Memories Of Ice

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No Heroes

Atlas captained the small boat across the ocean, waves battered the sides of the boat. Seb was laid on his bed below decks. He kept thinking of those who had died in Abysial Academy, and the city of Avadey itself. So many innocent people, who's only mistake was living in the city ruled by Abyssia.
Was Arranthian right to take his revenge on these people? Seb thought to himself. Was he really fighting for the good side, was there a good side?
Syl walked into the bedroom, since it was a small boat, they all had to share the bedroom.
"Hi, Syl" Seb mumbled, as the boat rocked from the waves. Syl stretched and yawned, he hit the low roof accidentally.
"Wassup, Seb" Syl said as he laid down on his bed.
"Syl" Seb said.
"Yeah?" Syl replied, as he too gazed at the roof.
"Were we right to do what we did... to Avadey?" Seb asked, Syl sighed deeply.
"Honestly? It's not how I wanted it to pan out... I just wanted to shut down the Academy, ruffle Abyssia's feathers..." Syl frowned.
"Yeah" Seb nodded. "I guess I can understand what Arranthian did, to a degree... but all those people, dead" Seb said.
"We went too far" Syl nodded. "Then again, I've done some bad things, since Terrana" He added.
"Those weren't completely you though, it was Lumina and her Light Aether" Seb replied.
"Yeah, but the blood is still on my hands, I just hope Roisin still recognizes me after we're done" Syl sighed.
"You say that, but with the journey she has been on, she too will be different from how she was when you saw her last" Seb said, as he sat up.
"Yeah, she's had to grow up so fast. I have Uncle Atlas, she just has her friends" Syl sighed, as he thought of Roisin, without her family around her.
"Don't underestimate her, I bet she's much stronger than you think" Seb said, trying to comfort Syl.
"She's always been tough" Syl smiled slightly. "Don't ever tell anyone this, but she always used to win when we did mock sword fights... even two years into Terrana Academy" He chuckled.
Seb burst into laughter.
"That is PRICELESS!" Seb laughed.
"Rude" Syl smirked.
"Sorry, it's just... you lost to your little sister" Seb chuckled.
"Hey, she's really good!" Syl said quickly.
"I guess it's in the blood, with your Uncle Altas being a hero and all that" Seb smiled.
"He did train us both, so that's where we learnt it all from" Syl explained.
Meanwhile, above deck, Atlas was still at the wheel of the boat, Amanda was sat nearby, filing her nails.
"Syl wants to kill me, you know" She said.
"He has every right to do so" Atlas sighed. "I have every right to do so" He frowned.
"So why haven't you done it?" Amanda asked.
"Because..." Atlas stopped. "Because I can't" He grunted.
"I wheedled my way into your heart, did I?" Amanda smirked.
Atlas grunted and looked away from Amanda.
"I still hate you" He said. "But, that part of me, that still thinks of you as my friend... I can't let that go, despite everything you have done" He admitted.
"I wish I could take back what I did to Ruby and her husband" Amanda sighed.
"Why did you do that? She used to look up to you, you know?" Atlas frowned. "She used to want to be like you, the way you dressed, and acted..." He added. Amanda looked down at the ground.
"The way you had destroyed all my ambitions, my dreams... I wanted to hit you where it hurt. I was drunk on power" Amanda explained.
"I don't regret what I did" Atlas said flatly. "I'd had enough of the Empire bossing traders around. Somebody needed to make a stand. I'm glad I did" He added.
"Still, the love I once had for you, it turned to hate, and it festered, I wanted you to feel the same way" Amanda replied.
"Well, you got what you wanted" Atlas shrugged. "You even became Empress, however briefly, was it worth it, in the end?" He asked.
"For a while, I thought it was. Then my daughter turned on me, and my son died. In the end, I realised being Empress of Aranei was a poisoned chalice. The position I'd worked all my life to get to, that I'd killed and backstabbed my way into was an empty victory" Amanda frowned. Atlas shrugged.
"Karma is a bitch" Atlas smirked to himself.
"Avadey..." Amanda sighed, Atlas frowned at the sound of the city's name.
"I know... it was horrific" Atlas sighed, "If the world knew I was involved... well, it's safe to say I'd no longer be seen as a hero" He added.
"Even if we weren't behind it, I still feel the guilt" Amanda nodded.
"We took advantage of it, we fought our way out. My own flesh and blood brought the horror to their shores." Atlas sighed deeply. "Maybe Abyssia is right, maybe we will be the ones to bring great evil onto the world" He frowned.
"Your niece, she isn't like us, there is still hope for her" Amanda said, as she looked at the rough ocean ahead.
"I pray that she stays strong and never gives into darkness" Atlas sighed.
The small boat continued on across the ocean, being swept along by the rough waves.

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