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The Souls Darkest Secrets

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"You're not going anywhere, dear." God his voice is so sexy. Wait! Now's not the time to be thinking that! "You're not the boss of me," I said with a puffed chest. "Want to test that theory?" He whispered in my ear, goosebumps worked their way up my arms, shivering at his touch. I gasped as I felt a hand slither its way under the hem of my shirt and up towards the hook of my bra. Slowly leaning closer to me he held the bra strap between two fingers. "No, no this can't happen," I said as I came back to reality. I quickly look up and release a low growl. August Woods, a 2o year old college student, working full time in a restaurant, lives a stressful life. After leaving the pack 5yrs ago and forgetting the wolf life she finds her mate on accident. Zander Black, a 24 year old billionaire, alpha king, and demon king of the mafia world. Hot as hell but cold as ice. With muscles from heaven and looks of a Greek God, no woman can resist him. Just one problem, he's mean, cold and ruthless to anyone who disrespects him. How will these two meet? How will they deal with their bond? Watch as their stories unfold into drama, romance, and chaos. Did I mention they're both wolves from alpha bloodline? ;)

Fantasy / Romance
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CH.1 Problem...

"August wake up!"

I felt something shake my body as I slowly came out of my deep slumber. "Mmm, what..?" I asked in a grumpy voice. "August you need to get ready or else we'll be late to class!" A very high pitched voice said beside my ear.

"Shit, class!" I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to get ready, in the process of getting up my foot got caught in the blanket and I ended up falling. Great.

(Just to give you guys a picture of August, she looks like Emily DiDonanto.)

Let me introduce myself, I'm August Woods. A student currently studying at the University of Oxford in England. My major is medicine as I plan to become a doctor once I graduate. I'm 20 years old and my birthday is in August. Funny isn't it?

The high pitched voice who woke me up is Tina, she's my roommate. Tina's a very hyper person but when needs be she can get serious real fast. Fun fact, Tina's actually a vampire so she knows that I'm a werwolf.

Tina and I have know each other for five years. She helped me get back on my feet after leaving my pack and becoming a friendly rouge.

You see, I don't have any parents. They died in an accident about ten years ago. After the accident, my Nanny raised me. Usually we find our mates at the age of 18 but wolves with alpha blood find them at 15. I never fit in or socialised with my pack after my parents died. I became a very quiet girl who always focused on her studies.

My Nanny wanted me to become a journalist or a photographer but after my parents' accident, I was keen on becoming a doctor. The reason why my parents died was because there was a shortage of doctors in the nearby hospital.

So I thought it to be my duty to make sure no other children would have to experience what I did. But enough with the sad stuff, I'm really happy with my life now. I may not be able to stretch my legs in a forest and let Swift loose but at least I can pursue my dream.

Oh, Swift is my wolf. She's a medium sized wolf with white and blue fur. An extremely rare colour that only one in a million wolves are born with. Most wolves that are born with blue fur eventually turn into grey wolves but mine never changed for some reason.

One more thing about me is that I'm from an alpha bloodline. My parents where the Alpha and Luna of our pack but when they died our Beta took over since I was only ten at the time. Our Beta was a really nice man that my father grew up with, his name was Richard. He promised me the title of Luna when I became 18 but I declined when I was 15 and decided to leave the pack.

Well now that you know me a bit better, let us continue the story.

After I got ready Tina and I sprinted to class. We lived in the dorm rooms so we were only five minutes away. The day went by quite slowly but I managed to make it to my final class for the day.

I was about to walk in when a tall shadow stood behind me making me stop in my tracks. "What do you want Chad?" I asked with a bored tone. "You." He smirked, making me role my eyes.

He leaned down to my ear and placed his hand on my waist, still standing behind me. "What do you say about hanging out at my house tonight? I've got drinks." He whispered, trying to be seductive but it didn't work on me.

I turned around and faced him. Looking up at him I guessed he was about 6 foot tall. I gave him a fake smile and said, "Chad. You.." I slowly brought my hands up his biceps and placed them on his shoulders. "Can.." I said seductively while leaning into his ear. "Go fuck yourself."

I stood back and gave him one last fake smile before I turned on my heel and entered the lecture hall. "Damn girl, I saw what you did out there. You roasted his ass!" Tina said excitedly as she took her seat beside me.

I lightly chuckled. "I only gave him what he asked for. He'll fuck any girl that spreads her legs for him." I shook my head in disgrace. "Remind me never to go near him again." Tina giggled. The professor walked in and the lecture began.

After two hours our professor finally dismissed the class. Now I can go home and prepare myself for an evening of hell. When I arrived home I saw Tina already eating snacks on the couch in her comfy clothes while watching Netflix.

"How are you that fast and yet you can't even run a lap on the track during P.E.? " I asked sarcastically. Tina looked up at me and giggled. "A new episode of Stranger Things came out and I just had to see it!" She squealed.

I sighed and went to my room to get ready for my job. I work in a five star restaurant a few miles away. It was a tough job and it had me working six nights a week but it gave me a great salary.

I got out of my car and clocked in, after I went and changed into my uniform. It's a very professional uniform; black jeans, white blouse and a black waist apron.

I tied my long brown wavy hair into a neat ponytail and began to show couples to their tables and take their orders. After four hours I became a little tired but it's nothing a little coffee couldn't handle.
Going into my fifth hour I began to smell the slightest hint of mint, which was strange because we didn't serve anything extremely minty in the restaurant. I took a deep breath and continued to work.
My shift ended after the seventh hour and at the moment it was ten minutes until my shift ended. I couldn't wait to get home and relax after a hard day at work. Tomorrow is Saturday so I can finally sleep a little longer.
Swift has become a bit restless recently and I haven't been able to sleep as much because of it. So having a little sleep in tomorrow is just what I need.
Finally my shift ended and I went to the locker room and changed into my normal clothes. Deciding I need to wash my work clothes, I neatly folded them into a pile and put them into my leather backpack.
As I left the restaurant through the back door which was for staff only I made my way to my car which was parked on the other side of the road. On my way there I happened to walk past a dark alleyway.
I thought nothing of it until I heard a scream but it was cut off midway. I stopped and walked back to the alleyway. I know it is a stupid thing to do but curiosity got the best of me. As I stood in front of the alleyway I heard some noise but it quickly stopped.
Probably some rats in the dumpsters. I turned around and headed out of the alleyway. I stopped abruptly when I caught the faint smell of mint again, but this time it had a hint of roasted firewood in it. That's ridiculous, there are many houses beside the alleyway and seeing as its autumn someone most likely has their stove lit.
I continued to exit the alleyway when something grabbed me by the waist and dragged me backwards into the alley. I tried to call out for help but my screams were muffled as a hand covered my mouth. I was about to bite the persons hand and use my Aikido on them but I stopped when I smelt a strong aroma of mint and roasted firewood.
All of a sudden sparks flew all over my body and I relaxed under the persons touch. Wait, what?! I snapped back to reality when I felt the person lean down and place their nose into the crook of my neck inhaling my scent.
A shiver ran down my spine as the person released my mouth and placed both hands on my hips to hold me in place. Then they wrapped their muscular arms around my neck, hugging me tightly against their chest.
Before I could think anything a deep husky voice spoke into my neck, "Mate." My eyes widened at the word and I could feel Swift howling in my mind. Mate?! I didn't want a mate! I left my pack five years ago after giving up on finding my mate.
He sighed in contempt as he relaxed still hugging me to his chest. I wriggled my way out of his arms and stood back from him. When I turned around I couldn't see anything because the alley was pitch black.
I was shocked. I don't have a mate. If I did, then why didn't I find him five years ago when I was meant to find him!? I didn't know how to react so I did what I always did, I ran. I ran away from my problem...
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