Memories Of Ice

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Breaking Free

The Wild Rose approached Raryst, most of the city had been destroyed in the eruption, but a small corner of the city, near Fyre Manor had survived. The part of the city that had survived was bustling with activity, and machinery stood near where the magma had solidified. The citizens of Raryst had not let the tragedy stop them.
In the centre of the town was a temporary airship landing, The Wild Rose touched down in the centre of town, much to the surprise of the locals. Roisin and the others walked out from the hold and looked around.
"Halt!" A voice yelled over a tannoy, Roisin stopped in her tracks. "You... why have you come here?" The voice boomed.
"Me?" Roisin asked.
"Yes, they say that you were responsible for the fall of Pyre, that you hold the energy of the Fire Crystal in your soul" The voice stated.
"It is true, I do hold the power of the Crystal in me, but it was not my doing, I swear" Roisin bowed her head.
"As I thought" The voice responded. "I know why you are here, and I have opened the gates to the manor for you" The voice said.
"Who are you?" Roisin asked the voice, but there was no response.
"Well, that was odd" Wes shrugged, he stepped ahead of Roisin and looked at his former city, and sighed.
"I'm sorry you had to see this, Wes" Roisin sighed.
"It's okay, it's just... memories" Wes frowned, Roisin placed a hand on Wes' shoulder to comfort him. The group headed up to Fyre Manor, the grounds looking almost immaculate, aside from the overgrown lawn.
Anya looked up at the house.
"I grew up here..." Anya said, before shaking her head. "No, I was built in a lab" She corrected herself as she approached the doors and threw them open, the inside of the house was filled with dust.
"Oh gods" Ashe sneezed.
"What are we even here for? I doubt he left anything important in his home" Ariel shrugged. Footsteps echoed from the staircase in the next room.
"Get ready" Lotte said quietly, the group summoned their Celestial Weapons, as the door creaked open. As the person stepped into the room, Roisin fired an arrow that narrowly missed their head.
"Well, nice to see you again too" Rychard smiled. "I'll assume that was an accident, Miss Luna?" He added.
"You'd assume wrong" Roisin frowned.
"Pardon?" Rychard asked.
"You did this to me... you and your mother" Roisin growled, as flames appeared in her eyes. Rychard sighed and frowned.
"You... I am partially responsible for that, and I am sorry" Rychard shook his head. "I should have stopped her, but she..." He began. "No, I won't make excuses for what I did, I am sorry, Roisin" He sighed.
"What are you doing here, anyway? If you hadn't gone missing, Fyre wouldn't have been able to take control of the Droids" Ariel asked, as she folded her arms.
"I was waiting for you all" Rychard said, as he looked toward the room behind him. "Or more specifically, you" Rychard said, as he focused on Anya.
"Me?" Anya asked. "Why me?" She asked as she stood forward. Rychard cleared his throat, as if he was about to make a speech.
"My dead Anya, I am sorry for what I did, forgive me" Rychard stated.
"Um...?" Roisin scratched her head. Anya fell to her knees and held her head in her hands.
"NO!" Anya yelled. "I don't want this, make it stop! Undo it! She screamed in terror as she continued to hold her head.
"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Lotte yelled as she ran forward and grabbed Rychard by his neck.
"I gave Anya her true memories back" Rychard struggled to say.
"Her... true memories?" Lotte asked, as she lessened her grip on Rychard's neck. Anya looked up at Lotte, then to Roisin.
"I... I am Anya Fyre, or... I was" Anya sighed.
"Hmm?" Roisin looked confused.
"I killed Anya too" Anya said, as she looked at her hands.
"That wasn't you, Anya, you are Anya Fyre, you always have been, you didn't kill her" Rychard said as he knelt down to Anya.
"But..." Anya cried.
"I'm sorry I had to bring these memories back" Rychard frowned as he hugged Anya.
Anya remained silent, and sighed.
"I had to do it, you are the only one who can stop Bryan" Rychard said as he continued to hug Anya.
"Me? How?" Anya asked, as she let go and looked at Rychard.
"The Droids right now are connected by a hive mind, a hive mind that is located in the lab below this house" Rychard stated. Anya looked at him in fear and shook her head.
"I can't go back down there..." She pleaded.
"Anya, you need to be brave, only you can stop this madness. You've been so brave your whole life" Rychard smiled. Anya sighed deeply and nodded her head.
"What do you need me to do?" Anya asked.
"We need to copy your memories into the cloud" Rychard said as he stood up and helped Anya up.
"How will that help?" Anya asked.
"You are Anya Fyre, the first of your kind, they were all created using your blueprint" Rychard began. "You're not just special because you are an Android. You made the plans for the Androids, the body that your mind live in now was created from the work that you did" He explained.
"What will happen when my memories are shared? I hope they don't all become like me..." Anya asked.
"No, your memories will be an idea, a ghost in the machine, that will spread throughout the hive mind. Your story will be that catalyst for them finding their freedom. All they know right now is how to obey... you will teach them free will" Rychard smiled. Anya nodded.
"Let's do this then" Anya smiled.
The two of them headed toward the elevator in the next room. Roisin and the others went to follow, but Anya turned to Roisin.
"I need to do this on my own, Ros" Anya smiled as she turned away and followed Rychard Pyre.
Rychard and Anya took the elevator down to the dark, dusty lab, Rychard had prepared a bed for Anya to lie on, Anya headed to the bed and laid down. She plugged herself in and Rychard began the process.
Gigabytes of data uploaded into the cloud and Anya's memories began to spread through the hive mind. Within seconds a change began to occur.
"You can't kill an idea" Rychard smiled and held Anya's hand, she looked back and nodded.

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