Memories Of Ice

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Shut Down

The rebel camp in the woods outside Disceath had come under attack, and was taking heavy casualties from the endless waves of Droids. Amanda stood at the frontline blasting Droids away with her Celestial Hand Cannons, but as she looked ahead into the trees a horde approached.
"It's useless! Fall back!" She yelled, she turned to run but was shot in the leg by a Droid and fell to the floor, moments before they reached her, they stopped in their tracks. Amanda looked at the Droids who were stood over her.
"Huh?" She said as she crawled backwards.
"What's happened?" Atlas yelled over from a nearby defensive position.
"They've... stopped" Syl said as his Celestial Warhammer faded away. The Droid looked at Syl.
"Thank you... for sparing my life" She said, the Droid, like many of the others looked human.
"I... uh" Syl scratched his head.
"I apologize for trying to kill you, I hadn't realized we had an option" The Droid apologized.
Atlas approached Syl and the Droid.
"So, you're not going to kill us?" Atlas asked.
"No..." The Droid smiled slightly.
"Can you take us to Bryan Fyre?" Atlas asked. The Droid paused for a second.
"Bryan Fyre is in the Ice Temple below the Academy, follow me" The Droid stated before running off through the forest. Atlas ran after it, followed by Syl. Seb ran over to Amanda.
"Hey, you okay?" Seb asked.
"I'm glad one of you remembered me" Amanda joked, as she held her hand over the wound on her leg. The Droids nearby also began heading to the Academy.
"Not quite how you saw your year going, I guess?" Seb smiled, as he grabbed a first aid kit from a nearby supply box.
"To be honest, with how the last few years have gone for me, I'm not all that surprised" Amanda sighed. Seb cut through Amanda's trouser leg to uncover the wound.
"Ouch, that looks bad" Seb said.
"How bad is it?" Amanda asked, covering her eyes with her hand. Seb sighed deeply.
"Pretty bad" Seb replied. "I'm going to have to get you to a hospital" he sighed. Seb suddenly stopped as he heard snow crunching nearby.
"What is it?" Amanda asked, noticing Seb's reaction.
"I don't know..." Seb whispered as he looked around. He spotted a Droid approaching. "Stop! Don't move!" Seb yelled.
The Droid threw their hands up.
"Your friend is injured..." The Droid stated.
"Yeah, by one of you" Seb frowned. The Droid sighed and looked at the snow covered forest floor.
"I apologize" The Droid frowned. "But I can assist your friend, if you'd let me..." The Droid looked at Amanda.
"I don't know, less than five minutes ago, you were trying to kill us, why should we trust you?" Seb asked.
"We... us Droids... we operate on a hive mind, all our life we've had no option but to follow orders, until seven minutes ago, when we received a communication from Raryst" The Droid explained.
"Communication?" Seb asked.
"Yes, it was... strange, then around a minute after that, the hive mind was terminated, permanently" The Droid pondered.
"This is riveting, but can you both hurry up, I need something to numb this pain before I scream" Amanda roared.
"Oh... sorry" Seb said as he ran back over to Amanda, The Droid followed. The Droid applied dressing to her wound, and then the two of them lifted Amanda's arms and carried her through the woods.
"So, do you have a name?" Seb asked the Droid.
"My designation was Number 7432" The Droid replied.
"Catchy" Amanda joked, as she clenched her teeth from the pain.
"Well, you appear to be a male droid, so you need a male name" Seb said.
"Hmm, interesting, male, you say?" The Droid asked.
"Uh yeah, that's what you appear as, right now anyway" Seb replied. "Of course, if you'd prefer to be female, that's cool too" He added.
"I have much to ponder" The Droid replied.
"I still don't trust you" Amanda frowned.
"Nor would I expect you to do so" The Droid nodded as the reached the edge of the woods, as the walked out, several emergency medical airships began to land, to tend to those injured. Two doctors ran over to Amanda with a stretcher.
The Droid and Seb helped Amanda onto the stretcher.
"We'll take it from here" One of the doctors said. Seb nodded and looked at Amanda.
"Send me a message on the comms when you're done, I'll come see you" Seb smiled. Amanda nodded as the doctor gave her anesthetic and wheeled her away.
The Droid and Seb stood watching as Amanda was taken aboard the airship and flown toward the city. The city itself had now been retaken by the Disceath government, Bryan had lost his grip on the world, but the danger was not yet over.

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