Memories Of Ice

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Glacial Academy

Atlas upped the power on the boat as it went faster, a white and red airship passed overhead, rocking the boat.

"Looks like things are kicking off in Disceath" Atlas said. A Crystech airship approached the boat, Atlas frowned and flipped a switch on the dash which activated the searchlight, and was pointed directly at the airship's cockpit, the ship swerved and crashed into the water.

"What if that was Ros?!" Syl shouted.

"I can't see it being... but perhaps you're right, we shouldn't attack at random" Atlas nodded.

"She might not even be at Disceath, you know?" Amanda shrugged.

"We can't take that chance" Syl scowled toward Amanda. The island of Disceath began to appear on the horizon. Airships whizzed around the city as the boat sailed to the edge of the great glacier.

As the boat touched the glacier, everyone climbed off of the boat and began making their way toward Glacial Academy.

"We'll go to the Academy and see if we can access the Temple without being detected" Atlas explained as he ran across the ice. A Crystech carrier ship suddenly flew close to the group and shone its spotlight on them.

"Halt! By the order of Crystech!" A voice yelled. The carrier bays opened and several identical looking droids jumped down onto the ice and drew their blades.

"Well, this is creepy..." Seb stated.

"You can say that again" Syl nodded. Amanda tossed an explosive device at the droids, killing them instantly. The others turned and looked at her, surprised.

"They're not human, they're machines, don't let them fool you, they're made to kill..." Amanda sighed.

"Maybe, but even so" Atlas began.

"Enough, we don't have time to discuss this..." Amanda shook her head, the carrier still hovered overhead, Amanda summoned her Celestial Hand cannons and opened fire on the ship, aiming for the engine room, within a few shots the ship erupted into an explosion and began to fall.

"Run!" Amanda shouted as the carrier fell toward the glacial lake, the others nodded and continued toward the Academy.

"I wonder if Crystech has deployed these in all cities?" Syl asked.

"I imagine so, it's a heck of a power move..." Seb nodded.

"Yes, I would imagine he has even deployed them in Aranei" Amanda replied. "Depending on how fast they can be manufactured, he may have the world in his grasp..." She added.

The group approached the island that the Academy sat upon, and began climbing the old worn path toward the school.

"Uncle Atlas, do you think that Bryan guy was telling the truth about Roisin and the crystal?" Syl asked.

"Hmm, it's hard to tell, he's not an honest guy" Atlas sighed. "But something happened at Pyre, and she was there" He added.

"I hope she's dealing with it well..." Syl sighed.

"She has her friends with her, she'll do okay" Atlas smiled at Syl slightly as they approached the doors to the Academy. It stood tall, like a huge ice palace, as they entered the great hall, they spotted a woman with white hair and a blue suit at the far end.

"Who approaches?!" She shouted.

"Atlas Luna... we're here to help" Atlas shouted back.

"Hmm... very well" The woman said as she began approaching. "I am Glinda Frost, Headmistress of Glacial Academy" She stated as she approached the group.

"Glinda, we believe Cryste..." Atlas begun.

"I know, they've gained access to the Temple" Glinda said as she stopped.

"Then why haven't you stopped them? You want yet another crystal to be taken?!" Atlas yelled.

"Silence! It is foolish to stop him, he wishes to forestall the coming apocalypse, and I for one will not stand in his way" Glinda shook her head.

"You're a Headmistress! You're supposed to protect the Crystal!" Syl roared as he pointed his finger at Glinda.

"What is the point? If he doesn't come for it, Lumina will and if she doesn't come for it, your sister will" Glinda scowled at Syl.

"Leave Roisin out of this" Syl growled as his eyes turned red.

"You Lunas are all the same... all taking what isn't yours..." Glinda shook her head. The doors opened behind the group, it was Droid soldiers, and from behind them stepped Bryan.

"Well, well, if it isn't the Hero of the Skarlit Skies himself" Bryan smirked, droids also came out from all the other exits of the Great Hall. Bryan looked at Amanda. "The Empress of Aranei too! Fantastic!" Bryan cheered with glee.

"I'll break your neck" Amanda scowled.

"Sure, you could try, but before you reach me, these Droids would kill you dead" Bryan laughed.

"Kill you dead?" Glinda said.

"Yes, you heard me..." Bryan shot a look of disappointment at Glinda.

"Hmm, funny choice of words is all" Glinda smiled, Bryan frowned. Glinda raised her hand in the air, then clicked her fingers, in a flash of light she, Atlas, Amanda, Seb and Syl disappeared.

"No!" Bryan shouted. "Find them!" He commanded.

The group reappeared in Spire A, at the peak.

"Whoa! What the...!?" Atlas said as he fell backward, he looked toward Glinda.

"Just a little trick I learned" She smirked.

"Kinda like what Syl did back at Abysial" Seb said, raising an eyebrow at Syl.

"Hey, I don't even know how I did that..." Syl scratched his head. Glinda looked around.

"They'll find us soon, we gotta move" She said.
"Wait, before we do that, you are on our side, right?" Atlas asked.
"Yes, I had to fool Bryan, to stop him from killing you outright" Glinda nodded.
"How did you know we were coming? How did he know?" Amanda asked, as she folded her arms.
"Crystech has gotten very good at keeping track of important players, thanks to innovations by Rychard before he went missing" Glinda explained. "Now come on, let's get going" She said as she ran ahead.

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