Piercing Chill

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Chapter 16

I woke up to leather grazing my exposed skin. I blinked my eyes at my surroundings. I was lying on a leather sofa. A large TV was plastered on the wall in front of me. A small glass table stood tall in the middle of the room. The more I took in my surroundings the familiar they became. I was in Craig’s house in Amoris. How had I gotten here? I heard voices coming from my left. I looked up at the staircase, it was Craig and Carla. Craig spoke frantically while Carla added in a few bits and pieces.

I looked around, trying to find somewhere to hide but there wasn’t a place I could find on time. Craig descended the last stair and headed my way. My heartbeat thrummed under my ribs. He was going to see me and probably do something unimaginable. However, he brushed by me without glancing my way at all. He took a seat next to me on the sofa. He sighed while raking his blonde hair with his fingers. He seemed tense.

“We have to do it tonight!” Craig spoke ten breaths later. “She’s angry at Jason and she will probably do anything to rectify the situation with him. On top of that, it seems like she isn’t fully aware of her own gifts yet.”

“You’re right,” Carla chimed in before walking towards Craig with a small book in her hand. “I can put a glamour on her so that she thinks you’re Jason. However, it will only last for about ten days before it wears off.”

“Ten days is a lot. I need five at most.” Craig responded staring forward stuck in thoughts. “But you said before you couldn’t get into her brain. How are you going to glamour her?”

“Good question, maybe if we catch her off guard.” Carla suggested.

“No, there has to be another way. Does the book say how one can temporarily steal someone’s identity?” Craig turned his head towards Carla pointing at the book in her hand.

“Um,” Carla began flicking through the book until she came to a halt and began to read. “In order to occupy someone’s identity temporarily, one must possess an item that belongs to them. It could be a lock of hair, clothing or anything the person has touched. The possessor must keep this item in their hand the whole time to avoid the removal of the glamour.”

“So that means I must find something belonging to Jason.” Craig spoke to himself. “I don’t think Jason has touched anything in this house and I cannot go to his house to get it. I must go to Mary-Kate’s house. There should be something that Jason has given her there. To our advantage, her family is at that Christmas party two doors down.”

I gasped at the sound of my name. How had he known these details? What were they planning on doing?

“But we cannot get in. We are vampires, remember? We need permission from the occupier of the house to enter.”

Vampires? Craig and Carla? I had noticed their pale skin and irresistible beauty but I just thought they were blessed by excellent genes.

“Don’t worry my dear. I befriended my human friend Kevin for a reason.” Craig glanced up at Carla, a mischievous smile forming on his lips.

Minutes later, Kevin pulled up into Craig’s driveway. Craig retreated from the curtains and turned towards Carla grinning. “Show time.” Carla returned his smile and followed him to the door. I did the same. Craig opened the door and headed down the porch the stairs towards Kevin. Carla and I followed closely behind.

What were they planning on doing to Kevin?

“Kevin my friend.” Craig exclaimed as Kevin exited his truck. In a matter of seconds, Craig had his arms around Kevin.

“Hey man. What’s up?” Kevin retorted, obviously confused by Craig’s actions.

“Not much man. I have a huge favour to ask from you.” Craig responded hanging an arm around Kevin’s shoulders.

“Sure, what is it man?”

Craig turned his full attention towards Kevin. He placed his hands on Kevin’s shoulders and came level to his eyes. “I need you to sneak into Mary-Kate’s home and steal something that belongs to Jason or something Jason has touched in her house.”

That’s when realisation hit me. They were going to steal Jason’s identity and trick me. I saw Kevin’s eyes become hazy. He stood still, eyes ahead and never wavering. He nodded. It was so small that if I hadn’t been concentrating at him I would have missed it completely. What had they done to Craig? Hypnosis? But how had it worked so fast?

“Excellent.” Craig grinned before turning away from Kevin to face Carla. He gave thumbs up to Carla before signalling her to join him. She quickly closed the house door and started towards Craig. I trailed behind them. “Get in the car and drive us to Mary-Kate’s house.” Craig ordered and I saw Kevin nod his head again before walking robotically towards the driver’s seat.

Craig opened the door for his girl. I quickly pushed in front of her and got into the car. She perched herself next to me before Craig closed the door. He took his seat in the front passenger seat before Kevin started the engine. Everyone buckled their seatbelts and we were off. The whole trip it was quiet. Less than five minutes later we were parked in the street opposite to my home. Kevin killed the engine and waited for Craig’s instructions.

“Go now.” Craig ordered and Kevin was off. I had no idea how he was going to get in. Just as if he read my mind Craig stopped Kevin halfway up the porch and waved a key in his hand. How had he gotten my house key? Kevin turned on his heels and claimed the key from Craig’s hand. He continued on his mission. He opened the door and disappeared behind it.

“How did you get the key?” Carla questioned, her voice radiating the same shock that was filled in my brain.

“I have my ways.” Craig winked before turning towards the entrance. He wasn’t at all worried about getting caught.

“It says here that an angel like her possess a lot of gifts.” Carla started making me glance at her. She was reading from the small book. The top of the page was titled Angels of the high court. Why would Carla read something like that? She was far from being an angel, given her inner personality.

“The first thing she is able to do is to persuade people into doing what she wants them to do. I haven’t seen her doing it though. Secondly she can read people’s minds and emotions. Third, she becomes able to block off any force that tries to enter her brain. That’s why she was able to block me that night at the club. Along with blocking off forces, she can also remove a glamour. It doesn’t say here how though. We must be careful. She is also able to control earth elements, water and wind, also lightning. For every gift she is able to master, a golden swirl representing the gift becomes engraved on her skin.” Carla paused before glancing up at Craig, her mouth hanging open. She closed the book in her lap and breathed “This girl can destroy us all in a matter of seconds.”

I went straight to the golden swirls on my shoulders. Was she referring to me? Three of those things she said had occurred to me.

“Agreed. Hence why it is best we catch her today before she comes to realisation of her own powers.” Craig finished before turning towards Carla’s worried face.

“Do you think we will succeed?” Carla croaked next to me. I could hear the fear accompanying her words.

“Of course babe. As soon as all her blood is drained, we will rule the coterie together.” Craig grinned before glancing at the sky in thought, “We will get married.”

This resulted in Carla’s frown turning into a wide grin. “I love you.” She whispered before reaching for his hand. He returned the gesture by squeezing her hand.

He turned his head towards Kevin who was emerging from the door. He quickly pulled the car door open releasing Carla’s hand. She followed suit. So did I. Kevin marched towards us, with a book in his hands. I knew exactly what book it was before he even reached us. It was the novel that Jason had touched when he came in my room the other night. Kevin handed the book to Craig. He took it questionably. He sniffed the book and turned it over twice to check for something.

He turned to Kevin, frustration visible in his eyes, “This doesn’t even smell like Jason.” Craig exclaimed at Kevin.

“Open the book.” Kevin spoke robotically, still under hypnosis.

Craig did as he was told. A piece of paper fell out and the ground caught it. I had never seen it before. Craig retreated it from the ground before opening it. I scooted closer to Craig to see what the note said. Carla did the same. I noticed Jason’s exquisite handwriting on the page. When he dropped this in the book?


The most beautiful, kind and smart girl I’ve ever met.

Its such a shame that we’re from different worlds.

I wish I had been born human and maybe I could get

away with loving you. However, what I am is something

far worse than a human. I wish I can tell you but I just

cannot find the right words to tell you. I hope you can

forgive me.


I couldn’t tear my eyes from Jason’s words. What did he mean by all of that? I watched as Craig scoffed before crunching the letter in his hand. “Looks like my cousin has fallen for his prey.” Craig laughed before turning towards Kevin, “You’ve done well.”

Carla laughed next to me, “That he has.” She glanced at Kevin briefly before turning back to Craig. They shared a look that made my stomach lurch. “All this undercover stuff is making me hungry.” I witnessed Carla’s eyes turning red. She grinned, showcasing her elongated canines. I gasped and removed myself from her bubble. Craig mirrored her expression.

“We shouldn’t drain him dry though.” Craig struggled to speak with the long teeth that barred his tongue from moving freely. Carla nodded before charging towards Kevin. She plucked Kevin’s hand from his side and pulled it towards her mouth. She made an animalistic sound before plunging her teeth into his wrist. Craig did the same with Kevin’s arm. I watched in horror as blood drained from Kevin’s body. So, they hadn’t been joking when they said they were vampires. I thought vampires only existed in movies and books. I watched Kevin’s head lolling all over the place. He was becoming pale with every second that passed.

Craig removed himself from Kevin wiping blood from his lips before dragging Carla with him. “We need to stop. We can’t kill him.” Carla groaned before wiping blood from her own lips. “Go home now and you’re not going to remember any of this.” Craig said looking straight in Kevin’s cloudy eyes. Kevin nodded again before retreating to his car. He fell for a few seconds before he picked himself again. For a minute I was worried about him driving home by himself. He looked weak and disoriented. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I watched as Kevin struggled to get into his car. He drove off, stalling the car a couple of times.

I turned towards Craig and Carla. They were composed again. I was going to run from their sight but then I remembered I was invisible in their eyes. I watched Carla turn pages in the book before gazing at Craig. “You ready?”

Craig clenched the fist holding the letter before nodding his head. Carla closed her eyes in concentration and reached for Craig’s shoulders. She murmured something and slowly, I noticed Craig’s hair shrink and turn into brown. His amber eyes shifted to an ultramarine colour, everything else remained the same including his clothes, dark jeans and a grey hoodie. I gasped at the sight. He looked exactly like Jason. I watched Carla open her eyes. She gasped at the sight before squealing and hugging Craig. “It worked!”

“Excellent.” Craig replied shoving the letter in his trousers pocket, “It’s action time.” Craig continued grabbing his phone from his hoodie pocket. He quickly dialled a number. After a few seconds Craig spoke, “Kate, hey.” He was calling me and sounded exactly like Jason.

“Where are you?” He asked, his voice cracking a bit. It seemed as if he was still getting used to his new voice. I couldn’t hear what my other self was saying from the other side but Craig responded, “What are you doing there?” he paused. “Well, wanna hang out?” He suggested throwing a smile in Carla’s direction. “So, you are in?”, “Ok. See you at your house in a few?”

I watched Craig detach the phone from his ear with a huge smile tugging on his lips. “Let’s do this.” Craig rubbed his hands together before continuing, “You hide behind one of the houses at the corner and I’ll bring her in that direction. As soon as she is in full range, strike! Ok?” Carla nodded, a big grin plastered on her lips. Craig pulled her by the hand and smacked his lips on her. She happily responded to the kiss. I looked away disgusted. Craig had lied to me when he was surely hooked on Carla. “Now go. She’s coming.” Craig’s voice drew me back to my surroundings.

Carla nodded before running the opposite direction. Craig took his spot on the porch stairs. He turned towards his left with a huge smile plastered on his lips. He tapped his leg impatiently. I turned to see what he was looking at. I saw myself closing the distance between Craig and the Jonathans’ house. Shocked, I eyed my other-self running happily towards Craig. He stood up and jogged slightly to meet my other-self.

“Hey,” My other-self called to him.

I watched in repulsion as my other-self happily embraced him. He removed his hoodie and helped her get into it. I screamed at her but she didn’t hear me. She took the creep’s hand and started towards the other end of the street. I was shocked and watched the two in horror as they proceeded their journey. I followed quietly behind them. My other-self was trying to strike up a conversation but Craig seemed to find a way to shut her up. I knew what they were talking about. I had been through this. All of a sudden Craig yelled ‘Shut up, ok?’

My other-self furiously yanked her hand from the creep’s hold. A small smile formed on my lips. Go me! However, my celebration was long lived. A blonde woman suddenly crept behind my other-self, Carla. I looked closer and yes it was. She lifted her hand just before my other-self whirled around to run away from Craig. My other-self suddenly became limp and began falling down. In a matter of milliseconds Craig was catching her.

“Are you crazy?” He shouted at Carla. “What if she had fallen?”

Carla scoffed, “I don’t care about this bitch.”

“I don’t either, but we need her alive, remember?” Craig sighed before carrying my other-self as if she weighed nothing. “Open the portal before someone sees us.”

Carla sighed before looking away. She marked something in the air while mumbling foreign words. I covered my eyes at the bright light emitting from the points she made in the air. Carla moved back as the light grew into a swirling circle filled with blue light. I tried to get a closer look but I couldn’t see anything beyond the light.

“Hurry and get in.” Carla motioned to Craig. He walked towards the swirling circle and disappeared behind the light. Carla followed right after. Amazed, I let the portal close before getting in.

What were they going to do with my other-self?

Suddenly a bright light shone from behind. I turned my head around and tried to shield my eyes. The light kept on getting closer and closer. All of a sudden it hits me, I was in the middle of the road and the light approaching me was from a moving car. I quickly picked up my feet. The speeding car nearly hit me. Who drives a car like that? A drunk probably. I thought dusting off a bit of dirt from my jeans and watched the car as it skidded around the curve. The car somehow looked very familiar. I squinted my eyes at the car. Jason? What was he doing here? I broke out into a run towards the car. The car skidded to a stop in front of the Jonathan’s house. Jason quickly got out of the car and bashed the door with his hand shouting my name.

I ran towards Jason. The door opened, Mr Jonathan stood there holding a bat in his hand. However, my dad pushed through the door, an angry expression distorting his face.

“What do you want?” Dad’s voice boomed when he saw Jason.

“Mary-Kate, where is she?” Jason asked while searching the crowd that seeped from the house to see what was going on.

“I told you to stay away from my daughter.” Dad’s nose flared in anger.

“I know, but she is in danger.” Jason replied.

“What do you-” Dad didn’t get to finish his sentence because Jason interrupted him.

“I read someone’s thoughts and they were planning on taking Mary-Kate before I did” Jason hesitated. Dad’s expression suddenly changed from angry to worry. He ran back inside the house yelling my name but there was no answer. Jason tried to follow him but couldn’t.

“This is my fault.” Dad cried from inside, “I shouldn’t have let her off my sight.”

Mum emerged from the crowd and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Kate may be missing.” Dad replied.

“What?” Mum yelled. I could hear tears in her voice.

Dad comforted her, “Do not worry honey we will find her.”

“We must call the police then.” Mum said fumbling in her purse for her phone but dad stopped her immediately.

“No you mustn’t” Dad replied. “This case, no human can be able to resolve it.”

“What do you mean?” Mum asked, confusion written in her voice.

I could hear people murmuring around us.

“I’ll explain later ok?” Dad said before exiting the house. “Come on, show me where they are.”

Dad grabbed Jason and walked towards our house. Mum just stood there and watched dad and Jason. I tried to follow them but all of a sudden I was brought back to reality.

I gasped as if I had just woken up from a nightmare. My eyes were wide open and my heartbeat raced against my chest. I was sitting on the bed next to Craig. He was still asleep in his bed. I stood up immediately, my arms raised up in defence. I had seen him drinking blood from someone. He could do something worse to me. I backed away until I felt the door knob on my back. I opened it making sure not to draw any attention. I closed it behind me before sprinting to my designated room. I had to get out of this house before they realised I knew everything.

A question still gnarled in my brain. What did they want from me? Craig had said only one of me could make him rule for centuries. What had he meant by that? That night I struggled to find sleep. I eyed the door afraid that someone was going to bust in and drain me dry.

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