Memories Of Ice

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The Fugitive

The Wild Rose shot out of the landing bay as General Summers watched, as the door began to shut, the room was swarmed by Crystech soldiers. They aimed their rifles at the General.

"Where is the fugitive?" The captain yelled.

"I don't answer to you, I work for Disceath, not Crystech" The General stood defiant and fearless before the soldiers.

"Crystech droids will now be taking over the security of this city, General, your time is done" Bryan smirked as he walked in, smoking a cigarette.

"Over my dead body" The General frowned.

"That can be arranged" Bryan shrugged as he gave the command to open fire on the general. As the troops shot, the General ran to the edge of the landing bay and jumped from the spire. As the General fell, an unmarked airship caught him and flew away undetected.

Bryan walked to the edge of the landing bay and looked down, before turning to the Captain.

"Go down there and find the body, dispose of it however you see fit" Bryan sighed as he stormed across the bay to the exit.

Meanwhile, aboard The Wild Rose, Roisin was sat in the pilot's seat, with Wes sat in another seat, in control of the communications. Ashe was sat ready to operate the weapons. Wes listened in on the comms device and turned to Ashe.

"Your Dad got out safe, Ashe" He smiled.

"Thank the gods..." Ashe sighed.

The Airship flew across the ocean, against a blizzard of snow. The sun had set and the view from the cockpit could be mistaken as that of a spaceship's cockpit from a science fiction snow, with the snow appearing as if they were distant stars.

"He said to get as far away from Disceath as we can, he suggested we fly to Northan to lie low" Wes explained.

"On it" Roisin nodded as she adjusted the course, the airship flew across the ocean, above a small boat that was sailing toward Disceath.

"Did he say where he is heading?" Ashe asked.

"He didn't want to say, he just said to be careful and that he would see as soon as possible" Wes replied.

Anya climbed up the ladder and onto the bridge of The Wild Rose.

"Ros, we should be a sufficient distance away from Disceath now to stand down from alert status" Anya smiled as she sat behind a console. Roisin nodded and flipped a switch, the autopilot took over the controls of the ship and Roisin stood up and sighed.

"I'm sorry I got you all into this..." Roisin sighed.

"You didn't get me into anything Ros, I'm here of my own free will, I follow you because... well because you're a good person in a world full of bad" Ashe smiled.

"Agreed, you have always been there for me, and I will follow you to the ends of Crystalla if needs be. You are my captain, and my friend" Anya smiled.

"I don't really have much else to add, other than, I too, will follow you to the end of the planet" Wes nodded. Roisin smiled slightly.

"Thank you, all of you..." She smiled. "How about we head to the briefing room and chat about what has happened?" Roisin added.

Roisin headed to the briefing room and called for the others as the airship carried on flying over the dark cold ocean, flying low to avoid detection. When everyone had gathered, Roisin sat at the head of the table.

"Well, our plan to relax just went out of the window..." Roisin sighed.

"Hmm, what do you think Fyre wants?" Ariel pondered. Anya sighed and shook her head.

"He's my 'father', from what I know of him, he's greedy and power hungry" Anya explained.

"But why turn on Roisin?" Ariel asked.

"He might have seen her power as a threat, maybe?" Lotte suggested.

"Possibly, but a threat to what?" Roisin asked.

"Hmm, he's up to something and I don't like it" Wes sighed. Ashe turned to Anya.

"What else do you remember of your father? Anything you ever saw him research?" Ashe asked.

"Just the properties of the crystals and how they work, he put a lot of resourcing into working them out, so he could build more of my style of droid, but he discovered that it wasn't sustainable" Anya explained.

"Hmm, could he be after the Ice Crystal?" Lotte asked.

"Perhaps... though, if we head back now, he'd just capture us, he has all the Droids" Ariel sighed.

"Yeah, we need to plan our next move carefully, he could be baiting us" Lotte agreed.

"Maybe we should return to Pyre?" Anya suggested.

"Return to Pyre? Why?" Ashe asked.

"That is where my father's lab is, if it survived, it may provide the answers that we need" Anya replied.

"That is indeed a plan, go back to where he started, see if we can work out a weakness" Ashe nodded.

"Right, we'll head to Northan, resupply and then head to Raryst" Roisin announced as she stood up, she smirked for a second before looking around. "Dismissed" Roisin smiled.

Everyone began leaving the briefing room, and headed to the living area to relax as The Wild Rose flew into the blizzard and into the dark of the night.

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