Memories Of Ice

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Return to Aranei

Abyssia was in the throne room, where a new throne was being constructed, she paced backwards and forwards, pondering the events that occurred at Pyre Academy and Avadey. She sighed and headed out of the throne room down the long hallway.

As she walked down the hallways she gazed up at the large paintings of the various Emperors of Aranei. Amanda, Andre, Vistius, the emperor who annexed Demi. Peritius, who burned the lands of the Hubuns. Then there was Aronius, the Emperor famed for trying to invade Terrana and failing to King Durst, the then leader of Terrana. King Durst had gone on to build a wall between the two nations.

That was all ancient history, and even in the end, Durst's wall had been rendered pointless, thanks to Abyssia's sister. Large steel Doors lined the walls of the long corridor, and Abyssia went into one of the side rooms. In the room was a grand office, with a view of the Imperial Academy grounds, the walls were lined with books and a large oak desk sat by the windows.

Abyssia walked over to the desk and took a seat. Moments after she sat down, there was a knock at the door.

"Come" Abyssia said. The door slowly opened an Imperial Commander walked in, he was tall and sported a brown moustache with long brown hair. "How has Aranei fared in my absence, Raul?" Abyssia sighed.

"All has remained peaceful, my lady" Raul bowed.

"Good, good" Abyssia smiled slightly.

"You look troubled" Raul said, as he took a seat. "Is it because of Avadey?" He asked.

"Hmm, a large part of it is that, but also, the other part of it is due to Pyre" Abyssia sighed.

"Pyre? I thought they were allies of Ishtall?" Raul asked, looking confused.

"Well, another city has fallen, which isn't good news, ever, but it's not that exactly..." Abyssia nodded.

"Hmm?" Raul asked.

"It's the Luna girl, I was too late..." Abyssia sighed.

"I thought there were sightings of them outside Ishtall?" Raul pondered. "She survived did she not?" He scratched his head.

"She did, but... she had the Fire Crystal infused into her..." Abyssia looked out of the window overlooking the Academy students below.

"Uh... that is possible?" Raul asked.

"Only for me, Lumina and those of the Luna bloodline" Abyssia responded. "Lumina has absorbed the crystals of Terrana and Mystallia herself, but..." She sighed.

"Hmm, that explains why there were no crystals in either city" Raul nodded.

"Absorbing the crystals, for a Harbinger, its fine, we're basically one step away from the gods, but for a human, like a Luna..." Abyssia looked down at her desk.

"Oh..." Raul gasped.

"Yeah, it's a death sentence, her life will be significantly shorter, and if she absorbs, or is forced to absorb more, each one will lessen her life" Abyssia banged her fist on the table.

"Hmm, but you oppose the Luna family, I thought?" Raul asked. "You want to remove them from the world?" He continued.

"That is true, but Roisin... she looked so young, and so frightened" Abyssia explained as a tear fell from her eye.

"Hmm, I see" Raul nodded.

"That said, her soul could be strengthened, but at the cost of the lives of others..." Abyssia pondered.

"That sounds... slightly off-putting" Raul raised his eyebrow.

"Raul, I'm the Celestial Harbinger, I've spilled the blood of millions in the name of keeping this world on it's set path, if you find that off-putting, perhaps you should leave" Abyssia sat back and stared at him.

"I think I can live with those things... I guess" He shrugged.

"Tell me Raul, what makes you loyal?" Abyssia asked, as she leaned forward again.

"Uh, well... I was born here I guess?" Raul shrugged.

"But you never excelled under the leadership of Vistius, Amanda or... well, Lumina. Though I guess those who excelled under Lumina's command are now part of her mindless horde. But what makes you excel under my command?" Abyssia questioned.

"I... uh" Raul blushed.

"That's what I thought" Abyssia scoffed. "Look, Raul, I am a demi-god, I'm immortal. Don't break your morals for me. If you truly oppose my way of doing things, don't follow me under a misguided infatuation. To me, you humans are short lived, and only one of your kind has ever made their way into my heart, and to this day she still is the one person I could ever say I love" Abyssia explained.

"Is that person..." Raul began.

"Araneia, yes. She is the one weakness that me and Lumina share. I love her so much I named this Empire after her" Abyssia explained.

"You sure you should be going around telling people your weakness?" Raul chuckled.

"Oh, she is our weakness. Do not misunderstand though, Araneia is not weak, she rivals even myself in power" Abyssia smirked.

"Oh, I did not mean to say..." Raul began.

"So, Raul, are you with me or against me?" Abyssia questioned.

"Hmm, you are the one leader in a long time that has guided us back to stability, the city is more peaceful than ever. There is no one else I would follow" Raul nodded.

"Good. Then, I will need you to oversee the restoration of the Mystic Crystal" Abyssia ordered.

"Hmm, the shell of the crystal is now prepared, we just need to find a source of immense mystic energy somewhere" Raul smiled. Abyssia frowned.

"Raul, mystic energy is rare, and there is only one real endless source" Abyssia said.

"Hmm? Where is that?" Raul asked.

"People, Raul... how do you think the Earth Crystal was restored?" Abyssia sighed. Raul backed away in shock, falling over the chair.

"I... I... I can't!" Raul pleaded.

"You swore yourself to me mere seconds ago, Raul, are you already defying me?" Abyssia roared, Raul cowered in fear.

"As... as you say, my lady!" He cried, as he ran for the door.

"Raul" Abyssia said, Raul turned around.

"It was a test" Abyssia chuckled.

"Oh... haha" Raul faked a laugh. "So... you don't want me to kill people for the energy?" He asked sheepishly.

"No Raul, Araneia has already located a source of boundless Mystic Energy on the Western Continent, you can resume your duties" Abyssia said as she began writing.

"Oh... thank you, my lady" He said as he bowed and exited the room.

"That'll teach him to fall for me" Abyssia laughed to herself. She sighed and stood up, she headed for the window and looked down at the students below, thinking of Roisin, and how she might be saved.

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