Memories Of Ice

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Fallen Angel

Roisin watched as Anya boarded the elevator with Rychard, and as the door closed, she turned around to look at the others.

"You're gonna let her go down there alone with him?" Lotte asked.

"Do you take me for an idiot?" Roisin smirked.

"Well..." Ashe chuckled.

"Shush you" Roisin smiled.

"So what's the plan? You saw how the elevator door works. He used Anya's retinal scan and fingerprint" Ariel pointed out as she walked over to the door and looked closer at the retinal scanner.

"Something I like to call brute force" Roisin replied as she walked over to the door, flames sparked deep in her eyes, as she pulled the elevator door open with all her strength. The doors slid open quite easily. The others seemed impressed.

"Remind me not to get on your bad side, Ros" Wes laughed. Roisin peered down the elevator shaft, the lift had stopped on the lower floor.

"How do we get down there?" Ariel asked as she too looked down.

"We'll just use the cables" Lotte said, as she pointed to the elevator cables.

Roisin jumped across to the cable and slid down slowly, the others began to follow, but Wes seemed nervous when approaching the doors.

"Afraid of heights?" Ashe asked as she held onto the cable.

"A little..." Wes shivered.

"Come down with me then" Ashe offered as she reached out her hand. Wes nodded nervously, as soon as he held Ashe's hand, she pulled him over to the cable and they slid down to where the others were waiting.

Lotte looked at the panel on the roof of the elevator.

"It's no use" Lotte sighed.

"Another biometric lock?" Ariel asked.

"No, it can only be opened from the inside" Lotte sighed.

"Let me handle it" Roisin nodded, as she knelt down and grabbed the panel door, as she did, the flames returned to her eyes, and she ripped the panel door off before jumping down into the elevator.

The doors to the elevator were wide open, and Rychard had a gun pointed at Roisin.

"What... why are you down here?" Rychard asked.

"You think I'd really leave you down here with Anya after what you did to me?" Roisin asked.

"The process is done... she's resting" Rychard said, as he looked down at Anya who was asleep on the bed.

"Wake her" Roisin said as she walked defiantly toward Rychard.

"But she needs rest" Rychard said, still aiming the gun.

"I said wake her..." Roisin roared as the flame once again showed in her eyes.

"Okay! Okay!" Rychard nodded, as he tossed the gun aside and woke Anya up using a machine. Roisin ran over to the bed and checked on Anya, who was still coming around.

"Maybe the project name was a pretty apt name for you after all. Fallen Angel" Rychard sighed.

"You did this to me, you and your mother" Roisin frowned at Rychard, before looking back to Anya. Anya slowly opened her eyes and looked at Roisin.

"Ros... did it work?" Anya asked, half asleep.

"It did, and I disconnected all the Droids from the hive mind and deleted it, once the process had completed" Rychard explained.

"Good..." Anya smiled slightly at Rychard, then turned to Roisin. "What's wrong, Ros?" She asked, as she noticed Roisin's frown.

"I thought it was going to be Pyre Academy all over again... I can't lose another friend" Roisin said as tears formed in her eyes. "I couldn't leave you down here alone with Rychard" Roisin sighed, before looking angrily at Rychard. The others climbed down into the lift.

"I wish I could undo what we did to you, Roisin... if I hadn't been so spineless. If I'd have just stood up to Skylar, none of this would have happened" Rychard sighed.

"It did happen, and you have to live with that" Roisin sighed. "Like I have to live with this, and without Dex" She added.

"For so many years, mother pretty much disowned me. I just wanted to make amends" Rychard sighed. "She came to me, back at the Terrana base, with the idea, I wanted to say no. But I was a coward, and agreed to it, for a chance to work with my mum" He added.

"I hope you don't expect me to feel sorry for you" Roisin said, as she took hold of Anya's hand.

"I don't expect forgiveness" Rychard shook his head. "I want to make amends, for everything that happened at Crystech, under my supervision. So I took control of the ruins of Raryst, to revive what is left of the city. To fix at least some of my mistakes" He added.

"While part of that is admirable, your absence from Crystech has let Fyre take control" Ariel said as she approached.

"You know as well as any of us that the Fyre and Iryn families only care about power. Now too it seems like the Pyre family is following that path" Wes added, as he too approached.

"What do you want me to do?" Rychard asked.

"Take back Crystech, and restore it to what it once stood for. Before working with the Empire, before what you did to Roisin, before Bryan" Anya said, as she looked up at Rychard.

"The name is in tatters, the company probably won't last the year" Rychard sighed.

"Then make that year matter, don't do what you do for profit, or for your own name. Do it for Crystalla" Roisin said, as she looked Rychard in the eyes. "Do it, and maybe I won't hate you for what you did to me" She nodded.

"I'll do it..." Rychard smiled slightly. "Just get me to Disceath" He added

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