able to rest" Anya nodded. Roisin smiled and took a sip from the hot chocolate, the low hum of the airship's engines soon lulled them all to sleep, as the ship carried on across the ocean toward Disceath.

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