Memories Of Ice

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The Wild Rose

Roisin was sat in the lounge of the airship, with Ashe and Ariel. Roisin was throwing a ball against the wall and catching it in the opposite hand to the one she threw it in.
"I say, when we get to Disceath, we give this airship a lick of paint on the outside, make it our own" Ashe suggested.
"Hmm, I like that idea, it has sort of become like home to us now" Ariel nodded. "Though, it could do with a name first" She added.
"Hmm, I guess it would depend on what colour the airship will be" Roisin pondered.
"Well, I think red would work, to go with your name" Ariel suggested.
"Hmm, red with my name?" Roisin raised her eyebrow.
"Yeah, Roisin means Rose, in old Ishtallian" Ariel chuckled.
"Oh... I should have known that" Roisin smiled, as she continued to throw the ball against the wall.
"Hmm, red sounds good" Ashe nodded. Anya walked in with a milkshake and sat on one of the three couches that sat around a coffee table in the middle.
"What going on?" Anya asked.
"We're trying to think of a name for the airship, we're gonna paint it red, after Roisin's name, since she's kinda the leader" Ashe explained.
"Hmm, good idea" Anya nodded. "What about Red Arrow?" She asked.
"Hmm, good suggestion, but I dunno, having a sort of logo would look good I think" Ashe said.
"The Red Devil!" Roisin cheered as the ball hit her in the nose. The others burst into laughter. "Ow" She laughed along.
"How are you our leader?" Ariel cried with laughter.
"I got kidnapped and ended up with super powers" Roisin joked, and threw the ball to Ariel. Wes walked in and waved to everyone, Anya explained to him what they were discussing.
"Hmm, what about... The Wild Rose?" Wes suggested.
"I like it" Roisin shrugged.
"Yeah, that actually works really well" Ashe nodded.
"The pattern would look great too, a Rose blowing in the wind" Ariel smiled.
"I think we have a winner" Anya cheered.
"So, what about a crew name?" Wes wondered. "If we have an airship with style, and a name, we need a name too" He added.
"What about the Rosettes?" Roisin asked.
"Kinda sexist" Wes joked.
"Nah, sounds too much like one of your pop bands, Ros" Ashe laughed.
"You guys are mean" Roisin rolled her eyes.
"Hmm, instead of being red themed, it could be something relating to what we do" Anya suggested.
"The Errand Girls, and boy?" Ariel laughed.
"Hmm, The Defenders!" Roisin said as she struck a pose.
"Nah, that sounds kinda generic" Wes replied.
"What about the Red Arrows?" Anya repeated.
"Okay, okay, I've got it!" Ashe stood up. The others waited patiently to hear what Ashe was going to say. "Actually, no, it's gone..." She sighed.
"What about, Team Lunar?" Roisin suggested, everyone went silent and looked at Roisin.
"Did she just come up with a decent suggestion?" Ashe uttered. Roisin grinned.
"I knew this day would eventually come!" Roisin cheered.
"I knew you had it in you all along, Ros" Ariel teased.
"That seals it then, we're Team Lunar of The Wild Rose!" Wes smiled.
"Hopefully my dad will let us use the airship workshop to do some improvements to the airship too" Ashe nodded.
"Hmm, what if Crystech try to reclaim it, if I recall, they do operate in Disceath as well" Ariel pondered.
"If they try to take it from us, I'll just mention that we could take them through the courts, for kidnap and assault?" Roisin shrugged.
"Yeah, something tells me that Crystech are gonna try to steer clear of us for a while... if Rychard survived at least" Ariel replied.
"I hope he did" Roisin sighed.
"Even after what he did to us?" Ashe asked.
"I never saw Rychard while I was in the Fire Temple, I'm not convinced he knew of the plan..." Roisin nodded.
"He knew Ros, he was there when we got locked up for breaking into the Crystech depot, we discovered they were doing something with the Fire Crystal, and Skylar locked us away" Ariel replied.
"I dunno, he didn't seem... happy, when we were at Pyre, almost like he didn't approve of what was going on" Roisin pondered.
"Look, you have a good heart, Ros, but you can't let him off the hook for what he did to you, you didn't ask or want what happened to you, we don't even know the full ramifications of what having a Crystal infused into you has" Ariel sighed.
"I suppose you're right, I just feel bad for him is all" Roisin nodded.
"Alternatively, if Rychard didn't survive, that means either the Fyre or Iryn family will take over Crystech, and I don't trust either of those" Wes added, before looking at Anya. "Oh! No offence intended, Anya!" He quickly apologized.
"None taken, I agree with you about the Fyre and Iryn families, they forced Droids to work for them, even more than the Pyre family did. I wouldn't be surprised if they've started with the Droid program in their other facilities too" Anya replied. Wes smiled and gave Anya a friendly hug.
"Well, I'm gonna go and have a lie down" Roisin smiled as she stood up. "I'll see you guys in a bit" She waved, they waved and wished her a good night as she walked through the lounge into the corridor leading toward the kitchen, doors lined the corridor on each side, and Roisin's was the final one on the left.
As she walked into her room, she looked at the digital photo frame on her desk, she had uploaded an old picture of her and Dex from the night after Ishtall had fought off the Imperial attack. They were stood on the airpad with the others in the background. Roisin smiled slightly, and placed the photo on her bedside, before lying down, and falling to sleep.

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