Memories Of Ice

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The Iceman Cometh

Bryan was stumbling across the snowy tundra of the island of Disceath, clutching his chest.

"No... I can't" Bryan coughed up ice crystals, covered in blood. He looked at his hands, from his veins tiny crystalline icicles appeared. He fell to his knees as the transformation continued. "How can she contain this power?!" Bryan shivered.

Footsteps approached, through the blizzard, a brown haired woman appeared, she walked closer to Bryan and knelt down.

"What is happening, Myra, you said that I could be as powerful as the Fallen Angel. You promised." Bryan growled.

"I'm sorry, Bry, I lied" Myra grinned, she lifted her hand and snapped her fingers. Her hair began to turn from brown to white, and her face changed form too.

"Wait... I know you" Bryan backed away with his remaining strength, terrified.

"I'm not surprised, everybody does by now" The woman revealed her true face, it was Lumina.

"But, why? Why me?" Bryan asked.

"You're not special, Bryan. I just needed someone gullible to subject themselves to such an idiotic experiment" Lumina grinned.

"What do you get out of me getting this power? I won't aid you..." Bryan shouted.

"Bryan, my darling, you won't have a choice" Lumina laughed as she looked down at Bryan. "As we speak, the ice aether is permeating every cell in your body. Your will is slowly become that of the ice, and when it is complete, you will become my thrall" Lumina explained.

"No! I won't!" Bryan yelled. "Why do you need me? You're already the most powerful person on this planet..." He added. Lumina sighed.

"I thought that too, until just under a year ago, when I was nearly killed by the one you called the 'Fallen Angel'" Lumina said, as she looked at the blizzard. "Her powers were forged in fire. Your powers are tempered in ice, the opposing element, you probably won't be able to defeat her, but you will distract her" Lumina explained.

"So I'm just fodder?" Bryan cried.

"You were always just a pawn in my plan, I'm sorry to say" Lumina shrugged. Bryan cried out in pain as the ice began to cover his chest. Bryan stared at Lumina and clenched his teeth.

"I hope she kills you, bitch" Bryan yelled with his last breath, before succumbing to the ice aether. He fell lifelessly to the floor, Lumina knelt down and placed her hand onto Bryan's chest, and infused him with Light Aether.

Bryan sat up straight, and looked at Lumina.

"Your will is mine" Bryan stated.

"Come, Iceman, we have work to do" Lumina said, helping Bryan up.

"Iceman?" Bryan asked.

"Yes, your name" Lumina shrugged before walking away into the blizzard.

"Iceman..." Iceman sighed.


Atlas walked up into the main hall of Glacial Academy, followed by Syl and Helios.

"So, you're the Headmaster of the Academy now..." Helios began. Atlas grunted and turned to Helios.

"I don't know what Abyssia is planning, but I don't trust her" Atlas growled.

"Please, help me talk some sense into him" Helios said, turning to Syl, who let out a snort.

"Abyssia, or Andre kidnapped me wanted to imprison and deify my sister" Syl stated. "I'd trust Lumina before I trusted Abyssia" He added.

"I'm not leaving until you come with me..." Helios sighed, as the three walked toward the front doors of the Academy.

In the skies above Raryst, The Wild Rose was slowly leaving the city. On the observation deck, Roisin stood looking out of the viewscreen, with Rychard stood by the doors to the Medical Bay.

"You made me into a monster..." Roisin shook her head, in sadness.

"You aren't a monster, Roisin... Skylar chose you because you were a good person, someone who would use her powers for good..." Rychard explained.

"Gee, thanks" Roisin growled, and banged her fist lightly against the bulkhead. "Thanks to you, and your dear mother, I now feel a constant, never ending, burning anger. I lost another person I love. But I can't yell, or scream, because, if I do..." Roisin cried, Rychard went to put his hand on her shoulder, but Roisin moved away.

"Roisin, I'm so..." Rychard began.

"Sorry? I don't care. If I lose my temper, I'm so afraid of what could happen, this anger could consume me. Back at Pyre Academy, it nearly did, and I nearly died fighting Lumina..." Roisin yelled. Rychard looked out of the window and sighed.

"There is another option... it might help you control the anger..." Rychard began, before looking Roisin in the eye. "But you wont like it" He added.

"What is it?" Roisin asked.

"Absorb the Ice Crystal too" Rychard said, before looking out of the viewscreen once more.

In the city of Imperistia.

Araneia walked down the halls of the Palace, Arwyn and Hiran followed, the walked into the grand audience room, where the city's many politicians awaited them. Araneia walked up to the grand podium, which faced the oval shaped seating area. She cleared her throat and looked around.

"We at the joint war council have reached a decision" She began. "We have declared war on the rogue nation that has been set up in the Libersky Mountain Range. Effective immediately. We are now at war.

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