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“Plea-please.... do-don-don’t.. no-not hi-him”

I have been begging for hours as my tears pour from my eyes, blurring my vision to where I can only see the silhouette of the three figures standing over me. I can’t see clearly anymore so I tilt my head to the side and wipe the tears on my shoulder.

But I know who they are.

I try to move but I only hurt myself more. The ropes create friction, drawing irritation, and cuts to my wrists. I am only in my lacy panties and I am sitting on my knees, on the concrete cold ground while they have tied my hands behind my back and the ropes are all connected around my waist, breasts, and my thighs. I can’t move except my head and neck hanging at the front and it draws my weight down even more.

They have tied me with only one long, thick rope and whoever has tied me up, knew the knots very well. If I make a slight movement, the ropes twist immediately, cutting off the blood supply on the other body parts altogether. I am forced to sit in this position, and I can only beg for mercy.

“FUCK! Did you hear that?! She doesn’t want you!” Theo laughs maniacally and glances at his brother Christian who continues to glare at me. I wish I could read his mind to know what he has already planned for me so I would be ready but at the same time, I don’t.

I know Theo would have his way with me first, then it would be Ruckian’s turn, but I know how Christian was. Yes, he was the smartest, the fearless, the decision-maker out of the three brothers, but he was also the scariest.

I look away from Christian’s burning green eyes and I don’t care about Theo or Ruckian as I only fear Christian. I feel the ropes digging further into my skin as if it matches the way I feel inside and I am shaking- shaking wildly that I feel like I am about to vomit.

I had only been living in this city for the past few months in the hopes to start over again. My long-term fiancée had cheated on me and I had booked a one-way flight, never to return. Unfortunately, because of the constant crying and not being able to move on, I had a one-night stand. And one freaking night-stand was all it took, and it brought me here.

I was a sex slave for the brothers, but I would have done anything to reverse it if I knew this would be my fate. I closed my eyes, trying to hide my shame in making that decision, and thought about how I had escaped and run away.

It had only been two weeks that they kept me imprisoned and Ruckian and Theo would take turns coming into the bedroom and fuck me until the sunrise but never together. Even with that, I had accepted my fate as they kissed and hugged me passionately after, and I would wake up to find them sleeping next to me in the morning.

I had also seen many women enter and leave their bedrooms as they would leave their doors open, but I was the only one who did not have permission to leave the room. I was only waiting until they would get bored with me or find someone else to fulfill their sadistic desires.

Until then, I had waited.

Everything became worse when Christian had flown to this city for a visit. I had only showered and walked out in a bathroom towel when the door had burst open. What captured my eyes immediately were his beautiful features and his physical characteristics similar to Theo and Ruckian. Christian was their eldest brother.

They were undeniably and incredibly good-looking brothers.

I learned that Christian was the eldest brother straight away then, but I had not realized the madness of both Theo and Ruckian that combined deep within him.

The way Christian fucked was brutal and even though I cried and begged for him to stop, he seemed to enjoy it even more. He continued for hours and hours and sometimes days to the point, I begged to see either Theo or Ruckian but that angered Christian.

I had then planned an escape after this continuous abuse. Christian wouldn’t even approve Theo or Ruckian to enter the room they kept me in.

I had only escaped for two months, but I always knew Christian would always come after me. And find me. I recall him whispering ‘mine’ every time he would fuck me and once, he didn’t even leave the room for days.

I had only escaped when all the brothers were distracted by this man and his family. I didn’t think I had the guts to run away but after seeing Christian shoot the innocent man in front of his family, in cold blood, I knew what would happen to me after they were tired with me. I had sneaked out from the back door when the security guards had their full attention to that horrible scene.

I remember that night- it was freezing, and I was only wearing a thin transparent black dress with the most vulgar lingerie underneath than Christian had forced me to wear. I jumped from the balcony and I had landed roughly that my ankle had twisted in the process but I kept running towards the dark woods.

But just when I thought I could breathe, they had caught me.

“Ple-please I- I be-beg y-ou.. I- I wi-will do..any-anything ...Theo... Ruc-Ruckian... please... Jus- just no-not him..” I keep pleading towards Theo and Ruckian for help but they don’t react. I know they too are angry that I had run away.

“Pl-please not Chri-.. not- hi-him”

I can’t even utter Christian’s name out loud. I then hear my own heart beating loudly against my chest because I am prepared to be fucked over and over by Theo and Ruckian but not Christian. He was the craziest out of the three and it was my stupid mistake that I thought I could ever run away from him.

“Sienna... you ran away from us. I would love to take you, but Christian’s plan worked. We caught you. And quite easily. By our code, he has to have you first,” Theo tells from the side, but I can only look at Christian.

‘Sienna... my beautiful... Sienna’

I gasp the minute I hear Christian’s voice. It is terrifying and I think about every single person who must have heard his spine chilling voice before getting shot right after. And I pray instantly, wishing the brothers would kill me because I would get punished and it would be much worse than death.

“I am quite aware that you got a hold of your phone back when you ran away. I gave you a chance. To come back again and I said that I wouldn’t hurt you. I told you I would give you some time. I even gave you a deadline. But you hung up. And I waited. We all...waited,” Christian then shakes his head and turns the other way around.

“How many times did we try to call her Ruckian?” Christian asks calmly and I instantly try to back away. Even though my body hurts, I push myself to crawl back.

“3692 times… in two months” Ruckian answers, and he too observes me as I struggle against the ropes now.

Christian then slowly turns back to face me again.

“Three thousand, six hundred and ninety-two fucking times, huh?” Christian is in deep thoughts as he places his hand over his chin and then nods.


I am sweating excessively and I can feel the ropes slide around a little from the perspiration on my skin. I am either going into shock or I am having a panic attack soon.

“3692 times...” I hear Christian humming the same words a few more times when he suddenly looks at me again. “You ran away. Just like that. You told me you would wait for me obediently in the bed but I didn’t find you.”

“Ch-Christi-an plea-please...Lis-listen to-to m-me.. you-do-don’t have-have to-to do- do this.”

I finally speak his name aloud but my voice has broken down completely from fear.

“It’s a damn wonderful thing that you didn’t get caught that night. I am afraid that I would have killed if you had got caught. Because I would have regretted it. We all would have...At least I could let it out on those ten men who failed to watch over you.”

My eyes are wide in shock.

“I think it’s only fair that we fuck you that many times we had tried to call you... wouldn’t you agree?” Christian’s eyes grow darker as he walks towards me.

I back away immediately, only to fall on the side, my right cheeks pressing hard against the concrete floor as I look up to him in tears.

“Pl-lease.. ch-Chris-Christian.. do-don’t- do.. thi-this...Li-listen to me..” I realize these pleas mean nothing to him as he takes off his suit jacket.

Christian’s eyes soften a little.

“Sienna...it is only 3692 times. I don’t enjoy sharing you with my brothers but that’s an enormous number so it will be quicker if all of us take you at the same time. Starting tonight... After I am satisfied, baby, I promise you this. We will listen to you”

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